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3 Sing Oye heav'ns! burst into praise : Thou earth and let the anthem roll, 'Till rocks and tombs fhall hear the lays, And light, and life, embrace the whole."


POOR, weak, and worthlefs tho' I am,


I have a rich almighty friend
Jefus, the Saviour is his name,
He freely loves and without end.
? He ranfom'd me from hell with blood
And by his power my foes control'd,
He found me wand'ring far from God,
And brought me to his chofen fold.


3 He cheers my heart, my warts fupplies,,
And fays that I fhall fhortly be
Enthron'd, with him above the skies,
O! what a friend, is Chrift, to me.

Fountain opened.

HERE is a fountain fill'd with blood, Drawn from Immanuel's veins ; And finners plung'd beneath that flood, Lofe all their guilty ftains.



? The dying thief rejoic'd to fee That fountain in his day;

O may I there, tho' vile as he,
Wafh all my fins away!

3 Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood Shall never lofe its pow'r,

Till all the ranfóm'd church of God
Be fav'd, to fin no more.


E'er fince, by faith, I saw the ftream,
Thy flowing wounds fupply,

Redeeming love has been my theme, I
And fhall be till I die.

5 But when this lifping, ftamm'ring tongue, Lies filent in the grave,

Then in a nobler, fweeter fong

I'll fing thy power to fave.


Increase of the Church.


I SHOUT for the bleffed Jefus reigns,
Thro' diftant lands his triumphs fpread:
And finners, freed from endless pains,
Own him their Saviour and their head.

2 His fons and daughters from afar,
Daily at Zion's gate arrive;
Those who were dead in fin before,
By fov'reign grace are made alive.
3 Oppreffors now beneath his feet,

O'ercome by his victorious pow'r ;
Princes in humble pofture wait,
And proud blafphemers learn t' adore.
4 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey,
Nations remote their off'rings bring,
And, unconstrain'd, their homage pay
To their exalted God and King.
5 O may his conquests ftill increase,
And ev'ry foe his pow'r fubdue ;

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While angels celebrate his praise,
And faints his growing glories fhew,
6 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,
From all below and all above;
In lofty fongs exalt his name,
In fongs, as lafting, as his love,

King of nations.

JESUS fhall reign where'er the fun
Does his fucceffive journies run;

His kingdom ftretch from fhore to fhore,
'Till moons fhall wax and wane no more,
2 For him fhall endless pray'r be made,
And praises throng to crown his head;
His name like sweet perfume fhall rife,
With ev'ry morning facrifice.

3 People and realms of ev'ry tongue,
Dwell on his love with sweetest fong;
And infant voices shall proclaim,
Their early bleflings on his name.
4 Bleffings abound where'er he reigns,
The pris'ner leaps to lofe his chains &
The weary find eternal rest,
And all the fons of want are bleft.

5 Where he displays his healing pow'r,
Death and the curfe are known no more
In him the tribes of Adam boast
More bleffings, than their father loft..

6 Let ev'ry creature rife and bring, Peculiar honors to their King;


Angels defcend with songs again,
And earth repeat the long amen.



Kingdom of Christ.

ALL hail, incarnate God!

The wond'rous things foretold
Of thee, in facred writ,

With joy our eyes behold:
Still does thine arm new trophies wear,
And monuments of glory rear.

2 To thee the hoary head,
Its filver honors pays :
To thee the blooming youth
Devotes his brightelt days:
And ev'ry age their tribute bring,
And bow to thee, all conqu'ring King!

3 O hage, victorious Prince,
That happy glorious day,
When fouls like drops of dew,
Shall own thy gentle fway:
O may it blefs our longing eyes,
And bear our fhouts beyond the skies.

4 All hail, triumphant Lord! Eternal be thy reign;

Behold the nations fue

To wear thy gentle chain:

When earth and time are known no more Thy throne fhall ftand forever fure.


Mercy and Truth.

* WHEN firft the God of boundless grace Difclos'd his kind defign,

To refcue our apoftate race
From mis'ry, fhame and fin.

Quick through the realms of light and blifs,
The joyful tidings ran,

Each heart exulted at the news,
That God would dwell with man.

3 Yet 'midft their joys they paus'd awhile,
And ask'd with ftrange furprise,
"But how can injur'd juftice fmile,
Or look with pitying eyes?"

4 The fon of God attentive heard,
And quickly thus reply'd,
"In me let mercy be rever'd,
And juftice fatisfy'd.

5 Behold my vital blood I pour, A facrifice to God;

Juftice divine will now no more
Demand, the finner's blood."

6 He fpake, and heav'n's high arches rung; Praife, ev'ry tongue employs,

"He dy'd," the friendly angels fung, Nor cease their rapt'rous joys:

HYMN XLVI. C. M. RIPPON'S COLL.] Meffenger of the Covenant.

JESUS, commiffion'd from above,
Defcends to men below,

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