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2. The aged Lover renounceth Love -
3. A Song to the lure in muficke
4. King Cophetua and the Beggar-maid
5. Take thy old cloak about thee .
6. Willow, Willow, Willow
7. Sir Lancelot du Lake
8. Corydon's Farewell to Phillis.

The Ballad of constant Susannab. -
9. Gernutus, the Jew of Venice
10. The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

The Nympb's Reply 11. Titus Andronicus's Complaint 12. Take those lips away 13. King Leir and his three daughters — 14. Youth and Age 15. The Frolickfome Duke, or the Tinker's good Fortune 221 16. The Friar of Orders gray



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1. The more modern ballad of Chevy-chase
2. Death's final conquest-
3. The Rising in the North
4. Northumberland betrayed by Douglas
5. My mind to me a kingdome is
6. The Patient Countess -
7. You meaner beautyes -
$. Dowlabell

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9. The Farewell to Love

288 10. Ulysses and the Syren

289 11. Cupid's Pastime

295 12. The chara&ter of a happy life

296 13. Unfading Beauty

298 14. Gilderoy. A Scottish Ballad

299 15. Winifreda

304 16. Jemmy Dawson

306 17. The Witch of Wokey

310 18. Bryan and Pereene. A Wef India Ballad

potom 313 19. Gentle River, Gentle River. Translated from the Spanish

317 20. Alcanzor ana Zayda, a Moorish Tale

324 Tbe Gloffary

330 Additions to the Gloffary, fee at the End of Vol. 3. Additional Notes and Carrections


I never

I never heard the old song of Percie and Douglas, that I i found not my heart moved more than with a trumpet:

and yet it is sung but by some blinde crowder, with no rougher voice, than rude file; which beeing fo evill aparelled in the dust and cobweb of that uncivill age, what would it work, trimmed in the gorgeous eloquence of Pindare :

SIR Philip Sydney's Defence of Poetry.


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