Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry: Vol. II.

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John Bell, 1791 - Всего страниц: 179

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Стр. 31 - The dews of the evening most carefully shun ; Those tears of the sky for the loss of the sun.
Стр. 130 - But swam, till Fortune threw a rope, Buoyant on bladders fill'd with hope. I always choose the plainest food To mend viscidity of blood. Hail! water-gruel, healing power, Of easy access to the poor; Thy help love's confessors implore, And doctors secretly adore ; To thee I fly, by thee dilute— Through veins my blood doth quicker shoot, And, by swift current, throws off clean Prolific particles of Spleen. I never sick by drinking grow, Nor keep myself a cup too low, And seldom Chloe's lodgings haunt,...
Стр. 152 - And silver streams through meadows stray, And Naiads on the margin play, And lesser nymphs, on side of hills, From play-thing urns pour down the rills. Thus shelter'd, free from care and strife, May I enjoy a calm through life ; See faction, safe in low degree, As men at land see storms at sea, And laugh at miserable elves, Not kind, so much as to themselves...
Стр. 139 - Who moralizing pass the gate, And there mine eyes on spendthrifts turn, Who vainly o'er their bondage mourn. Wisdom, before beneath their care, Pays her upbraiding visits there, And forces folly through the grate Her panegyric to repeat. This view, profusely when inclin'd, Enters a caveat in the mind : Experience join'd with common sense, To mortals is a providence.
Стр. 140 - ve known to raise a mighty flame, And priest, as stoker, very free To throw in peace and charity. That tribe, whose practicals decree Small beer the deadliest heresy ; Who, fond of pedigree, derive From the most...
Стр. 141 - We're bound our great light to display, And Indian darkness drive away, Yet none but drunken watchmen send And scoundrel link-boys for that end ; When they cry up this holy war, Which every Christian should be for, Yet such as owe the law their ears, We find employM as engineers : This view my forward zeal so shocks, In vain they hold the money-box.
Стр. 150 - And drive , while t' other holds the plough ; A chief, of temper form'd to please, Fit to converse , and keep the keys ; And better to preserve the peace, Commission'd by the name of niece ; With understandings of a size To think their master very wise. May...
Стр. 140 - Which in my doubting mind create Conformity to church and state. I go, pursuant to my plan, To Mecca with the caravan, And think it right in common sense Both for diversion and defence.
Стр. 151 - With op'ning views of hill and dale, Which sense and fancy too regale, Where the half-cirque, which vision bounds, Like amphitheatre surrounds: And woods impervious to the breeze, Thick phalanx of embodied trees, From hills through plains of dusk array Extended far, repel the day.
Стр. 129 - Nor mend th' alarum watch, your pulse. If I am right, your question lay, What course I take to drive away The day-mare Spleen, by whose false plea* Men prove mere suicides in ease ; And how I do myself demean In stormy world to live serene.

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