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Rules of Practice.

Rule 64. Any person who is not a citizen rule or order of the court, the service shan of this state or of the United States, who be on such party personally, unless other1s 21 years of age, and has been duly ad- wise specially ordered by the court. In mitted to practice, under the laws of a all cases where service of papers cannot foreign country, in the courts of record reasonably be made, on account of the ab. thereof, and who has come into this state sence of the attorney of record from his with the intention of becoming a resident usual place of abode, residence, or office, thereof, and who has declared his inten- or for any other reason, the court in tion tú become a citizen of the United which such cause is pending, or judge States, may be admitted to practice in the thereof, at chambers, upon an ex parte apseveral courts of this state by the supreme plication on cause shown, may direct in court, upon filing with the clerk of paid what manner and on whom service may court proofs satisfactory to the court of be made. [As aniended October 8, 1891.] his having been admitted to practice in Circuit Court Rule 10. Notices of trial may the courts of record in the country from be served by mail in the same cases and in which he came, and the certificate of at like manner as other notices. In cases least two reputable members of the bar of where there are two or more defendants, this court, certifying to his good moral who appear by different attorneys, notice character: provided, said court may re- of trial, if served by the plaintiff, shall be quire the applicant to submit to an exam. served on all the defendants entitled to ination by said court as to his qualifica- | notice. If served by any of the defendants, tions and knowledge of the law. Any one it shall be served on the plaintiff and on reeking admission to practice under this all the other defendants entitled to notice, rule sball present a petition, duly verified, and cases thus noticed shall be for trial stating his name, age, and former resi. the same as though notice had been served dence, the number of years he read law on plaintiff by all the defendants. In cases before having been admitted, and with of appeal, and in all cases commenced in whom, and where, and by what court or the circuit court, where the party upon courts admitted, and the number of years whom notice is sought to be served has he has been in actual practice, and that he not appeared by attorney, service shall be bas declared his intention to become a cit. made on such party, if he is a resident of izen of the United States, and file the same the state, and his place of residence can be with the clerk of this court, with the pa- ascertained. If he is not a resident of the pers above referred to. (Adopted October state, and his place of residence cannot be 8, 1891.)

ascertained, notice may be served by filing Circuit Court Rule 6. All notices shall be the same in the cause, and posting a copy in writing, and shall be served on tbe at. thereof in some conspicuous place in the torney in the cause, or his agent; and office of the county clerk; but in such where a party prosecutes or defends by case notice shall be filed, and a copy post. two or more attorneys of record who are ed, at least 20 days before the first day of not partners, notices and papers may be the term for which such case is noticed. served upon either of such attorneys, and Proof of all facts necessary to make such either of such attorneys may sign notices, notice valid must be filed immediately aftpapers, or stipulations with the same er posting or mailing such notice. [As force and effect as if signed by all of such amended October 8, 1891.] attorneys; and where a party, who is also an attorney of tbis court, shall prose- For supreme court rule 32, see 29 N. W. Rep. cute in person, or, if a defendant, shall iii.; for supreme court rules 34, 59, see 37 N. W. gire notice that he is an attorney, and

Rep. iii.; for supreme court rule 61, see 45 N. will defend in person, all notices and other

W. Rep. iv.; for supreme court rule 62, see 18

N. W. Rep. xii.; for supreme court rule 63, see papers shall be served on him in like man- 45 N. W. Rep. iv.; for chancery rule 112, see 27 Der; and, when the object is to bring the N. W. Rep. iii.; for circuit court rule 65, see 48 party into contempt for disobeying any N. W. Rep. iv. 49 r. W.



28. CHIEF JUSTICE MAY MAKE ORDERS powered to pass on all questions presented UNDER BANKING LAW. Whereas, ques. to him which arise under said banking tions arise under the banking law of the law, and make all orders which are by state which demand prompt attention in him deemed necessary during the time when order to protect important business inter- this court is not in session. ests and valuable property, and which require the appointment of receivers and other officers; and whereas, such ques

For rule 3, see 45 N. W. Rep. lv.; for rule 3a,

see 47 N. W. Rep. iv.; for rules 7, 8, see 45 N. W. tions are liable to arise at a time when

Rep. iv.; for rule 27, see 27 N. W. Rep. iii.; for the court is not in session.-therefore, the rule 28, relating to criminal cases, see 81 N. W. Chief Justice is hereby authorized and em. | Rep. iii.


