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anon. Anonymous.
b. l. Black letter.
ed. Edition.
fol. Folio. 4°. Quarto. 80. Octavo. 120.

Duodecimo, etc.
1. Leaves.
n. p. No place of publication.
obl. Oblong.

pl. Plates.
p. 1. Preliminary leaves.
pp. Pages.
pseudon. Pseudonymous.
sm. Small.
sq. Square.
unp. Unpaged.

The books are described as folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo, etc., according to the apparent size of the volume, and not according to the printer's designations derived from the fold of the sheets.

In the alphabetical arrangement, the prefix Mc, M', or Mac, is treated uniformly as a component part of the word, as if spelled Mac. Thus, McLeod or M'Leod precedes Maclure. In like manner, the prefixes New, La, Du, etc., are treated as component parts of the words to which they belong. Thus New England follows Newell instead of preceding it, as it would do if the prefix New were treated as a separate word.

It is one of the aims of the present catalogue to furnish with the titles a sufficiently full collation of each work. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number of pages in the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the number of maps and plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The information thus conveyed will, it is believed, be found of practical value to readers, as conveying at a glance some idea of the extent of each work, while the addition of publishers' names is useful as supplying a guide to the identification of editions. In the case of books printed without date, the actual or approximate date is uniformly supplied, in brackets.

Brackets in any part of a title indicate that the words included in them are not found in the title, but are inserted.

The letter s, affixed to any title, denotes that the work belongs to the library of the Smithsonian Institution, now deposited with the Library of Congress.



159 pp.

64 PP.

Abailard, Abaelard, Abeilard, or Abélard, Abbott (Rev. Jacob). Mary Gay; or, work

(Pierre.) Lettres et épitres amoureuses d'Hel- for girls. 4 v. 189. New York, Hurd & oise et d'Abeilard. [Avec les épitres imitées Houghton, 1865. et mises en vers, d'après la lettre de Pope, par Colardeau, Dorat, etc). Nouv. éd. 2 v. v. 1. Work for spring. V. 3. Work for autumn.

v. 2. Work for summer. xxiv, 178 pp.; viii, 194 pp. 2 pl. 320. Gen

V. 4. Work for winter. ève, 1777.

The Rollo books. Rollo at work. Abano (Pietro d'). Heptameron or magical [anon.] New ed.

. 4 pl. 180. elements. By R. Turner. 16o. London, J. New York, Sheldon d Co. 1865. Harrison, 1783.

Rollo at play. [anon.] New ed. In AGRIPPA von Nettesheim (H. C.) Occult philos

191 pp. 4 pl. 189. New York, Sheldon $ ophy. 1783. pp. 126–172].

Co. 1865. Abbadie (Jacques, D. D.) Chemical change

Rollo's museum.

New ed. 187 in the eucharist. In four letters, shewing the relations of faith to sense, from the French

pp. 5 pl. 160. New York, Sheldon & Co.

1867. by J. W. Hamersley. 164 pp. 89. London,

Rollo's travels. New ed. 189 Low, Son, and Marston, 1867. Abbey (Henry L). Ralph, and other poems.

pp. 4 pl. 16o. New York, Sheldon of Co.

1867. sm. 4o. Rondout, H. Fowks, 1866.

Rollo in Paris. Abbey (Rev. Richard). Diuturnity; or, the

226 pp. 1 pl.

16o. Boston, W. J. Reynolds & Co. 1854. S. comparative age of the world, showing that the human race is in the infancy of its being,

Abbott (John Stevens Cabot). The child at and demonstrating a reasonable and rational

home; or, the principles of filial duty famil

iarly illustrated. 318 pp. 160. New York, world, and its immense future duration.

Harpers, 1852. 360 pp. 120. Cincinnati, Applegate & Co.

The empire of Austria: its rise and 1866. Abbot (Bvt. Brig. Gen. Henry Livermore).

present power. 520 pp. 1 pl. 120. New Siege artillery in the campaigns against Rich

York, Mason brothers, 1859. mond, with notes on the 15-inch gun, includ

The empire of Russia, from the remot

est periods to the present time. 528 pp. 1pl. ing an algebraic analysis of the trajectory of

120. New York, Jason brothers, 1860. a shot in its ricochets upon smooth waters.

The history of Napoleon iii, emperor of 183 pp. 6 pl. 80. Washington, gov't print

the French. 690 pp. 9 pl. 80. Boston, B. B. ing office, 1867. (UNITED STATES. (War Department). Professional

Russell, 1868. papers corps of engineers. No. 14.]

Italy, from the earliest period to the Abbot (Rev. Hull). Jehovah's character as a present day. 587 pp. 1 pl. 12o. New York,

man of war, illustrated and applied. A ser- Mason brothers, 1860. mon preached at the desire of the hon. artil

The life of general Ulysses S. Grant. lery company in Boston, June 2, 1735. 2 p. 1.

309 pp. 3 pl. 8 maps. 120 Boston, B. B. 35 pp. 80. Boston, D. Henchman, 1735. Russell, 1868.



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Abbott (Mrs. Rosa). See Parker (Mrs. Rosa Account (An) of Louisiana, laid before ConAbbott).

gress by direction of the President of the Abd-er-rahman ben Mohammed El-Ishbílí United States. [anon.] 72 pp. 180. Providence,

El-Hadhremí, known as Ibn Khaldún. Ibn Heaton and Williams, (1804?) Khalduni narratio de expeditionibus Fran- Account (An) of the New York hospital. corum in terras islamismo subjectas. E co

[anon.] 65 pp. 1 pl. 80. New York, Collins dicibus bodleianis edidit et latine vertit C. J.

8 Co. 1811. Tornberg. (Ex actis reg. soc. scient. Ups.

The same. [anon.] 62 pp. 2 pl. 89. New tom vii.) 1 p. 1. 154 pp. 4o. Upsalice,

York, Mahlon Day, 1820. Leffler & Sebell, 1840.

Acheta and Acheta domestica. [pseudon.] Abel (Niels Henrik). Euvres complètes;

See Budgen (Miss L. M.) avec des notes et développements, rédigées par B. Holmboe. 2 v. xvi, 479 pp; 3 pl. 294 pp.

Ackerman (Abraham). First book of natural 40. Christiania, C. Gröndahl, 1839.

history. 9th ed. 286 pp. 120. New York,

Cady & Burgess, 1846.
Abélard (Pierre). See Abailard.
Aben Hamin. See Perez de Hita (Ginez).

Across the Atlantic. By the author of“Sketches

of Cantabs.” [anon.] x, 274 pp. 169. London, Abert (J. W.) Natural history [of California,

G. Earle, 1851. New Mexico, etc.] 89. Washington, Wendell & Van Benthuysen, 1848.

Actæa. [pseudon.] See Agassiz (E. C.) [With EMORY (W. H.) Notes of a military recon- Adams (Andrew Leith, M. D.) Wanderings noisance, etc.)

of a naturalist in India, the western HimaReport of his examination of New Mex- layas, and Cashmere. xi, 333 pp. 1 pl. 80. ico, 1846–47. 89. Washington, Wendell & Edinburgh, Edmonston & Douglas, 1867. