Medals and Honourable Mentions Awarded by the International Juries: With a List of Jurors, and the Report of the Council of Chairmen

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Her Majesty's Commissioners, 1862 - Всего страниц: 459

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Стр. ix - Science and skill in Design to obtain the object sought with the greatest economy ; fitness . in the application of Materials, success in the work in which the Model or Drawing is exhibited ; perfection of workmanship in the Model or Drawing exhibited.
Стр. v - CLASS 5. Railway Plant, including Locomotive Engines and Carriages. „ 6. Carriages not connected with Rail or Tram Roads. „ 7. Manufacturing Machines and Tools. „ 8. Machinery in general. „ 9. Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Implements.
Стр. viii - ... should be uniform. 3. The Juries will, at their first meeting on Monday, consider the course to be followed in the examination of the subjects confided to them, and arrange generally the time and places for their respective meetings. 4. Deputy Chairmen. — The first duty of each Jury will be to elect a Deputy Chairman, who will assist the Chairman, and fill his place in the Jury, or at the Council, in his absence.
Стр. iv - Mentions to about 5,300. The proportion of awards to exhibitors is greater than in the International Exhibition of 1851, but less than in that of 1855. Notwithstanding the varied nationalities represented in the juries, it is gratifying to record that the utmost harmony has prevailed during the whole time that the jurors have been associated in their labours. The...
Стр. iii - ... the building. The council was presided over by a chairman appointed by her majesty's commissioners. "Her majesty's commissioners decided that only one description of medal should be awarded by the juries. This decision considerably facilitated their labours, as it became necessary only to reward excellence wherever it was found, without reference to competition between exhibitors. As the work of the juries advanced, it was ascertained that many articles possessed excellence of...
Стр. iii - The British Colonies were represented by jurors recommended by the several Colonial Commissioners. Foreign nations taking part in the Exhibition had a right to nominate one juror for every class in which they were represented by twenty exhibitors, and for every section of a class in which they had fifteen exhibitors. As an alternative, e'ach nation had a certain number of jurors allotted to it, in proportion to the space which it occupied in the Building, and several countries accepted this alternative.
Стр. v - Engines and Carriages. 6. Carriages not connected with Rail or Tram Roads. 7. Manufacturing Machines and Tools. 8. Machinery in general. 9. Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Implements. 10. Civil Engineering, Architectural and Building Contrivances. 11. Military Engineering, Armor and Accoutrements, Ordnance and Small Arms. 12. Naval Architecture, Ships
Стр. viii - INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE COUNCIL OF CHAIRMEN TO THE JURIES. 1. IN accordance with the decisions of the Royal Commissioners, the Council of Chairmen have met and agreed to the following Instructions as a guide to the Juries. 2. Working of Juries. — In regard to the working of the Juries, the Council of Chairmen think it advisable to leave much to the discretion and gradual experience of each Jury; but upon the following points the decisions of the Royal Commissioners are precise, and it will be desirable...
Стр. vii - Juries may appoint one of their own body as a reporter. COUNCIL OF CHAIRMEN. 17. The Chairmen of the Thirty Juries will be associated as a body, to be called the
Стр. iv - ... we find every nation searching for new raw materials, or utilizing products hitherto considered as waste, we are struck especially with the vast improvement in the machinery employed to adapt them to industrial purposes, as well as with the applications of science, and with the great and successful attention which is now given to all the arts necessary, to gratify our taste and sense of beauty. " We cannot conclude this report without expressing our obligations to Dr. Lyon Playfair, the special...

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