Rule IV. NOTICE OF APPEAL, HOW SERVED. The notice of appeal shall be served in the manner indicated by section 4 of an act regulating appeals, approved February 11, 1891, and chapter 23 of the Compiled Laws of 1887, and the acts amendatory thereto;

and if not served ninety days before the first day of the next succeeding term of the supreme court, the cause shall not then be tried.

[In force November 12, 1891.]


.... 660



Page Abear, Smith v. (Mich.)... 509 Barr, O'Brien v. (Iowa).....

68 Aikin, Braithwaite v. (N. D.).... 419 Barrie, People v. (Mich.)..

609 Akeley Lumber Co., Anderson v. (Minn.).. 664 Bartlett v. Cheesebrough (Neb.).

360 Alden v. Wright (Minn.).. 767 Barton, Bryant v. (Neb.)....

831 Alexander v. Meadville (Neb.). .1123 Bassett v. Ďurfee (Mich.)..

558 Alexander, Edmoason v. (Neb.)..

461 Batten, Sioux City & St. P. R. Co. v. (Iowa) 72 Alexander, McLaughlin v. (S. D.) 99 Bauer v. Bauer (N. D.)...

418 Allen v. Mohn (Mich.)...

52 Baumeister, Leithauser v. (Mind.). Allen, Chapman v. (Neb.).. 926 Beach, Wiley v. (Mich.)........

35 Allerton, Bonnell v. (Iowa)....

857 Bean v. Board of Sup'rs of Carroll County American Bldg. & Loan Ass'n, Eaton v. (Iowa). .

.1049 (Min.)... 865 Becher, Gottschalk v. (Neb.)....

715 American Investment Co., Pearsons v. Beeman, Wessels v. (Mich.)..

483 (Iowa)... 853 Bell, Hunter v. (Neb.).

.1132 Ames v. Wilkinson (Minn.)..

696 Benedix v. German Ius. Co. of Freeport Anderson v. H. C. Akeley Lumber Co. (Wis.). ...

811 (Minn.)..... 664 Benjamin v. Shea (Iowa).

989 Anderson v. St. Croix Lumber Co. (Minn.) 407 Benner, Thompson v. (Neb.)

....1116 Anderson, Gordon v. (Iowa)..

86 Bennett v. Northern Pac. R. Co. (N. D.).. 408 Anderson, Hillstrom v. (Minn.). 187 Bennett, Holly v. (Minn.). ..

189 Anderson, Illstad v. (N. D.).....

659 Bennett Female Seminary of Minneapolis Anderson, Meyer v. (Neb.).

931 v. Whitney (Minn.).... Ann Arbor & Y. St. Ry. Co., Nichols v. Berchard, Farmers' & Merchants’ Bank v. (Mich.). ...... 538 (Neb.).

762 Aplin, Peuple v. (Mich.)..

148 Bergsma v. Dewey (Minn.). Archer v. Ft. Wayne & E. Ry. Co. (Mich.).. 488 Bernard, Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. (Neb.) 362 Archer, Kinsey v. (Wis.). 962 Berryhill, Stackhouse v. (Minn.).

392 Armstrong v. St. Paul & P. Coal & Iron Co. Bertram, Cook v. (Mich.)..

42 (Mian.)... 233 Bigelow v. Burnham (Iowa).

104 Arneson v. Spawn (S. D.).. .1066 Bigelow v. Sickles (Wis.).

106 Arnold, Yellow-River Imp. Co. v. (Wis.)... 971 Bignall, Dietz v. (Mich.).

148 Arpin, Port Edwards, C. & N. Ry. Co. v. Billingsley v. Ricketts (Neb.).

443 (Wis.).... 828 Bilsland, Bowne v. (Iowa).

161 Arthur v. Clarke (Mipn.). 252 Birch, Grabam v. (Minp.).

697 Atlee, Hiles v. (Wis.).. 816 Biron v. Scott (Wis.). ....

747 Auditor General v. Hurst (Mich.). 592 Bitzer v. Campbell (Minn.).

691 Auditor General v. McArthur (Micb.). 592 | Blain v. Willson (Neb.). .

224 Auditor General v. Tousey (Mich.). 592 Blaine County v. Brewster (Neb.).

183 Aultman & Co., Bannon v. (Wis.). 967 Blair, Nowotny v. (Neb.).

357 Aultman & Co., Martin v. (Wis.). 749 Blandy, Hubbell v. (Mich.).

502 Aultman & Taylor Co. v. Gorham (Mich.).. 486 Blane v. Tharp (Iowa)

. 1041 Aune, Cole v. (Minn.)... 195 Blodgett, Pleasants v. (Neb.).

