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Dogb. Why, then depart in Peace, and let the child kake her with crying : for the ewe that will not hear her famb when it baes, will never answer a calf when he bleats. Verg. 'Tis very true.

Dogb. This is the end of the Charge : you, constable, are to present the Prince's own perfon; if you meet the Prince in the night, you may stay him.

Vérg. Nay, birlady, that, I think, he cannot.

Dogb. Five shillings to one on't with any man that knows the Statues, he may ftay him ; marry, not without the Prince be willing : for, indeed, the Watch ought to offend no man; and it is an offence to stay a man against his will.

Verg. Birlady, I think, it be fo.

Dogb. Ha, ha, ha! well, masters, good night; an there be any matter of weight chances, call up me; keep your fellow's counsels and your own, and good night ; come, neighbour.

2 Watch. Well, masters, we hear our charge ; let us go fit here upon the church-bench 'till two, and then all to bed. :- Dogb. One word more, honeft neighbours. I pray you, watch about Signior Leonato's door, for the Wedding being there to morrow, there is a great coil to night ; adieu ; be vigilant, I beseech you.

[Exeunt Dogberry and Verges. Enter Borachio and Conrade. Bora. What? Conrade Watch. Peace, ftir not.

[ Aside Bora. Conrade, I say, Con. Here, Man, I am at thy elbow.

Bora. Mass, and my elbow itch'd, I thought there would a scab follow.

Conr. I will owe thee an answer for that, and now forward with thy tale.

Bora. Stand thee close then under this pent-house, for it drizzles rain, and I will, like a true drunkard, utter all to thee,


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(12) Conr. Masters, Masters, 2 Watch. You'll be made bring Deformed forth, I warrant you,

Conr. Masters, never speak, we charge you, let us obey you 10 go with us.] The different Regulation which I have made in this laft Speech, tho' againft the Authority of all the printed Copies, I flatter my self, carries its Proof with it. Conrade and Borachio are not design'd to talk absurd Nonsense that is the diftinguishing Chara&teristick of the Constable and Watch.] It is evident therefore, that Conrade is attempting his own Justification; but is interrupted in it by the Impertinence of the Men in Office. (VOL. II,


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