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Classical, Mathematical, and other Books,




Booksellers and Publishers to the University.

Books are sold to Students and Educational Institutions, at the English Prices, valued in Indian Money at the

current rate of Exchange. TERMS-CASH WITH ORDER.

Abney. Photography,(Text-Books of Science). 38. 6d.
Abbott. Bacon's Essays, text and Index. 2s. 6d.
Abbott. Bacon's Essays, with Notes. 2 vols. 6s.
Abbott. Bible Lessons. 48. 6d.
Abbott. How to Parse. 3s. 6d.
Abbott. How to Write Clearly. 18. 61.
Abbott. Shakespearian Grammar. Fcap. 8vo. 68.
Abbott and Seeley, English Lessons for English Peo-

ple. 48. 6d.
Abercrombie. On the Intellectual Powers. 38. 6d.
Abercrombie. Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. 28. 6d.
Academic Atlas. 32 Maps. By Bartholomew. 58.
Adam. New Latin Delectus. 28. 6d.
Adams. Dictionary of English Literature. 158.
Adams. Elements of the English Language. 48. 6d.

The Rupee is valued only at the current rate of Exchange.



Educational Books

4s 6d,

Adams. The Rudiments of English Grammar.

28. Addison. Essays from the “Spectator.” 6s. Addison. Selections from the “Spectator.' Ву

Airy. 1s. Addison. Essays from the “Spectator.” By Arnold. Ainsworth. Latin Dictionary, abridged. 58. Airy. Geometrical Optics. 3s. 6d. Airy. Popular Astronomy. 48. 6d. Airy. Treatise on Magnetism. 98. 6d. Airy. Undulatory Theory of Optics. 68. 6d. Airy. Selections from the “Spectator.” 18. Airy. Sound and Atmospheric Vibration. 98. Aitken, Outlines of the Science and Practice of Me

dicine. 12s. 6d. Aitken. Science and Practice of Medicine. 2 vols. 388. Aldis. A Chapter on Decimals. Re. 1. Aldis. Geometrical Optics. 38. 6d. Aldis. Treatise on Solid Geometry. 88. Alford. The Queen's English. 58. Allen and Cornwell. Grammar for Beginners. 18. Allen and Cornwell. School Grammar. 18. 9d. Allen. Elementary Latin Grammar. 28. 6d. Allen. First Latin Exercise Book, 28. 6d. Anatomical Remembrancer. 38. 6d. Anderson. Geography for Junior Classes. 18. Anderson. Modern Geography. 12mo. 1s. 6d. Angus. Bible Handbook. 58. Angus. Handbook of English Literature. 58. Angus. Handbook of the English Tongue. 58. Angus. Specimens of English Literature. 58. 6d. Ansted. Physical Geography. 78. Ansted. The World we live in. 28. Anthon. Cæsar's Commentaries. 48. 6d. Anthon. Horace. By Boyd. 58. 6d. Anthon. Select Orations of Cicero. 48. 6d. Anthon. The Æneids of Virgil. By Trollope. 58. 6d. Anthon. Sallust. By Boyd. 4s. 6d. Arabic B. A. Course. Rs. 2-8.

The Rupee is valued only at the current rate of Exchange.

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Arabic Entrance Course. Rs. 3.
Arabic First Arts Course. Rs. 2-8.
Argyll. The Reign of Law. 2s. 6d.
Arithmetic for Schools in India. (Nelson Series.) 28.
Armstrong. Class Book of English Literature. 58.
Armstrong. Organic Chemistry. 38. 6d.
Arnold. English Grammar. 4s. 6d.
Arnold. Lectures on Modern History. 78. 6d.
Arnold. Manual of English Literature. 78. 60.

Arnold. Henry's First Latin Book. 38.
Arnold. Latin Prose Composition, Part I. 68. 61.
Arnold. Latin Verse Composition. 38. 6d.
Arnold. First Verse Book (Latin), 2 Parts, each 28.
Arnold. Life of Dr. By Stanley. 2 vols. 128.
Arnott. Elements of Physics. 128. 6d.
Ashby. Notes on Physiology. 43. 6d.

