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} Professor of Comparative Ana- }J. Anderson, M.D.


D. B. Smith, M.D., M.R.C.P.

Professor of General Anatomy
and Physiology

Offg. Professor of Anatomy K. McLeod, A.M., M.D.
Professor of Botany

G. King, M.B.
Professor of Materia Medica R. C. Chundra, F.R.C.S.
Professor of Chemistry

C. H. Wood.
Professor of Medicine

D. B. Smith, M.D., M.R.C.P.,

Lond. Professor of Surgery

S. B. Partriilge, F.R.C.S. Professor of Midwifery

T. E. Charles, M.D. Professor of Medical Jurispru-}s. C. Mackenzie, M.D.

dence Professor of Ophthalmic Medi

11. Cayley. cine and Surgery Professor of Pathology

J. F. P. McConnell, M.B. Professor of Hygiene

J. M. Coates, M.D. Lecturer on Dentistry

W. T. Woods. First Demonstrator of Anatomy 2nd ditto ditto

Gobind Chunder Chatterjee.


Principals. 1835. M. J. Bramley.

1866. J. Ewart, M.D. (oftg.) 1856. J. McRae, M. D.

1868. N. Chevers, M.D. 1856. T. W. Wilson, M.D. 1872. D. B. Smith, M.I), 1857. W. C. B. Eatwell, M.D. 1873. N. Chevers, M. D. 1860. S B. Partridge, F.R.C.S. | 1876. D. B. Smith, M.D. (ofto).

| 1877. J. M. Coates, M.D.(offg.) 1861. N. Chevers, M.D.

1878. D. B. Smith, M.D.,

M.R.C.P., Lond.

Secretaries. 1837. David Hare.

1854. E. Goodeve, M.B. 1841. F. J. Mouat, M.D.

1855. F. N. Macnamara, M.D.

Asst. Demonstrators of Anatomy } Raj Nohuch Ender Pitra.

. Coffg).

Thomason Civil Engineering College, Roorkee,

P. UU. B.

AFFILIATED, 1864. The Thomason College was founded in 1847 by the Hon'ble James Thomason, Lieutenant-Governor, N. W.P. It is designed


to supply the Public Works and Survey Departments with Assistant Engineers, Overseers, Sub-Overseers, Estimators, Draughtsmien, and Head Artificers, and to furnish professional works either on loan or purchase, through its Library, Press, and Book Depôt.

The College contains three principal classes, viz., an "Engineer Class," an “Upper Subordinate Class," and " Lower Subordinate Class," open to candidates of all ranks and classes – intended to recruit the Engineer, Upper Subordinate, and Lower Subordinate Departments of the Public Works Department: besides a special class, viz., a “ Mistri Class,” training Artificers. It also conducts examinations of outsiders for several grades of the P. W. D.

Engineer Class. The Course lasts two years, when the passed students receive certificates as Assistant Engineers of the P. W. D. The first eight passed students (whether European or Native) receive appointments as Apprentice Engineers on Rs. 100 i inonth: the remaining passed students not guaranteell appointments. Candidates for this class must be between the ages of 18 and 22, and must all pass a competitive entrance examination in language, literature, history, mathematics, and drawing.

All European students pay a college fee of Rs. 10 monthly. Three Scholarships of Rs. 50, one of Rs. 40, and one of Rs. 35 per mensem, tenable for two years, are annually open to native students. Several valuable prizes are given annually ; one of Rs. 1,000 to the best student; one of Rs. 250 and one of Rs. 100 for the two best native students ; besides two prizes of Rs. 100 and five of Rs. 50, open to all.

Upper Subordinale Class. The College Course lasts two years, when the passed students receive certificates as Sub-Engineers or Overseers of the P. W.D., and are then sent for a year's probation on to the Public Works as “ Apprentice Overseer," after which, if approved, they are appointed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade Overseers in the P. W. D.

All candidates for admission must pass a competitive entrance examination in English reading and writing, arithmetic, elementary geometry, mensuration, and drawing, and in Urdu and Hindi ; and Civilian candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 24.

Soldier students receive a “college allowance" of Rs. 11 monthly. Three Scholarships of Rs. 30 ench, and three stipends of Rs. 10 each, all tenable for two years, are annually allotted to students of 2nd and 3rd grades respectively,

Students of third grade, if not stipend-holders, pay a college fee of Re. 1-8 monthly. College prizes in each of the principal subjects of the course are annually given.

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During the “apprentice year,” a “staff allowance" is given to Soldier students, raising their pay to a total of Rs. 80, together with free quarters and the usual family allowances." Second and third grade apprentices receive salaries of Rs. 60 and 40 respectively; free quarters are also given to those of second grade.

Lower Subordinate Class. This Class, intended for natives of India only, consists of Soldiers and Civilians. The students remain for two years at College, and, if successful, receive certificates as Sub-Overseers, Estimators, or Draughtsmen of 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade, according to qualification, and are appointed to the P. W. D., according as vacancies occur: there is no guarantee.

