Flora Europaea: Diapensiaceae to Myoporaceae

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T. G. Tutin, V. H. Heywood, N. A. Burges, D. H. Valentine, D. M. Moore, P. W. Ball, A. O. Chater, S. M. Walters, R. A. DeFilipps, D. A. Webb, I. K. Ferguson, I. B. K. Richardson
Cambridge University Press, 1972 - Всего страниц: 399
The Flora Europaea, originally published between 1964 and 1980, explores the synthesis of all the national and regional Floras of Europe. It is based on a critical review of existing literature and on studies on herbaria and in the field. It aims to be simple as well as authoritative, and should enable the reader to name as far as its subspecies any fern, conifer or flowering plant growing wild or wildly cultivated. The third of the volume covers the Dicotyledonous families from Diapensiaceae to Myoporaceae, following the Engler system. Apart from keys and descriptions, information is given on geographical distribution and, where possible, on habitat preference and chromosome number. All names used in Floras or important monographs are cited in the text or index. The text, in English, uses a limited vocabulary, and there are glossaries of technical terms and Latin equivalents.

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Key to the Abbreviations of Titles of Books cited in Volume 3
Key to the Abbreviations of Titles of Periodicals and Anonymous
Glossary of Technical Terms
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Стр. 329 - THE TOURIST'S FLORA ; a Descriptive Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the British Islands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Italian Islands.

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