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ACT V. SCENE, before Lucentio's House. Enter Biondello, Lucentio and Bianca, Gremio

walking on one side.

Oftly and swiftly, Sir, for the Priest is ready.

Luc. I fly, Biondello ; but they may chance to need thee at home, therefore leave us. Bion. Nay, faith, I'll see the church o' your back, (20) and then come back to my Master as soon as I can.

[Exit. Gre. I marvel, Cambio comes not all this while. Enter Petruchio, Catharina, Vincentio and Grumio,

with Attendants. Pet. Sir, here's the door, this is Lucentio's house, My Father's bears more towards the Market-place; Thither must I, and here I leave you, Sir.

Vin. You shall not chuse but drink before you go; I think, I shall command your welcome here; And by all likelihood fome cheer is toward. [Knocks.

Gre. They're bufie within, you were best knock louder.

[Pedant looks out of the window. Ped. What's he, that knocks as he would beat down the gate ?

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Vin. Is Signior Lucentio within, Sir ? · Ped. He's within, Sir, but not to be fpoken withal.

Vin. What, if a man bring him a hundred pound or two, to make merry withal ?

Ped. Keep your hundred pounds to your self, he shall need none as long I as live.

Pet. Nay, I told you, your Son was belov'd in Padua. Do you hear, Sir ? to leave frivolous circumstances, I pray you, tell Signior Lucentio that his Fa. ther is come from Pifa, and is here at the door to speak with him.

Ped. Thou lieft ; his Father is come to Padua, and here looking out of the window.

Vin. Art thou his Father ?

Ped. Ay, Sir, fo his Mother fays, if I may believe her.

Pet. Why, how now, Gentleman! why, this is flat knavery to take upon you another man's name..

Ped. Lay hands on the villain. I believe, he means to cozen somebody in this city under my countenance.

Enter Biondello. Bion. I have seen them in the Church together. God fend 'em good shipping! but who is here ? mine old Master Vincentio ? now we are undone, and brought to nothing.

Vin. Come hither, crackhemp. (Seeing Biondello.
Bion. I hope, I may chuse, Sir.

Vin. Come hither, you rogue ; what, have you forgot me ?

Bion. Forgot you ? no, Sir : I could not forget you, for I never saw you before in all my life.

Vin. What, you notorious villain, didst thou never see thy Master's Father Vincentio ?

Bion. Whać, my old worshipful old master? yes, marry, Sir, see where he looks out of the window. Vin. Is't so indeed ?

[He beats Biondello. Bion. Help, help, help, here's a madman will murther me.


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