Atkinson. Natural Philosophy from Ganot. 78. 6d.
Black. School Atlas. 108, 6d. Johnston. School Atlases. Each
Chambers. Minor. 58.

12s. 6d.
Chambers. Primer do. 38. 6d. Astronomical.
Chambers. School. 108. 6d.

Collins. Academic Atlas. 58.

Collins. Advanced Atlas. 38. 6d. Physical.
Collins, Crown Atlas. 23. 6d.

Johnston. Handy Royal Atlas,
Collins. Library Atlas. 218.

£ 2-12-6. Gall & Inglis. Atlas. 38. 6d. Nelson. Geography and Atlas. Johnston. Atlas.

1s. 6d.
Historical. 28. 6d.

Nelson. School Atlas. 28. 6d.
Physical. 2s.6d.

Philip. First School do.
Johnston. Half Crown Atlas. Po- Philip. Initiatory Atlas, 6d.

litical. 28. 6d.
Johnston. Unrivalled Atlas. Es.
Aunt Charlotte's English History for the Little Ones.

18. 6d.
Austin. Jurisprudence, Abridged by Campbell. 128.
Austin. Jurisprudence, Analysis, by Campbell. 68. .
Bacon. Advancement of Learning. Summary by

Hunter. 13. 6d.
Bacon. Essays. By Hunter. 38. 6d.
Bacon. Advancement of Learning. By Wright.

(Clar. Press.) 48. 6d.
Bacon. Essays. Notes and Glossarial Index by Wright.

4s. 6d. Bacon. Essays. Annotations by Whately. 108. 6d.

The Rupee is valued only at the current rate of Exchange.

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Bacon. Essays. By Abbott. 2 vols. 6s.
Bacon. Essays with Index. By Abbott. 2s. 6d.
Bacon. Essays. (I — XXXI). Notes by Lewis. 18.
Bacon. Novum Organum. By Fowler. 148.
Bain. English Composition. 8vo. 48.
Bain. First English Grammar. 18 4d.
Bain. Higher English Grammar. 28. 6d.

Companion. 38. 6d.
Bain. Deductive Logic. 8vo. 48.
Bain. Inductive Logic. 8vo. 6s. 6d.
Bain. Mental and Moral Science. 8vo. 10s. 6d.
Baker. Circle of Knowledge:-
Gradation I. 24mo. 6d. 1 Gradation II. 24mo. 60.

Gradiation III. 24mo.
Baker. Land and Engineering Surveying. 2s.
Baker. Mensuration. 1 s. 60.

Baker. Science Class Book. 38. 6d.
Baker. Statics and Dynamics. 18. 6d.
Balfour. Class-Book of Botany. 218.
Balfour. Elements of Botany. 3s. 6d.
Balfour. Manual of Botany. 128. 60.
Ball. Experimental Mechanics. 16s.
Ball. Students' Guide to the Bar. 28. 6d.

Banerjea. Bhatti Kavya. Rs. 2.
Banerjea. Kumara Sambhava. Rs. 2-8.
Banerjea. Raghuvansa (Cantos 1-3, 4-9). Rs. 5.
Banerjea. Sanscrit Grammar (Upakramanika). Re. 1-8.
Banister, Music. 58.
Barff. Elementary Chemistry. 1s. 6d.
Barff. Introduction to Scientific Chemistry. 4s.
Barnes. Clinical History of Diseases of Women. 28s,
Bartle. Synopsis of English History. 33. 6d.
Bautain. Art of Extempore Speaking 38. 6d.
Baynes. Thermo-dynamics. 78. 6d.
Beasley. Book of Prescriptions. 68. 6d.
Beasley. Druggists' General Receipt Book. 6s. 60.

Beasley. Pocket Formulary. 6s. 6d.
Beasley. Plane Trigonometry. 38. 60.

. 6d Beesley. Stories from Roman History. 2s.6d.

The Rupee is valued only at the current rate of Exchange.

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