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Between the acres of the rye,

With a hey, and a ho, and a bey nonino,
These pretty country-folks would lye,

In the spring time, &c.
The Carrol they began that hour,
With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
How that a life was but a flower,

In the spring time, &c. Clo. Truly, young gentleman, though there was no great matter in the ditty, yet the note was very untimeable. (13) .

I Page. You are deceiv'd, Sir, we kept time, we lost not our time.

Clo. By my troth, yes : I count it but time lost to hear such a foolish Song. God b'w'y you, and God mend your voices. Come, Audrey.


SCEN E changes to another part of the Forest. Enter Duke Senior, Amiens, Jaques, Orlando,

Oliver, and Celia. Duke Sen. N O T thou believe, Orlando, that the

boy Can do all this that he hath promised ?

Orla. I sometimes do believe, and sometimes do not; As those that fear they hope, and know they fear.

Enter Rosalind, Silvius, and Phebe. Ros. Patience once more, whiles our compact is


(13) Truly, young Gentleman, tho' there was no great Matter in the Ditty, yet the Note was very untuneable.) Tho' it is thus in all the printed Copies, it is evident from the sequel of the Dialogue, that the Poet wrote as I have reform'd in the Text, untimeable. Time, and Tune, are frequently misprinted for one another in the old Editions of Shakespeare. Vol. II.


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Cl. Salutation, and greeting, to you all!

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