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Enter Gremio, Lucentio in the habit of a mean man ; Petruchio with Hortensio, like a musician; Tranio

. and Biondello bearing a lute and books. · Gre. Good morrow, neighbour Baptista.

Bap. Good morrow, neighbour Gremio: God save you, gentlemen.

Pet. And you, good Sir; pray, have you not a daughter callid Catharina, fair and virtuous ?

Bap. I have a daughter, Sir, callid Catharina. . Gre. You are too blunt; go to it orderly.

Pet. You wrong me, Signior Gremio, give me leave. I am a gentleman of Verona, Sir, That, hearing of her beauty and her wit, Her affability and bashful modesty, Her wondrous qualities, and mild behaviour, Am bold to Thew my self a forward guest Within your house, to make mine eye the witness Of that Report, which I so oft have heard. And, for an entrance to my entertainment,

[Presenting Hor. I do present you with a man of mine, Cunning in musick, and the mathematicks, To instruct her fully in those sciences, Whereof, I know, she is not ignorant: Accept of him, or else you do me wrong, His name is Licio, born in Mantua.

Bap. You're welcome, Sir, and he for your good . fake. But for my daughter Catharine, this I know, She is not for your turn, the more's my grief.

Pet. I fee, you do not mean to part with her ; Or else you like not of my company.

Bap. Mistake me not, I speak but what I find. Whence are you, Sir ? what may I call your name?

Pet. Petruchio is my name, Antonio's fon, A man well known throughout all Italy. Bap. I know him well : you are welcome for his

fake. Gre. Saving your tale, Petruchio, I pray, let us, that


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