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Enter Don Pedro, Claudio, and Attendants with tapers. Claud. T S this the monument of Leonato ?

Atten. It is, my lord.

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Enter Leonato, Benedick, Margaret, Ursula, Antonio,

Friar, and Hero.
Friar. N ID I not tell you, she was innocent?

Leon. So are the Prince and Claudio, who

accus'd her,
Upon the error that you heard debated.
But Margaret was in some fault for this;
Although against her will, as it appears,
In the true course of all the question.

Ant. Well; I am glad, that all things fort so well.

Bene. And so am I, being else by faith enforc'd To call young Claudio to a reckoning for it.

Leon. Well, Daughter, and you gentlewomen all, Withdraw into a chamber by your selves, And when I send for you, come hither mask'd : The Prince and Claudio promis'd by this hour To visit me; you know your office, brother, You must be father to your brother's daughter, And give her to young Claudio. [Exeunt Ladies,

Ant. Which I will do with confirm'd countenance.
Bene. Friar, I must intreat your pains, I think.
Friar. To do what, Signior ?

Bene. To bind me, or undo me, one of them :
Signior Leonato, truth it is, good Signior,
Your neice regards me with an eye of favour.

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