China Star

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Carroll & Graf, 2006 - Всего страниц: 442
"The story begins in 1920s Paris, where Shanghai Station's Russian count, Alexander Karlov, and Viktor Polyak, the Soviet agent who killed Karlov's parents and abducted his twin sister Katerina, hunt each other through grand hotels, sewers, fashion houses, and embassy parties. Soon after, Katerina sets sail with Alexander for Shanghai on the China Star. On board, Alexander is charmed by Laila Hammond, a Ceylonese woman of mixed blood, who is married to a sick English tea planter. Polyak and his agents pursue them as the ship stops in Egypt. On the night train from Alexandria to Cairo, Karlov and Laila begin the passionate affair that threatens to destroy them. The young count continues to the mountainous tea country of Ceylon with Laila, where he is hunted in the jungle by Polyak's most dangerous assassin, while Katerina sails to Shanghai, under the protection of Hak Lee, the brutal gangster who is her brother's partner. Following her to his home in exile, Alexander confronts his enemy, as violence, greed and romance come together in the most exotic and exciting city in the world" --Cover, p. 2.

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This exotic adventure story is the sequel to Shanghai Station and takes place around the world starting in Paris, with stops in Egypt, Ceylon and Shanghai. In China Star all the familiar characters ... Читать весь отзыв

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Bartle Bull is the author of the widely praised African novels White Rhino Hotel, A Cafe on the Nile, and The Devil's Oasis as well as Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure. Bull is a member of the Royal Geographic Society and the Explorers Club and formerly the publisher of The Village Voice.

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