The entrance examination is competitive, and in the Urdu language. For Military candidates it comprises reading, writing, and arithmetic; and for Civilian candidates, elementary mathematics, Indian history, and geography, and the use of English figures and words. Civilian candidates must not be more than 22, nor less than 18, years of age. Military students receive al “college allowance" of Rs. 5 monthly. Ten stipends of Rs. 10 and forty of Rs. 5 each are allotted from time to time to Civil students of this class : non-stipend-holders pay a college fee of Re. 1-8. College prizes in each of the principal subjects of the course are annually awarded.

Note.—There is every probability that the course for this class will be reduced to one year or a year and a half, and very considerably altered.

Course of Study in principal Classes. These vary very much, but include mathematics, civil engineering, surveying, drawing, and Urdu for all the above principal classes,- the extent read being of course very different in each class,-besides experimental science and photograpby for the Engineer class.

Mistri Class. Skilled native workmen are admitted to a six months' course of practical geometry, mensuration, geometrical drawing, estimating and simple surveying on passing an examination in reading, writing, and elementary arithmetic in Urdu. There are ten stipends of Rs. 5 each, tenable for six months. Successful stue dents receive the certificate of “Head Artificer," and appointments in this grade when vacancies exist.

Guides Corps Class. A class of 25 native N. C. O. and Sepoys of the Q. O. Guides Corps are annually passed through a ten months' course in simple Military Engineering and Surveying.

[With exception of the small college fees above noted, the instruction in College is entirely gratuitous.]


Outside Examinations. The College volds also examinations, and grants cortificates (of qualification only) for grades of Assistant Engineer, SubEngineer, 1st grade "Overseer, Assistant Examiners of Accounts, and 4th grade Accountant of the P. W. D., for all candidates who present themselves under certain rules.

Subsidiary Departments. These are 1. A free Public LIBRARY containing over 13,500 volumes,

2. A large Press which executes printing, binding, lithographs, and woodcuts, for the College, Government, and public.

3. A Book Depot for sale of the College publications and Text-books.

4. A VOLUNTEER COMPANY: all European Civilian students are enrolled in the College Volunteer Company.

The principal Staff of the College is as follows:-
Principal (on leave)

Lt.-Col. A. M. Lang, R. E.
Offg. Principal

Major A. M, Brandreth, R. E, Capt. Allan Cunningham, R.E., 1 Hon. Fel. of King's Coll.,

London. Assistant Principals ...

Lieut. 8. M. Maycock, R.E.

J. H. C. Harrison, R.E.

G. P. Onslow, R.E. Professor of Experimental Murray Thomson, Esq., M.D., Science

F.R.S.E., and Fel. U.C. Head Master, Upper Subordi

C. C. Sullivan, Esq. nate Class Drawing Master, Upper and } G. T. Sparke, Esq.

Lower Subordinate Classes


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Five Assistant Masters

, Upper }(Various.] Head Nlaster, Lower Subordi: } Lala Behari Lal.

Seven Assistant Masters, ditto... [Various.]

[For further detailed information, see the Thomason College Calendar, published at Roorkee, N. W. P., price Rs. 4-12.)



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HONORARY D. L. H. R. H. ALBERT EDWARD Prince of Wales, K.G. 1875. Movier Williams

1876. Revd. K. M. Banerjea

1876. Rajendralala Mitra

1876. D. L. Bandyopadhyay, Gurudas

1877 Presidency College. Mitra, Trailokyanath

1877 Ditto.

HONORS IN LAW. Mitra, Trailokyanath

1867 Presidency College. Ghosh, Rasbihari

1871 Ditto. Bandyopadhyay, Gurudas

1876 Ditto. Ray, Bipinchandra

1878 Ditto.

B. L.

In Alphabetical Order. Abdul Bari

1872 Presidency College. Adya, Asutosh

1869 Hooghly College. Aich, Radhakanta

1876 Presidency College. Akhileswar Prasad

1878 Patna College. Ameer Ali

1869 Hooghly College. Bagchi, Annadaprasad

1874 Presidency College. Durganath

1869 Berhampore College. Harischandra

1869 Dacca College. Bandyopadhyay, Aglornath 1875 Presidency College.

Abinaschandra ... 1867 Ditto.
Abinaschandra 1868 Ditto.
Bamacharan 1866 Ditto.
Bhairabchandra .. 1863 Ditto.
Bhubanmoban 1873 Ditto.
Bidubhushan 1876


1875 Ditto.

1873 Ditto. Chandmohan 1878 Dacca College. Gangadhar 1874 Presidency College. Gopalchandra 1875 Ditto. Gopalchandra No.2)1873 Krishnaghur College. Gopikrishna 1875 Hooghly College.

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