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minations, which is, indeed, to return to their home, and to trouble you with no more fuit ; unless you may be won by some other sort than your father's impofition, depending on the caskets.

Por. If I live to be as old as Sibylla, I will die as chaste as Diana, unless I be obtain'd by the manner of my father's will: I am glad, this parcel of wooers are so reasonable ; for there is not one among them but I doat on his very abfence, and with them a fair departure.

Ner. Do you not remember, lady, in your father's time, a Venetian, a scholar and a soldier, that came hither in company of the Marquiss of Mount ferrat?

Por. Yes, yes, it was Bajanio; as I think, he was so call’d.

Ner. True, Madam ; he, of all the men that ever my foolish eyes look'd upon, was the best deserving a fair lady.

Por. I remember him well, and I remember him worthy of thy praise. How now? what news ?

Enter a Servant. Ser. The four strangers seek for you, madam, to take their leave; and there is a fore-runner come from a fifth, the Prince of Morocco, who brings word, the Prince, his master, will be here to night.

Por. If I could bid the fifth welcome with so good heart as I can bid the other four farewel, I should be glad of his approach ; if he have the condition of a faint, and the complexion of a devil, I had rather he should shrive me, than wive me. Come, Nerissa. Sir. rah, go before; while we shut the gate upon one wooer, another knocks at the door.

[Exeunt. SCENE, a publick Place in Venice.

Enter Bassanio and Shylock. Shy. THree thousand ducats ? well.

1 Bal. Ay, Sir, for three months. Shy. For three months ? well.


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