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4 When from his courts the fun retires,
And with the day his voice expires,
The morning ftars adopt the fong,
And thro' the night the praise prolong.
5 The lift'ning earth with rapture hears,
Th' harmonious mufic of the fpheres ;
And all her tribes the notes repeat,
That God is wife, and good, and great.
6 But man endow'd with nobler pow'rs,
His God in nobler ftrains adores ;
His is the gift to know the fong,
As well as fing with tuneful tongue.



L. M.

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For Charity Lectures.


REAT author of th' immortal mind,
For nobleft thoughts and views defign'd,
Make me ambitious to exprefs,
The image of thy holiness.

2 While I thy boundless love admire,
Grant me to catch the facred fire;
Then fhall my heav'nly birth be known,
And for thy child thou wilt me own.
3 Father I fee thy fun arise

To cheer thy friends and enemies ;
And when thy rain from heav'n defcends,
Thy bounty both alike befriends.

4 Enlarge my foul, with love, like thine;
My mortal pow'rs by grace refine;
So fhall I feel another's woe,
And cheerful feed an hungry foc.

5 I hope for pardon, thro' thy fon,
For all the crimes which I have done :
O may thy grace that pardons me,
Conftrain me to forgive, like thee.


Charity commended.



HEN Jefus dwelt in mortal clay, What were his works from day to day, But miracles of pow'r and grace, That fpread falvation thro' our race 2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view Thy pattern; and thy fteps pursue ; While alms bestow'd and kindness done Is witnefs'd by each rolling fun. HYMN CCXXXIII. S. M.



Love as Brethren.

IET party names no more,

The chriftian world o'erfpread;
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,
Are one, in Chrift their head.


2 Among the faints on earth,


Let mutual love be found
Heirs of the fame inheritance;
With mutual bleffings crown'd.

3 Let envy, child of hell,

Be banifh'd far away;

Thofe fhould in fweeteft friendship dwell,
Who the fame Lord obey.

4 Then will the church below, Refemble that above;

Where ftreams of pleafure ever flow,
And ev'ry heart, is love.


Evangelical obedience.

NO ftrength of nature can fuffice,

To ferve the Lord aright; And what she has, the mifapplies, For want of clearer light.

2 How long beneath the law I lay,
In bondage and distress;

I toil'd, the precept to obey,
But toil'd without fuccefs.


Then to abstain from outward fin,
Was more than I could do ;
Now if I feel its power within,
I feel, I hate it, too.

4 Then all my fordid works were done,
A righteousness to raise;

Now freely chofen in thy' Son,
I freely choose his ways.

5 What fhall I do? was then the word,
That I may worthier grow?

What fhall I render to the Lord?
Is my inquiry now.

6 To fee the law by Chrift fulfill'd,
And hear his pard'ning voice;
Changes a flave into a child,
And duty into choice.

The example of Chrift.

AND is the gofpel peace and love?

Such let our converfation be; The ferpent blended with the dove, Wifdom and meek fimplicity.

2 Whene'er the angry paffions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to ftrife; To Jefus let us lift our eyes, Bright pattern of the chriftian life. 3 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild! how ready to forgive!
Be this the temper of our mind,
And these the rules by which we live.

To do his heav'nly father's will,
Was his employment and delight;
Humility and holy zeal
Shine thro' his life divinely bright!
5 Difpenfing good where'er he came,
The labors of his life were love;
O, if we love the Saviour's name,
Let his divine example move.

The Goodness of God.

YE humble fouls approach your God,
With fongs of facred praise,
For he is good, immenfely good,
And kind are all his ways.

7 All nature owns his guardian care, In him we live and move;

But nobler benefits declare
The wonders of his love.

3 He gave his fon, his only fon, To ranfom rebel worms;

'Tis here he makes his goodness known, In its diviner forms.


4 To this dear refuge, Lord, we come,
'Tis here our hope relies ;

A fafe defence, a peaceful home,
When forms of trouble rife.

5 Thine eye beholds with kind regard
The fouls who truft in thee;
Their humble hope thou wilt reward,
With blifs divinely free...

6 Great God, to thy almighty love,
What honours fhall we raise ?
Not all the raptur'd songs above
Can render equal praife.


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SHOUT Jehovah ftrong in battle,

Count the vict'ries he hath won; Sing the Saviour's mighty conquefts, Praise him, praise him, cry tis done : He hath finish'd, finifh'd, finifh'd, he hath What his love ere worlds begun, [ finish'a

2 Give to Jefus pow'r, and glory,
Say, the triumph, Lord, is thine:
He hath took from fin dominion:
Death and hell the prey refign:

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