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What was a month old at Cain's birth, that's not five

weeks old as yet ? Hol. Dietynna, good-man Dull; Dyclinna, good-man Dull.

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Dull. What is Dietynna ?
Nath. A title to Phæbe, to Luna, to the Moon.
Hol. The moon was a month old, when Adam was

no more : And rought not to five weeks, when he came to five

score. Th'allusion holds in the exchange.

Dull. 'Tis true, indeed ; the collufion holds in the exchange.

Hol. God comfort thy capacity! I say, the allusion holds in the exchange.

Dull. And I say, the pollution holds in the exchange; for the moon is never but a month old ; and I fay be. fide, that 'twas a pricket that the Princess kill'd.

Hol. Sir Nathaniel, will you hear an extemporal epitaph on the death of the deer ? and to humour the ignorant, I have call’d the deer the Princess kill'd, a pricket.

Nath. Perge, good master Holofernes, perge ; so it fhall please you to abrogate scurrility.

Hol. I will something affect the letter ; for it argues facility

The praiseful Princess pierc'd and prickt

A pretty pleasing pricket;
Some say, a fore; but not a fore,

'Till now made fore with footing.
The dogs did yell; put L to fore,

Then forel jumpt from thicket;
Or pricket fore, or elfe forel,

The people fall a hooting.
If fore before, then I to fore

Makes fifty fores, o sorel !
Of one fore I an hundred make,

By adding but one more L.
Nath. A rare talent !

Dull. If a talent be a claw, look how he claws him with a talent.

Hol. This is a gift that I have, fimple, simple ; a toolish extravagant spirit; full of forms, figures, Ihapes,


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, (20) Let me supervife the Cangence.] if the Editors have met with any such Word, it is more than I have done, or, I believe, ever shall do. Our Author wrote Canzonet, from the Italian Word Canzonetto, a little Song.

(21) Nath. Here are only Numbers ratified ;) Tho'this Speech has been all along plac'd to Sir Nathaniel, I have ventur'd to join it to the preceding Words of Holofernes į and nor without Reason. The Speaker here is impeaching the Verles; but Sir Nathaniel, as it appears above, thought them learned ones: besides, as Dr. Thirlby observes, almost every word of this : Speech fathers itself on the Pedant. So much for the Regulation of it: now, a little, to the Contents.

And why indeed Naso, but for smelling out the odoriferous Flowers of Fancy ? the jerks of Invention imitary is nothing. : Sagacity with a vengeance! I lould be amam'd to own my self a piece of a Scholar, to pretend to the Task of an Editor, and to pass such Stuff as this upon the World for genuine. Who ever heard of Invention imitary? Invention and Imitation have ever been accounted two diftint Things. The Speech is by a Pedant, who frequently throws in a Word of * Latin amongst his English; and he is here flouriming upon the Merit of Invention, beyond that of Imitation, or copying after another. My Correction makes the whole so plain and intelligible, that, I think, it carries Convi&tion along with it, Again: So doth the Hound his Master, the Ape his Keeper, the tired Horse

his Rider. The Pedant here, to run down Imitation, thews that it is a Quality within the Capacity of Beafts: that the Dog and the Ape are taught to copy Tricks by their Master and Keeper; and lo is the tir'd Horse by his Rider. This last is a wonderful Inftance; but it happens not to be true. Mr. Warl urton ingeni. ously saw, that the Author must have wrote the tryed Horse bis Rider. i, e. One, exercis’d, and broke to the Manage: for he. obeys every Sign, and Motion of the Rein, or of his Rider.

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