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North American Indians, No. I., Dccccxxxvi. 209.
II., Dccccxxxix. 249.
Notes on Religion in France, No. I. Deccel. 420.

Paths, the two, Dccccxxvii. 84.

Perils of the Deep (M. Roberts), Dccccxxxiii. 162.

*Cana, the Wine of (rev. G. Bryan), Dccccxlvi. 360.
*Christian Liberty (rev. C. Rawlings), Dccccxxiv. 48.
*Come soon, come soon; the Dying Child's Aspirations
(J. B. S.), Dccccxxvi. 72.

*Conscience, of the Golden Tree (col. Blacker), Decccxlii.

*First Night in the Tomb, the (rev. G. Bryan), Dccccxxii. 16.

*Good Night, the dying Christian's (J. B. S.), Dcccclii. 304.

*Hymn (Mrs. Llewelyn), Dccccxxiii. 32; Dccccxxxiv. 192.

*Hymns for the Sundays of the Year (Joseph Fearn)—

Fifth Sunday after Easter, Dccccxliv. 336.

Sunday after Ascension-Day, Dccccxlv. 352.

Whit-Sunday, Dccccxlvi. 360.

Ragged Training School of Industry and Dormitory, Extract
from Report of, Dccccxxiii. 28.

Religion on the Continent, State of (rev. Dr. Davies)
Dccccxxxiii. 173.

Religious Liberty in Turkey: Armenian Reformation,
Dccccxxxix. 263.

Repentance, a Call to, addressed to Members of Temperance

Societies, Dccccxxx. 133.

Rescue, the, from Death, Dccccxxxii. 150.

Sabbath, the Sanctification of, Dccccxlv. 348.

Saints, the Worship of in Ireland (rev. W. Archer), Dccccxxiii.


Salmon Catching, Dccccxxiv. 33.

Sanctified Sorrow (Jane Kennedy), Dccccxxxvi. 213.

Sepulchres, ancient, Dccccxlix. 393.

SERMONS, by the following Divines :-

AYRE, rev. J., M.A. (Hampstead), The Trinity, Dccccxlvii.

BATHER, late ven. E., M.A., (archdeacon of Salop), The right
Improvement of Sickness or other Distress, Dccccxxiii. 24.
BENSON, rev. C.. M.A. (can. of Worcester), Scripture, not
Tradition, the authoritative Teacher of Men, Dccccxxxiii.

BLACKER, rev. B. H., M.A. (Donnybrook), The Resur-
rection, Dccccxxxviii. 241.

BULL, rev. J., M.A. (Walthamstow), The Danger of Neg-
lecting the great Salvation, Dccccxxviii. 96.
CHAMPNEYS, rev. W. W., M.A. (Whitechapel), Christ
lifted up drawing Men unto him, Dccccxlv. 328.
CLARKE, rev. A. B. (Killesk), The Sinner's Safety
DCCCCXxvi. 67.

FEILDE, rev. T. (Hertingfordbury), Taking up the Cross

after Christ, Decccxliii. 315.

GRANTHAM, rev. T. (Bramber), The Destruction of Sodom

and Gomorrah, Dccccxxx. 129.

HARDING, right rev. J., D.D. (lord bishop of Bombay),

The Word of God a Lamp and a Light, Dccccxxii. 8.

HARRIS, rev. H. T., B.A. (Coventry), The Christian

pressing towards the mark, exemplified in St. Paul,

Dccccxxv. 56.

HEURTLEY, rev. C. A., B.D. (Fenny Compton), The Day

of Christ's Coming unknown to Christ, Dccccxlv. 344.

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Spain, Illustrations of Society, Manners, and Morals in (rev.

H. T. Cheever), Dccccxxxiv. 180.

Spring, the return of (Mrs. Richter), Dccccxlix. 405.
State Interference with Education, Dccccxxvi. 66.
Sunday-school Teaching, reflex Benefits of, Dccccxliv. 335.

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