Accountable to God: Biblical Stewardship

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TATE PUB, 1 янв. 2007 г. - Всего страниц: 187
Isn't stewardship really just about money? Absolutely not! According to Mike Whitmore, author of Accountable to God: Biblical Stewardship, stewardship is a concept that can be found throughout the Bible, and it involves a variety of diverse subjects: worshipping, interacting with creation, using gifts from God, maintaining our bodies, sharing the Gospel, and our relationships with enemies, strangers, and others. Understanding these and other subjects is critical for Christians for two important reasons. First, the Bible teaches that all people will one day be held accountable for their stewardship. Second, our stewardship responsibilities give us a chance to demonstrate our love and reverence for God. This book takes a distinctive look at a seemingly familiar concept. Does your thinking on stewardship match up with what the Bible says?

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