Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Organizations of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, First Session, September 20, 1983

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Стр. 61 - ... death penalty in all cases without reservation, and advocates fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners. Amnesty International is independent of all governments, political factions, ideologies, economic interests and religious creeds.
Стр. 76 - The attending psychiatrist is reported to have told him, however, that "until the Olympic Games have taken place, there can be no rush in your case." In addition. Baptists in the Moscow area have been threatened with mass expulsion and forced resettlement at the time of the Olympic Games. In the hope that the Soviet Government will respond to international appeals. Amnesty International is launching an international campaign today...
Стр. 1 - Randolph, do you have an opening statement that you would like to make? Senator RANDOLPH.
Стр. 61 - International is a worldwide human rights movement which works impartially for the release of prisoners of conscience, men and women detained anywhere for their beliefs, color, ethnic origin, sex, religion or language, provided they have neither used nor advocated violence.
Стр. 101 - Dear friends, let there be no doubt about the fact that the Soviet authorities have turned our most humane branch of medicine into an instrument for achieving a main aim of their internal policy — the suppression of dissent in our country. Psychiatry in the totalitarian Soviet state brings not only succour to the ill but also harm to the healthy. The facts about the use of psychiatry to suppress dissidents in the USSR have...
Стр. 69 - Helsinki monitoring groups as well as the Working Commission to Investigate the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes, all of whose members have now been arrested.
Стр. 71 - Under this procedure the accused loses virtually all of his or her procedural rights and is left only with the passive right to an honest psychiatric examination and a fair court hearing").
Стр. 69 - That the World Psychiatric Association take note of the abuse of psychiatry for political purposes and that it condemn those practices in all countries where they occur and call upon the professional organizations of psychiatrists in those countries to renounce and expunge those practices from their country and that the WPA implement this resolution in the first instance in reference to the extensive evidence of the systematic abuse of psychiatry for political purpose in the USSR.
Стр. 74 - Unwilling Patients" which was published in The Lancet (London) in April 1981, Dr. Koryagin wrote: "All the people J examined had joined the ranks of the mentally ill because they did or said things which in our country are considered 'anti-Soviet...
Стр. 4 - His mental condition and conduct are characterized by ... a disturbed sense of orientation and an incorrect interpretation of his surroundings. Thus he takes the hospital for a concentration camp and the doctors for sadists.

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