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taken in translating these Verses somewhat at large, without which it would have been almost impossible to have given any kind of turn in English poetry to so dry a subject. The sense of the Author is, I hope, no where mistaken; and if there seems in some places to be some additions in the English verses to the Greek text, they are only such as may be justified from Hierocles's Commentary, and delivered by him as the larger and explained sense of the Author's short precept. I have in some few places ventured to differ from the learned Mr. Dacier's French interpretation, as those that shall give themselves the trouble of a strict comparison will find. How far I am in the right, is left 10 the reader to determine.

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Perform thy vows, observe thy plighted troth,
And let religion bind thee to thy oath.
The heroes next demand thy just regard,
Renown'd on earth, and to the stars preferrd,
To light and endless life, their virtue’s sure reward.
Due rites perform and honours to the dead,
To every wise, to every pious shade.
With lowly duty to thy parents bow,

and favour to thy kindred show :
For what concerns the rest of human kind,
Choose out the man to virtue best inclin'd;
Him to thy arms receive, him to thy bofom bind.
Poffest of such a friend, preserve him ftill;
Nor thwart his counsels with thy stubborn will ;
Pliant to all his admonitions prove,
And yield to all his offices of love :
Him from thy heart, fo true, so justly dear,
Let no rakh word nor light offences tear.
Bear all thou canst, fill with bis failings strive,
And to the utmost still, and still forgive;
For strong necessity alone explores
The secret vigour of our latent powers,
Rouzes and urges on the lazy heart,
Force, to itself unknown before, t exert.
By use thy stronger appetites allwage,
Thy gluttony, thy sloth, thy luft, thy rage :
From each dishonest act of shame forbear;
Of others, and thyself, alike beware.

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