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Marg. Moral ? no, by my troth, I have no moral meaning, I meant plain holy-thistle : you may think, perchance, that I think you are in love; nay, birlady, I am not such a fool to think what I lift; nor I liit not to think what I can ; nor, indeed, I cannot think, if I would think my heart out with thinking, that you are in love, or that you will be in love, or that you can be in love: yet Benedick was such another, and now is he become a man ; he swore, he would never marry; and yet now, in despight of his heart, he eats his meat-without grudging ; and how you may be converted, I know not; but, methinks, you look with your eyes as other women do.

Beat. What pace is this that thy tongue keeps ?
Marg. Not a false gallop.

Ursu. Madam, withdraw; the Prince, the Count, Signior Benedick, Don John, and all the Gallants of the town are come to fetch you to church.

Hero. Help to dress me, good coz, good Meg, good Ursula.


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Enter Leonato, with Dogberry and Verges. Leon. W h at would you with me, honeft neigh

V bour ? Dagb. Marry, Sir, I would have some confidence with you, that decerns you nearly.

Leon. Brief, I pray you ; for, you see, 'tis a busy time with me.

Dogb. Marry, this it is, Sir.
Ver. Yes, in truth it is, Sir.
Leon. What is it, my good friends ?

Dogb. Goodman Verges, Sir, speaks a little of the matter; an old man, Sir, and his wits are not so blunt, as, God help, I would defire they were; but, in faith, as honest as the skin between his brows.

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A c T IV. SCE N E, a CHURCH. Enter D. Pedro, D. John, Leonato, Friar, Claudio,

Benedick, Hero, and Beatrice.

OME, friar Francis, be brief, only to the plain

form of marriage, and you shall recount their

particular duties afterwards. Friar. You come hither, my Lord, to marry this lady ?

Claud. No.

Leon. To be marry'd to her, friar; you come to marry her.

Friar. Lady, you come hither to be marry'd to this Count?

Hero. I do.

Friar. If either of you know any inward impediment why you should not be conjoin'd, I charge you on your souls to utter it. Claud. Know you any, Hero?


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