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How chang'd his mortal form!
Thus breaks the sun all glorious forth,
And fev'n fold light revisits earth,

As dies away the form.
3 Behold the man! what beauties shine }

'Tis there the father beams divine
With light, and life, and grace:
Those glories which surround the God,
His mighty arm shall pour abroad,

On Adam's naked race. 4 Lord Jesus come! From Tabor's mound,

Light the whole earth with glory round
Thyself, the life, display:
Thefe bodies change to heav'nly forms :
O God I my soul, my spirit warms :
I pant to see thy day:


The Saviour's Mesage. : HARK, 'tis the Saviour of mankind,

Speaks to his chosen few ; 'Tis he who leads the wand'ring blind,

In ways they could not know. ? 'Tis he who says, "Go forth my friends,

Proclaim my truth to all;
Inform each foul my grace

As wide as Adam's fall.
3 Tell finners of the deepest dye,

That they might life obtain ;
I chose the cursed death to die,
And taste infernal pain !

4 What though my ransom'd may refuse,

The message to receive;
And you the messengers abuse,

Yet ftill I came to save.
5 Yea should the tempter ftill prevail,

To blind my people's eyes;
In my great day I'll rend the veil,

From all beneath the skiss.
6 Then ev'ry eye shall see the grace,

You now in faith declare ;
And I myself from ev'ry face,

Will wipe off ev'ry tear.”
7 Lord we believe thy facred word,

And wait the glorious day,
When ev'ry soul by grace restor'd,
Shall walk in wisdom's way,

C. M.


[DODRIDDGE.] Christ's condefcenfion. I SAVIOUR of men, and Lord of love,

How sweet thy gracious name!
With joy that errand we review,

On which thy mercy came.
2 While all thy own angelic bands,

Stood waiting on the wing,
Charm'd with the honor to obey

Their great, etercal King: 3

For us mean, wretched, finful men,
Thou laid'st that glory by ;
First in our mortal flesh to servez
Then in that flesh to die.

L. M.

# Bought wish thy service and thy blood,

We doubly, Lord, are thine ;
To thee our lives we would devote,
To thee our death resign,

Jefus weeps for man.
i Sofair a face bedew'd with tears!

What beauty e’en in grief appears? He wept, he bled, he did for you!

What more, ye faints, could Jefus do ? · Enthron'd above with equal glow,

His warm affections downward flow;
In our distress he beats a part,

And feels a sympathetic smart.
Ź Still his compaffions are the same,

He knows the frailty of our frame,
Our heaviest burdens he sustains,

Shares in our sorrows and our pains. HYMN LXXXIII. L. M. [WATTS' Psal. 69.] Christ's Pafion, and the finner's Salvation.

EEP in our hearts let us record

The deeper sorrows of our Lord;
Behold the rising billows roll,

To overwhelm his holy foul.
2 In long complaints he fpends his breath,

While hosts of hell and pow'rs of death,
And all the fons of malice join

To execute, their curft delign.
3 Yet, gracious God, thy pow'r and love

Has made the curse a bleding prove;

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Those dreadful sufferings of thy Son,

Aton'd for fins which we had done. 4 The pangs of our expiring Lord,

The honors of thy law restor'd :
His forrows made thy justice known,

And paid for follies not his own.
Ś O for his fake, our guilt forgive,

And let the mourning finner live :
The Lord will hear us in his name,
Nor shall our hope be turn'd to shame:

The sufferings and glory of the Lamb.

OW for a tune of lofty praise

To great Jehovah's equal fon!
Awake my voice in heav'nly.lays,

Tell the loud wonders he has done.
2 Sing, how he left the worlds of light,

And the bright robes he wore above;
How swift and joyful was his flight

On wings of everlasting love. 3

Heil and its lions roar'd around,
His precious blood the monsters spilt ; ;
While weighty sorrows press’d him doweg

Large as the loads of all our guilt.
4 Deep in the shades of gloomy death,

Th' almighty captive pris'ner lay ;
Th' almighty captive left the earth,

And rose to everlasting day.
5 Lift up your eyes, ye fons of light,

Up to his throne of shining grace ;

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See what immortal glories sit,

Round the sweet beauties of his face,
6 Amongst a thoufand harps and songs,

Jesus the God, exalted reigns :
His facred name fills all their tongues,
And echoes through the heav'nly plains !

P. M.

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Jejus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
ESUS, bow'd down by mighty woe,

Unfelt, unknown to all below,
Except the Son of God;
In agonistic pangs of soul,
Drinks deep from wormwood's bitt'rest bowl,

And sweats great drops of blood,
2 See, nis disciples slumb'ring round:

Nor pitying friend on earth is found ;
He treads the press alone :
In vain to Heav'n he turns his eyes ;
No pardon waits him from the skies ;

His death it must atone.
3 “O Father hear! this cup remove,
Save thou the darling of thy love,
(The proprate victim faid)
Yet not my will, but thiné be done,
Should that extend, to count thy Son,

Amid the sleeping dead.”
4 His earnest prayers, his deep'ning groans,

Were heard before angelic thrones :
Amazement wrapt the sky.
"Go, strengthen Christ,” Jehovah said ;

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