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Sinners fhall learn thy wondrous grace,
And faints thy goodness own.

Our tongues fhall thy redeeming love
With facred rapture tell;
And loud refound Immanuel's praise,
Who faves from death and hell.


Zeal of the Lord of Hofts.

EAL of the Lord of Hofts! thy zeal,
Zealous to finish fin,

Shall of tranfgreffions make an end,
And righteoufnefs bring in.

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2 Yes! righteousness divine, complete,
The righteousness of God,
Imputed to the guilty foul,
By faith in Jefus' blood.

his fons

3 And will that God who gave
Refufe this faith to give?
Sure, no. It cannot, cannot be ;
Man fhall believe and live.


Aaron, and the true Melchizedek.

JESUS, in thee our eyes behold
A thoufand glories more,
Thap fparkled in the gems and gold
The fons of Aaron wore.

2 They first their own burnt-off'rings brought To purge themselves from fin;

Thy life was pure without a spot,
And all thy nature clean.

3 Once in the circuit of a year,
With blood, but not his own,
Aaron within the veil appears,
Before the golden throne.

But Chrift by his own pow'rful blood,
Afcends above the skies,
And in the prefence of our God,
Shews his own facrifice.

5 Jefus the king of glory reigns,
On Zion's heav'nly hill,
Looks like a lamb that once was flain,
And wears his priesthood still.


6 He ever lives to intercede
Before his father's face :

Give him, my foul thy caufe to plead,
Nor doubt the Father's grace.



Achor's vale, a door of hope.


ROM tribulation's gloomy vale, Where Jefus bow'd, where Jefus bled, The fuff'ring, conq'ring Lamb of God, Shall lift on high, his glorious head.

2 For rebel man, the Saviour died:
For man, he burst the rocky tomb;
And opes, by death, a door of hope,
That enters on the world to come.

3 The bow, the fword, the fting of death, Chrift Jefus' death has took away;

And Achor's vale, this vale of tears,
Now beams with everlasting day.

P. M.


Characters of Chrift: From the Prophets.

I "OPNER of the blinded eyes!"

'Mid the night of death arife. "Birder of the broken heart !". Balfam to the foul impart.

2 "Giver of the oil of joy !"

Mourning from the earth deftroy. "Raifer up of Jacob's race!" Save the world of man, by grace.

3 "Saviour God, and God the just !",
On thine arm fhall nations trust.
"Gath'rer of the outcasts home!",
In Salvation's chariots, come.

4. "Lib'ral foul, devifing good!". Sinners wash in thy own blood. "Taker of the vail away !" Lead us to eternal day.


5 "Man of forrows, man of grief !”
May thy wounds impart relief.
"Leader, witnefs, cov'nant God!",
Rule the world with mercy's rod.

6" Op❜ner of the prison door!"
Captives to thy light restore.
"Judge, lawgiver, king of men !"?
Come, in glory, come again.


C. M.


Offices of Chrift.


ARK the glad found! the Saviour comes The Saviour promis'd long! Let ev'ry heart prepare a throne, And ev'ry voice a fong.

2 On him, the spirit, largely pour'd,
Exerts its facred fire;

Wifdem and might, and zeal and love,
His holy breaft infpire.


3 He comes, the pris'ners to release,
In Satan's bondage held;
The gates
The iron fetters yield.

of brass before him burst,

4 He comes, from thickeft films of vice,
To clear the mental ray ;

And on the eye oppreft with night,
Το pour celestial day.


He comes, the broken heart to bind,
The bleeding foul to cure;
And, with the treasures of his grace,
Tinrich the humble poor.


6 Our glad Hofannas, Prince of Peace,
Thy welcome fhall proclaim;
And Heav'n's eternal arches ring
With thy beloved name.



Subftance of the Levitical Priefthood.
HE true Meffiah now appears,
The types are all withdrawn ;

So fly the fhadows and the flars,
Before the rifing dawn.

2 No fmoking fweets, nor bleeding lambs, Nor kid nor bullock fain:

Incenfe and fpice of coftly names
Would all be burnt in vain.

3 Aaron muft lay his robes away,
His mitre and his veft,

When God himself comes down to be
The off'ring, and the priest.


4 He took our mortal flesh, to show
The wonders of his love;
For us he paid his life below,
And prays for us above.

5 Father, he cries, forgive their fins, For I myself have di'd ;


And then he fhows his open'd veins,
And pleads his wounded fide.

L. M. [WATTS.]

HYMN LXVI. The Types and Prophecies fulfilled in Christ, BEHOLD the woman's promis'd feed! Behold the great Meffiah come! Behold the prophets all agreed To give him the superior room!

2 Abram the faint, rejoic'd of old,
When vifions of the Lord he faw;
Mofes, the man of God, foretold
This great fulfiller of his law.

3 The types bore witness to his name, Obtain'd their chief defign and ceas'd ;

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