453 Austin v. District Tp. of Colony (Iowa). .1051 Blodgett & Davis Lumber Co. v. Peters Avant v. Flynn (S. D.)... 15 (Mich.)...

917 Avery. Hoppin v. (Mich.).. 887 Blotcky v. O'Neill (Iowa)..

...1029 Ayer, City of Omaha v. (Neb.). 445 Blumn v. Bush (Mich.).

142 Ayres v. Dutton (Mich.)....

897 Board of Auditors of Wayne County, Peo. ple v. (Mich.)....

921 Bachelder, Phenix Ins. Co. v. (Neb.).... 217 Board of County Com'rs of Fillmore CounBacon, Cathcart v. (Minn.). 331 ty, Rockwell v. (Minn.). .

690 Baehr v. Clark (Iowa).

840 Board of Education of Wilson Tp., People Baker v. Baker (S. D.). .1064 v. (Mich.). ...

920 Baker v. Wyman (Minn.)..

649 Board of Health of Tp. of Portage v. Van Baker, Volland v. (Neb.). 381 Hoesen (Mich.).

894 Baldwin, McGowen v. (Mino.)..

251 Board of Public Works, People v. (Mich.).. 924 Ballou v. Sherwood (Neb.). .

790 Board of Public Works of City of Det roit. Bank of Alma, Simms v. (Neb.). 832 Campau v. (Mich.)..

39 Bannon v. C. Aultman & Co. (Wis.). 967 | Board of Public Works of City of Grand Barber v. Bowen (Mipp.)....

684 Rapids, Common Council of City of Grand Barber, Erickson v. (Iowa). 838 Rapids v., two cases, (Mich.).

481 Barber, Ross v. (Mich.).

35 Board of Sup'rs of Barron County, La Barnd v. Hunt (Neb.)..... 222 Londe v. (Wis.)...

960 Barnes v. Moore's Estate (Mich.).

585 Board of Sup’rs of Carroll County, Bean v. Barnes, Mechanics' Bank of Detroit v. (lowa)....

.1049 (Mich.)........

475 Boeck, City of Plattsmouth v. (Neb.). 167 Barnes, Nicholls v. (Neb.)..... 342 | Bogart, Lamberton v. (Minn.)....

230 49 r. w.



Page Bolles V. Sault Sav. Bank Loan & Trust Capps, Exchange Nat. Bank of Hastings v. Co. (Mich.)...... 43 (Neb.).

223 Bonnell v. Allerton (Iowa). 857 Carey, State v. (N. D.).

164 Bonnell v. County of Nuckolls (Neb.). 225 Carmichael, Stivers v. (Iowa).

983 Boss v. Northern Pac. R. Co. (N. D.). 655 Carson & Rand Lumber Co. V. Bunker Bosworth v. Cleary (Wis.). .. 750 (lowa)..

.1003 Bowen v. City of Minneapolis (Minn.)... 683 Case, Ripley v. (Mich.).

46 Bowen, Barber v. (Minn.). 684 Case, Rosenfield v. (Mich.).

630 Bowne v. Bilsland (Iowa). 161 Case Plow-Works v. Marr (Neb.).

.1119 Boyce v. Stevens (Mich.). 577 Cathcart v. Bacon (Minn.). ...

331 Boyle, Holston v. (Minn.).

203 C. Aultman & Co., Bannon v. (Wis.). 967 Bracken v. McAlvey (Iowa)

.1022 C. Aultman & Co., Martin v. (Wis.), 749 Bradbury, Daly v. (Minn.)...

190 Ceeder v. H. M. Loud & Sons Lumber Co. Bradford v. Neil (Minn.). 193 (Mich.)..

575 Braithwaite v. Aikin (N. D.).

419 Central Car & Manuf'g Co., People v. Bray v. Parcher (Wis.).


925 Breese, Robinson v. (Iowa).

.1026 Central Nebraska Nat. Bank V. Wilder Breese, Rock Island Plow Co. v. (Iowa)....1026 (Neb.).

369 Bressler v. Wayne County (Neb.)... 787 | Central Trust Co. of New York, CotzbausBressler, Roman v. (Neb.)... 368 en v. (Wis.).

