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And quite divorce his memory from his Part.

Prin. Therefore I do it ; and I make no doubt,' The rest will ne'er come in, if he be out. There's no such Sport, as Sport by Sport o'erthrown ; To make theirs ours, and ours none but our own; So shall we stay, mocking intended game; And they, well mockt, depart away with shame. Sound. Boyet. The trumpet sounds; be maskt, the maskers

come. Enter the King, Biron, Longaville, Dumain, and attendants, disguis'd like Moscovites; Moth with

Mufick, as for a masquerade.
Moth. All hail, the richest beauties on the earth!
Boyet. Beauties, no richer than rich taffata. (36)

Moth. A holy parcel of the faireft dames,
That ever turn'd their backs to mortal views.

The ladies turn their backs to him. Biron. Their eyes, villain, their eyes. Moth. That ever turn'd their eyes to mortal views.


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