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bear this fignificant to the country-maid J aquenetta; there is remuneration; for the best ward of mine honours is rewarding my dependants. Moth, follow.

[Exit. Moth. Like the sequel, I. Signior Costard, adieu.

(Exit. Coft. My sweet ounce of man's flesh, my in-cony Jew! Now will I look to his rernuneration. Remune. ration ! O, that's the Latin word for three farthings : three farthings remuneration : What's the price of this incle ? a penny. No, I'll give you a remuneration : why, it carries it. Remuneration !-why, it is a fairer name than a French crown (12). I will never buy and fell out of this word.

Enter Biron. Biron. O my good knave Costard, exceedingly well met.

Coff. Pray you, Sir, how much carnation ribbon may a man buy for a remuneration ?

Biron. What is a remuneration ?
Coft. Marry, Sir, half-penny farthing.
Biron. O, why then three farthings worth of filk.
Coft. I thank your worship, God be with you.
· Biron. O ftay, slave, I must employ thee :
As thou wilt win my favour, my good knave,
Do one thing for me that I shall intreat.

Coft. When would you have it done, Sir ?
Biron. O, this afternoon.
Coft. Well, I will do it, Sir : fare you well.
Biron. O, thou knowest not what it is.
Coff. I Mall know, Sir, when I have done it.'
Biron. Why, villain, thou must know firit.

(12) No, I'll give you a Remuneration : Why? It carrjes its Remuneration. Why? It is a fairer Name than a French Crown.] Thus this Passage has hitherto been writ, and pointed, without any Regard to Common Sense, or Meaning. The Reform, that I have made, light as it is, makes it both intelligible and humourous.

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And I to figh for her! to watch for her!
To pray for her ! go to : — It is a plague,
That Cupid will impose for my neglect
Of his almighty, dreadful, little, Might.
Well, I will love, write, figh, pray, sue and groan:
Some men must love my lady, and some Joan. [Exit.

U kuel
SCENE, a Pavilion in the Park near

the Palace.

Enter the Princess, Rosaline, Maria, Catharine,

Lords, Attendants, and a Forefter.

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