158 Bressler, Wayne County v. (Neb.).. 782 Chapman v. Allen (Neb.)..

926 Bresson v. Musselman (Mich.).. 39 Cheesebrough, Bartlett v. (Neb.).

360 Brewster, Blaine County v. (Neb.). 183 Cherry County v. Thacher (Neb.).

351 Bridgman, Weeks v. (Minn.).

191 Chicago, B. & N. Ry. Co., Hall v. (Minn.).. 239 Bringe, Forbes v. (Neb.).

720 Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. Bernard (Neb.) 362 Brittain v. Kelly (Mich.).

53 Chicago, D. & C. G. T. J. R. Co., Hagen v. Brooks v. Mangan (Mich.). 633 (Mich.).

509 Brown v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Brown v. (Wis.).... 807 (Wis.)..

807 Brown v. Vandermeulen (Mich.).

920 Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Cook v. Brown, Reilly v. (Mich.). 557 (Iowa).

92 Brown, Schultz v., two cases (Minn.)...... 982 Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., McClarney v. Bruist. Knowlson v. (Mich.)..

(Wis.). .

963 Brum well v. Stebbins (Iowa).

.1020 Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Njus v. Bryant v. Barton (Neb.).. 331 (Mion.).

527 Bryant v. Smith (Mich.)..

889 Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Pearson v. Buckheit, Lee v. (Wis.).. 977 (Minn.).

302 Buckingham, Wadleigh v., two cases (Wis.) 745 Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Scagel v. Bucklin v. Strickler (Neb.). 371 (Iowa).

990 Buettel v. Harmount (Mind.).

250 Chicagó, M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Wardwell v. Bull v. Wagner (Neb.). .. .1130 (Minn.).

206 Bullard v. Harkness (Iowa)..

855 Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co. v. Witty (Neb.) 183 Bunker, Carson & Rand Lumber Co. v. Chicago, R. I. & P. Ry. Co., Davis v. (Iowa) 77 (Iowa)

.1003 Chicago, St. P., M. & 0. Ry. Co., Hayes v. Burchard, Nash v. (Mich.).. 492 (Minn.).

61 Burke. Murphy v. (Minn.).

387 Chicago & G. T. Ry. Co., Thomas v. (Mich.) 547 Burkhard, Plank's Tavern Co. v. (Mich.). . 562 Chicago & N. W. Ry. Co., Greenfield v. Burlington, C. R. & N. Ry, Co., Collins v. (Iowa).

95 (Iowa)..

848 Chicago & W. M. Ry. Co., Richmond v. Burnbam, Bigelow v. (Iowa).


621 Burritt, Rothschild v. (Minn.)...... 393 Chicago & W. M. Ry. Co., Spoon v. (Mich.) 35 Bush v. Merriman (Mich.)..

567 Chollette. Omaba & R. V. R. Co. v. (Neb.)..1114 Bush, Blum v. (Mich.)... 142 Chope, Scott v. (Neb.)...

940 Butler v. Diddy, four cases (Iowa).. 995 City of Detroit, Dixon v. (Mich.).

628 Butler, Purvis v. (Mich.)......

564 City of Detroit, Zanger v. (Mich.)..... 879 Butler County, Wightman v. (Iowa). .1041 City of Duluth v. Krupp (Minn.)..... 235 Butt, Van Etten v. (Neb.).

365 City of Hillsdale, Harvey v. (Mich.). ..... 141 Butterfield v. Herren (Wis.). .

826 City of Lincoln, Lamaster v. (Neb.)....... 655 Button v. Metcalf (Wis.).

809 City of Lincoln, Lansing v. (Neb.)....... 650 Butts v. Hunter (Neb.). 40 City of Lincoln. McClay v. (Neb.).

282 Byrne v. Hume (Mich.)..

576 City of Merrill, Merrill Railway & Lighting Co. v. (Wis.)....

965 (adwell v. Pray (Mich.)....

150 City of Minneapolis, Bowen v. (Minn.)..... 683 Cadwell, Corey v. (Micb.)...

611 City of Minneapolis, Hielscher v. (Minn.).. 287 Callaghan. Newlove v. (Mich.).

214 City of Mt. Cleinens, Crittenden v. (Mich.) 144 Cameron, McMeans v. (Iowa)..

856 City of Muskegon v. S. K. Martin Lumber Campau v. Board of Public Works of City Co. (Mich.)..

489 of Detroit (Mich.). 39 City of Omaha v. Ayer (Neb.).

