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leave an open door by which Truth may have ingress and error be driven out. God alone is infallible; God alone is Truth. His voice alone can say to each individual soul, .This is the way, walk ye in it.' Until we recognise this great Truth we cannot restore the primal age of innocence, truth, and beauty.

Only the Word of God cannot fail or change. • Whether there be prophecies, they shall fail;' whether there be churches or forms of faith, they may all lack somewhat of the Truth. God alone is Truth. Come to Him, all ye who seek for Truth. Humbly make confession of your sins, feel within yourself sorrow for the years that are gone, the years in which you did not know God. No doubt you will partake plenteously of the bread of tears. Seek Him with tears of sorrow and repentance, and as God reveals Himself to you, you will sorrow still

In the light of God's tender mercy and gracious loving. kindness, we see how foul we are, how scarcely a thought is fit for Him to behold. Of ourselves we are indeed worthless. Only God's great and immeasurable Love can find us of use, can see anything of worth in us. Very hardly can we realise we are each one unspeakably precious in the sight of God. But the whole Word of God rings out its glad message of hope for all who sincerely


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repent and turn to God, and calls upon every created being to repent and seek the forgiveness and love of God. Seek it diligently, beloved, and do not despair you pray for

years, or even if death should find you with this prayer in your heart: ‘Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, Spirit of Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, teach me to know myself, my utter unworthiness. Forgive me, O Lord, whereinsoever I have sinned against Thee. Create in me a new heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Help me, O Lord, and grant me a real amendment of my whole life, that I may not offend Thee, but daily grow in Thy grace. O God, of Thy great mercy reveal Thyself to me, that I may perfectly love Thee and worthily serve Thee for evermore. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.'

To him that knocketh it shall be opened. He that seeketh shall find. Let us seek, then, as the miner seeks for gold and precious stones. The Love of God is infinitely more precious than gold or anything this world has to offer. Love, honours, riches are as naught, compared to the precious gift of the Love of God. Seek it early, that you may not have lost years to bewail. No human love can approach the immeasurable riches of the Love of God; it maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow with it.'


The sorrow is for the years we wandered, for the bonds that bind us to earth-bonds we forge and cannot loose without pain and sorrow for others.

The Love of God is joy unspeakable; it is the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night to all who find it; safely shall it lead you through the wilderness of life until it bring you to the promised land, while even the wilderness blossoms like the

Dimly we realize the glory of the eternal future through the Love of God on earth. Wrapped in His tenderness and love we are secure from every danger. Death is but the door opening into Life. Secure, we feel temptation cannot reach us. But let him that standeth take heed lest he fall.' We live only by the grace of God, we love only by the grace of God, we serve Him only by His grace. Of ourselves we are nothing worth, we can do nothing; all power is of God. 'In all thy ways acknowledge

. Him, and He shall direct thy paths.'

The Love of God passeth all understanding ; only believe and you shall see that God is All in All. If at first you see, dimly, 'men as trees walking,'

' you shall at length see perfectly, and your joy shall be made full. God, then, is Truth; let us bear it in mind: all apart from God is imperfect. 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God ... and all these things

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shall be added unto you. You shall grow in grace until you come unto the perfect stature of Christ, in Whom God is well pleased. Then, God with us, we find the new Heaven and the new earth wherein dwelleth Righteousness. Then we are able to see life truly; all things which have seemed of most importance in our life dwindle into nothingness. The Glory of God fills the heavens and the earth, and in the glorious light of His Presence all things are changed. All that seemed gold has changed to dross and is worthless. That which tends to the Glory of God is alone of worth. So we see the world and its inhabitants in another light. We see the world as men, in defiance of God's laws, have made it, desecrated and robbed in part of the beauty God endowed it with at the Creation. We see God's children and His creatures living under man-made conditions, in misery and suffering, not in happiness and peace as God intended, and we see the reason of it all. Love does not rule in the world, but greed and hate and oppression. The many are made to toil and labour, their lives filled with sordid care and misery, as much in bondage as were the children of Israel in Egypt. The few are living as God intends no man on earth to live, without toil, in idleness and luxury secured by the misery of thousands.


Christ came from God to teach men how to live, to frame their lives in accordance with the Holy Will of God. When Christ said, ' As My Father hath sent Me into the world, so have I sent you into the world,' did He not mean that we are to be living witnesses of the truths He revealed, that we must manifest to all around us the love which is in the heart of Christ, and that we must show forth in our lives the very holiness of His life? What avails it to speak of the love of Christ who came to deliver man from the dominion of sin, if those who are called by His name manifest hatred and malice and live in sin? But His teaching is rejected; men say it is impossible to live the teaching of Christ; that to do so human nature must first be changed. They close their eyes to the plain fact that Christ died to change human nature, and that through His suffering, sin, with its consequent conditions of sorrow, suffering and death, might flee away from the face of the earth. After nineteen hundred years we are almost as far as ever from the ideal life Christ desired His followers to live. 'He that would follow Me, let him take up his cross.' To obey the commands of Christ would ensure equal conditions of life for all mankind-equal toil, equal rest; equal opportunities for loving and worshipping and serving God, our

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