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Pet. Nothing but fit and fit, and eat and eat !
Bap. Padua affords this kindness, Son Petruchio.
Pet. Padua affords nothing but what is kind.
Hor. For both our fakes, I would that word were

Pet. Now, for my life, Hortenfro fears his Widow.
Wid. Then never trust me, if I be afeard.
Pet. You are very sensible, and yet you miss my

fense: I mean, Hortenfio is afeard of you. Wid. He, that is giddy, thinks, the world turns

round. . Pet. Roundly replied. Cath. Mistress, how mean you that ? Wid, Thus I conceive by him. Pet. Conceives by me, how iikes Hortenfio that? Hor. My widow says, thus the conceives her tale. Pet. Very well mended ; kiss him for that, good

Widow Cath. He, that is giddy, thinks, the world turns

round me I pray you, tell me what you meant by that.

Wid. Your Husband, being troubled with a Shrew,
Measures my Husband's forrow by his woe ;
And now you know my meaning.

Cath. A very mean meaning.
Wid. Right, I mean you.
Cath. And I am mean, indeed, respecting you.
Pet. To her, Kate.
Hor. To her, Widow.
Pet. A hundred marks, my Kate does put her down.
Hor. That's my Office.
Pet. Spoke like an Officer ; ha' to thee, lad.

[Drinks to Hortenfio. Bap. How likes Gremio these quick-witted folks ? Gre. Believe me, Sir, they buit heads together well.

Bian. Head and butt? an hasty-witted body Would say, your head and butt were head and horn. Vin. Ay, mistress Bride, hath that awaken'd you ?


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