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TH' astonish'd Seraph bow'd his head,

And left the realms on high. 5 Made strong in strength renew'd from heav'a,

Jesus receives the cup as given ;
Submiss, resign'd in all,
He drinks; nor leaves a dreg behind ;
And bears away from human kind,
The wormwood mix'd with gall.

S. M.



The Lamb of God who beareth away fin. | W ,

Did from their maker stray, Pursuing cach the fatal road

That to deltruction lay. 2 With pity most divine,

From his bright throne above;
Did Jesus graciously descend,

Borre on the wings of love. 3 Involv'd in guilt he found

The whole apoftate race;
Where fin and guilt did most abound,

Still more abounds his grace.
4 While heirs of wrath we stood,

To death and hell a prey ;
To ransom finners with his blood,

his life away:

[WATTS.) Salvation, in Jesus, on the Cross.

ERE at thy cross, my dying God,

I lay my soul beneath thy love,

L: M.


Beneath the droppings of thy blood,

Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove.
2 Not all that tyrants think or say,

With rage and lightning in their eyes,
Nor hell shall fright my heart away,

Should hell with all its legions rise. 3 Should worlds conspire to drive me thence,

Moveless and firm this heart should lie;
Refolv'd (for that's my ball defence)

If I must perish there to die.
4. But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear ;

Am I not safe beneath thy shade ?
Thy vengeance will not strike me here,

Nor Satan dare my soul invade.
5 Yes, I'm secure beneath thy blood,

And all my toes shall loose their aim ;
Hosanna to my dying God,
And my best honors to his name.

The Death of the Lord of Glory.
TRETCH'D on the cross the Saviour dies;

Hark his expiring groans arise !
See, from his hands, his feet, his side,

Runs down the sacred crimson tide! 2 But life attends the deathiul sound,

And flows from ev'ry bieeding wound;
The vital flream how free it flows,

To save and cleanse his rebel foes ! 3

To suffer in the traitor's place,
To die for man, surprising grace


Yet pass rebellious angels by ;

O, why for man, dear Saviour, why!
4 And didit thou bleed, for finners bleed?

And could the son behold the deed ?
No, he withdrew his fick’ning ray,

And darkness veil'd the mourning day. 5 Can I survey this scene of woe,

Where mingling grief and wonder flow;
And yet my heart unmov'd remain,

Insensible to love or pain?
6 Come, dearest Lord, thy pow'r impart,

To warm this cold, this itupid heart ; Till all its pow'rs and passions move In melting grief, and ardent love, HYMN LXXXIX.

[s. STENNET.) The Triumphs of the Dying Saviour. No more, dear Saviour, will I boast

Of beauty, wealth, or loud applaufe : The world hath all its glories lost,

Amid the triumphs of thy cross, 2 In ev'ry feature of thy face,

Beauty her fairest charms displays ;
Truth, wisdom, majelty and grace,

Shine thence in sweetly mingled rays. 3 Thy wealth, the pow'r of thought transcends,

'l'is valt, immense, and all divine :
Thy empire, Lord, o'er worlds extends ;

The sun, the moon, the stars are thine. 4. Yet, (O how marvellous the fight !)

I see thee on a cross expire ;

L. M.

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Thy Godhead veil'd in sable night,

And angels from the scene retire.
5 But, why from these sad scenes retreat ?

Why with your wings your faces hide ?
He ne'er appear'd so good, so great,

As when he bow?d his head and di’d. 6 These triumphs of stupendous grace

Surprise, rejoice, and melt my heart; Lord, at thy cross, I stand and gaze, Nor would I ever thence depart ! HYMN XC. L.M. [WHITEFIELD'S COLL.]

The Son of Man lifted up. | !

E dies ! the friend of finners dies !

Lo Salem's daughters weep around! A folemn darkness veils the skies ! A sudden trembling shakes the ground ! Come, faints, and drop a tear or two, For him who groand beneath your load! He shed a thousand drops for you!

A thousand drops of richest blood !
2 Here's love and grief beyond degree,

The Lord of glory dies for men !
But lo ! what sudden joys we see !
Jesus the dead revives again !
The rising God forsakes the tomb !
The tomb in vain forbids his rise !
Cherubic legions guard him home,

And shout him welcome to the skies! 3 Break off your tears, ye Saints and tell

How high our great deliv’rer reigns!
Sing how he spoild the hosts of hell,

And led the monster death in chains &
Say," live forever, wond'rous King !"
Born to redeem, and strong to save !
Then ask the monster “Where's thy fing?
And where's thy vi&t'ry boasting grave ?"

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The sword bathed in Heaven.
AKE thou my sword ! Jehovah said,

It woke, obey'd the high command ; And bath'd in blood on Jesus' head,

Smote down the Man of God's right hand. 2 Why leap'd the blade from mercy's sheath?

Why wrapt for slaughter gleam'd the sword, That kills, and makes alive from death?

What rouz'd the vengeance of the Lord ? 3 Stern justice drew the weapon forth : Soft

mercy aim'd the mortal blow : Then judgment past on all the earth :

Now, truth a feal'd release can show. 4 All hail! great plan of plans divine !

First counsels of the mighty God !
Before all worlds this one design,

Was gravid on archives, writ in blood,
5 The heav'ns may perish ; earth decay ;

Suns turn to night, and moons wax pale ;
Th’ Almighty love of Calv'ry's day ;

The blood of Christ can never fail. 6 What he began, ere time begun,

Eternity shall but complete ;

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