445 Campbell v. Dick (Wis.).

120 City of Plattsmouth v. Boeck (Neb.).... 167 Campbell v. Jackson (Wis.).

121 City of Saginaw, Davies v. (Mich.)...... 667 Campbell v. Roe (Neb.)....

452 City of St. Paul, Faircbild v. (Minn.)...... 325 Campbell v. Yager (Neb.),

181 City of Superior, McElhinney v. (Neb.). 705 Campbell, Bitzer v. (Minn.).

691 City of Tekamah, Templeton v. (Neb.). 373 Cantield v. Grcat Camp of Knights of the City of Tomab, State v. (Wis.)..

753 Maccabees (Mich.)...

875 City of Waterloo, Munger v. (Iowa).. .1028 Cantield, Crittenden v. (Mich.). 554 Clague v. Clague (Minn.).

198 Cannon, Tucker v. (Neb.).. 435 Clark v. Fitch (Neb.).,

374 Cannon River Manuf'rs' Ass'n v. Rogers Clark v. State (Neb.).

367 (Minn.) 128 | Clark v. Sullivan (N. D.).




Page Clark, Baebr v. (Iowa). 840 Daniells, Hughes v. (Mich.).....

542 Clark, Minneapolis Trust Co. v. (Minn). ... 386 Darling v. Harmon (Minn.).

686 Clark, Williams v. (Mion.)..... 398 Davies v. City of Saginaw (Mich.).

667 Clarke, Arthur v. (Minn.).

252 Davis y. Chicago, R. I. & P. Ry. Co. Clay, Converse v. (Mich.)... 473 (Iowa).

77 Clay, Sweet v. (Mich.)....... 899 Davis v. Getchell (Neb.)....

776 Cleary, Bosworth v. (Wis.). .. 750 Davis v. Marxhausen (Mich.).

59 Clee, Mahan v. (Mich.) 556 Davis, Hepler v. (Neb.).

458 Clendening v. Perrine (Neb.). 334 Davis, Hitchcock v. (Mich.).

912 Clifford, Whitney v. (Wis.). 835 Davis, Soreson v. (Iowa)...

1004 Clide v. Libby (Wis.). 832 Davis, State v. (Iowa).....

844 Coad v. Home Cattle Co. (Neb.).. 757 Day. Rice v. (Neb.)......

1128 Colby, Kellogg v. (Iowa).. .1001 Dayton, Nell v. (Minn.)...

981 Cole v. Aune (Minn.)..... 195 Dearing v. Merrill (Minn.).

693 Collar v. Collar (Mich.). . 551 Dearing. Merrill v. (Mind.).

693 Collins v. Burlington, C. R. & N. Ry. Co. Deering Co. v. Ruffner (Neb.).

771 (Iowa)....... 848 Deiter, Sullivan v. (Mich.)....

261 Columbia Electric Co. v: Dixon (Minn.).... 244 Deitz, People v. (Mich.)

296 Combination Steel & Iron Co. v. St. Paul De Lano, State v. (Wis.). .

808 City Ry. Co. (Minn.).... 744 Dempsey v. Pforzheimer (Mich.).

465 Common Council of City of Grand Rapids Dennis v. Johnson (Mind.).

383 V. Board of Public Works of City of De Peyster, Schlawig v. (Iowa).

843 Grand Rapids, two cases (Mich.).. ... 481 Dewey, Bergsma v. (Minn.)...

57 Conklin v. Graham (Neb.).... 460 Dick, Campbell v. (Wis.).....

120 Conniff, Peyson v. (Neb.).. 340 Dickey Co., Wright v. (Iowa).

984 Conrad, Utierson v. (Iowa). 88 Diddy, Butler v., four cases (Iowa).

995 Converse v. Clay (Mich.). 473 Dietz v. Bigpall (Mich.)

148 Cook v. Bertram (Mich.)..

42 District Tp. of Colony, Austin v. (Iowa). ..1051 Cook v. Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co. District Tp. of Corwin v. Morehead (Iowa)1052 (Iowa)......

92 District Tp. of Union v. Meyers (Iowa). ...1042 Cook v. Standard Life & Acc. Ins. Co. Dix, Wait v. (Mich.).....

600 (Mich.).... 474 Dixon v. City of Detroit (Mich.)..

