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John. What life is in That, to be the death of this. marriage?

Bora. The poison of That lyes in you to temper; go you to the Prince your brother, spare not to tell him, that he hath wrong'd his Honour in marrying the renown'd Claudio, (whose estimation do you mightily hold up) to a contaminated Stale, such a one as Hero.

John. What proof shall I make of That ?

Bora. Proof enough to misuse the Prince, to vex: Claudio, to undo Hero, and kill Leonato ;: look you for. any other iffue ?

John. Only to despite them, I will endeavour any thing. ra. Go then find me a meet hour, to draw Don


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Pedro, and the Count Claudio, alone ; tell them, that you know, Hero loves me; intend a kind of zeal both to the Prince and Claudio, as in a love of your Brother's honour who hath made this match; and his friend's reputation, (who is thus like to be cozen'd with the sem. blance of a maid,) that you have discover'd thus; they will hardly believe this without tryal : offer them in. stances, which shall bear no less likelihood than to fee me at her chamber-window ; hear me call Margaret, Hero; hear Margaret term me Borachio ; and bring them to see this, the very night before the intended Wedding; for in the mean time I will fo fashion the matter, that Hero fhall be absent; and there Thall appear such seeming truths of Hero's disloyalty, that jealoufie fhall be called affurance, and all the preparation overthrown.

John. Grow this to what adverse iffue it can, I will put it in practice: be cunning in the working this, and thy fee is a thousand ducats.

Bora. Be thou conftant in the accusation, and my cunning shall not Mame me. John. I will presently go learn their day of marriage.

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[Exeunt. · SCENE changes to Leonato's Orchard.

Enter Benedick, and a Boy. Bene. DoY;

Boy. Signior. .. Hero fufpected of Disloyalty, and to break off her Match with Clandio. But, in the Name of common Sense, could it difplease Claudio to hear his Miftress making use of his Name tenderly: If he saw another Man with her, and heard her call him Claudio, he might reasonably think her betray'd, but not have the same Reason to accuse her of Difloyalty. Besides, how could her naming Claudio make the Prince and Claudio believe that she lov'd Borachio, as he desires Don John to infinuate to them that she did ! The Circumstances weigh'd, there is no Doubt but the Passage ought to be reform'd, as I have serried in the Text,

hear me call Margaret, Hero 3. hear Margaret term nie BORACHIO,


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