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Not, indeed, that there was any real religious Order of that Denomination : but the Legend of St. Winifred is this. She was a Christian Virgin at Holywell a small Town in Flintshire, fo tenacious of her Chastity, that when a tyrannous Governour laid siege to her, he could not reduce her to Compliance, but was oblig'd to ravish, and afterwards beheaded her in Revenge of her Obstinacy. Vid. Cambden's Britannia by Dr. Gibfon, p. 688. This Tradition forts very well with our Poet's Allution,


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(10) will you sterner be,

Than He that dies and lives by bloody drops ?
This is spoken of the Executioner. He lives indeed, by bloody
Drops, if you will: but how does he dye by bloody Drops?
The Poet must certainly have wrote that deals and lives, &c.
i. e. that gets his Bread, and makes a Trade of cutting off

Mr. Warburton.
O 2


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