628 Cook, Edgington v. (Neb.). .

369 Dixon, Columbia Electric Co. v. (Minn.). .. 244 Cook, Kipp v. (Mion.)......

257 Dodge County v. Kemnitz (Neb.). .... 226 Cook, Kipp v. (Minn........

258 Dolan v. Joint School. Dist. No. 13 of Cook, Stan brough v. (Iowa).

.1010 Towns of Utica and Freeman (Wis.). ..., 960 Cooley, Tabert v. (Minn.).... 124 Dollman, Sauter v. (Minn.).....

258 Corbin v. Morrow (Minn.). 201 Donahue, Finn v. (Mich.).

632 Corey v. Cadwell (Mich.).

611 Donoghue v. Indiana & L. M. Ry. Co. Cornell University v. Mead (Wis.). 815 (Mich.).

512 Cornish v. Russell (Neb.).... 319 Doty v. Postal (Mich.)...

534 Cosgrove, Young v. (Iowa)... .1040 Douglas County v. Timme (Neb.).

266 Costello v. Ten Eyck (Mich.).. 152 Dreppan, People v. (Mich.)

215 Cotzhausen v. Central Trust Co. of New Duff, State v. (Wis.)....

23 York (Wis.).....

158 Duluth, H. & D. R. Co., Hodgson v. (Minn.) 197 Council Bluffs City Water-Works Co., Duluth & W. R. Co., Slipey v. (Minn.)..... 187

Shickle, Harrison & Howard Iron Co. v. Dunbier, Farmers' & Merchants' Bank of (lowa)...... 987 Shelby v. (Neb.).

376 Countryman, Sioux City & St. P. R. Co. v. Duncan. Flanigan v. (Minn.).

981 (Iowa)..... 72 Dunn, Craig v. (Minn.)....

396 Courtney, Palmer v. (Neb.)..

754 Dunstan v. Northern Pac. R. Co. (N. D.).. 426 Craig v. Dunn (Minn.).. 396 Durfee, Bassett v. (Mich.)......

558 Craig v. Summers (Minn.).. 742 Durnham, Schmidt v. (Minn.)..

126 Crane, Woolley v. (Micb.).... 43 Dutton, Ayres v. (Mich.)......

897 Crawl v. Harrington (Neb.).....

1118 Cribb, Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. v. Eaton v. American Bldg. & Loan Ass'n (Wis.)...... 823 (Mind.)....

865 Cribbs v. Sowle (Mich ).... 587 Edgington v. Cook (Neb.)..

369 Crittenden v. Canfield (Mich.)..... 554 Edmonson v. Alexander (Neb.)..

461 Crittenden v. City of Mt. Clemens (Mich.).. 144 Edwards, Munroe v. (Mich.)....

465 Crooks, Finlayson v. (Minn.)....

398 Edwards, School Districts v. (Wis.). . 968 Crooks, Finlayson v. (Minn.). 645 Ege, Liljengren v. (Mion.)..

250 Crosby, Gaughran v. (Neb.). 776 Ehrmantraut, Holcombe v. (Minn.).

191 Crosson v. Olson (Minn.).. 406 Eisenmenger. Michaud v. (Minn.).

202 Croul, Penny v. (Mich.)..... 311 Eldridge, Gilbert v. (Minn.)..

679 Crum, Yerkes v. (N. D.)...... 422 Elliott, Heath v. (Iowa)..

984 Crump v. Ingersoll (Minn.).. 739 Elter v. O'Neil (Iowa)....

1013 Cummings, Wardle v. (Mich.). 212 Elwood, Squires v. (Neb.)..

939 Cummings, Wardle v. (Mich.)

538 E. M. Dickey Co., Wright v. (Iowa). 984 Curran, State v. (Iowa).. 1006 Emerick v. Emerick (lowa)

1017 Curtis, People v. (Mich.). 923 Erickson v. Barber (Iowa)..

838 Evans v. Goodrich (Minn.).

188 Daemicke, Richey v. (Mich.)........ 516 Evans, Ripley V. (Mich.). .

504 Dakin, White S. M. Co. v. (Mich.).. 583 Evingson, In re (N. D.)..

733 Dakota Loan & Trust Co., Ulrick v. (S. D.)1054 Exchange Nat. Bank of Hastings v. Capps Daly v. Bradbury (Minn.)..


223 Daly v. Melendy (Neb.)....

926 Daly, Walker v. (Wis.). .... 812 Fabel, Farrell v. (Minn.)..

303 Dampier v. St. Paul Trust Co. (Minn.).... 286 Fairbank, German Ins. Co. v. (Neb.)...... 711

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