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One great immortal name
Is nam'd on him and me:
In him, complete, I now poffefs.
The fulness of redeeming grace.

3 When from his pierced fide
Came forth, in bleeding love,
His lov'd, his royal bride,
The life divine to prove ;
To her this facred truth he feal'd,
That all her maladies were heal'd.

4 What tho' I mortal am,
And fhall to duft return;
In the prevailing Lamb
I unto God am born;
In him I live above all fear,
Nor fin, nor death, can reach me here.



L. M.

Redemption by Chrift alone.

1 ENSLAV'D by fin and bound in chains,
Beneath its dreadful tyrant fway,..
And doom'd to everlasting pains,
We wretched guilty captives lay.

2 Nor gold, nor gems could buy our peace;
Nor the whole world's collected flore
Suffice, to purchase our release :
A thousand worlds were all too poor.

3 Jefus the Lord, the mighty God,
An all-fufficient ranfom paid;
Invalu'd price! his precious blood,
For vile rebellious traitors fhed.

4 Jefus the facrifice became,
To refcue guilty fouls from hell;
The fpotlefs, bleeding, dying Lamb
Beneath avenging juftice fell.
5 Amazing goodness! love divine!
O may our grateful hearts adore'
The matchlefs grace, nor yield to fin,
Nor wear its cruel fetters more!
6 Dear Saviour, let thy love purfue,
The glorious work it has begur,
Each fecret lurking foe fubdue,
And let our hearts be thine alone,



The glories of Redemption. 7 FATHER, how wide thy glory fhines ! How high thy wonders rife ! Known thro' the earth by thousand figns, By thousands thro' the fkies.

2 Thofe mighty orbs proclaim thy pow'r,
Their motions fpeak thy skill;
And on the wings of ev'ry hour
We read thy patience ftill.

3 Part of thy name divinely ftands
On all thy creatures writ,

They fhew the labour of thy hands,
The imprefs of thy feet.

4 But when we view thy grand defign

To fave rebellious worms,
Where wisdom, pow'r, and goodness fhine,
In their moft glorious forms:

5 Our thoughts are loft in rev'rend awe
We love, and we adore;

The holy angels never faw
So much of God before.

6 Here God hath made his nature known,
And thought can never trace,
Which of his glories brighteft fhone,
In our Redeemer's face.


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Salvation, it is finished.

'IS finifh'd, the Redeemer faid,

his dying head;

Whilft we this fentence fcan,
Come, finners, and obferve the word,
Behold the conquests of our Lord,
Complete for helpless man.


Finish'd the righteoufnefs of grace;
Finish'd for finners, pard'ning peace;
Their mighty debt is paid:
Accufing law cancel'd by blood,
And wrath of an offended God,
In fweet oblivion laid.


Who now shall urge a fecond claim?
The law no longer can condemn,
Faith a release can fhew;
Juftice itfelf a friend appears,
The prifon houfe a whisper hears,
Loofe him, and let him go.

4 O unbelief, injurious bar!

Source of tormenting, fruitless fear,

Why doft thou yet reply?
Where'er thy loud objections fall,
Tis finish'd, still may answer all,
And filence ev'ry cry.

5 His toil, divinely finish'd ftands,
But ah! the praise his word demands;
Careful may we attend!

Conclufion to our fouls be this,
Because falvation finish'd is,
Our thanks fhall never end.

The Free Salvation of God.
TIS finish'd: fo the Saviour cried,

And meekly bow'd his head and died. 'Tis finifh'd yes, the race is run, The battle fought, the vict'ry won.

2 'Tis finish'd; all that heav'n decreed,
And all the ancient prophets faid
Is now fulfill'd, as was defign'd,
In me the Saviour of mankind.


'Tis finifh'd; Aaron now no more
Muft ftain his robes with purple gore:
The facred veil is rent in twain,
And Jewish rites no more remain.


'Tis finifh'd; this my dying groan
Shall fins of ev'ry kind atone :
Millions fhall be redeem'd from death,
By this my laft expiring breath.

'Tis finish'd; heav'n is reconcil'd,
And all the pow'rs of darknefs fpoil'd;

Peace, love, and happiness again
Return and dwell with finful men.


6 'Tis finish'd; let the joyful found

Be heard through all the nations round: 'Tis finish'd; let the echo fly Thro' heav'n and hell, thro' earth and sky,





The Glad Tidings of Salvation. * SALVATION: Oh the joyful found! 'Tis pleasure to our ears;

A fov'reign balm for ev'ry wound,
A cordial for our fears.

2 Buri'd in forrow and in fin,
At hell's dark door we lay;
But we arife, by grace divine,
To fee a heav'nly day.

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Salvation let the echo fly
The fpacious earth around,
While all the armies of the fy
Confpire to raife the found.


HYMN CLV. P. M. [L. M. C-] God's Love Eternal and Unchangeable. MY diftruftful heart How fmall thy faith But greater, Lord, thou art, Than all my doubts and fears. Did Jefus once upon me fl Then Jefus is forever mine. 2 Unchangeable his will, Tho' dark may be my frame


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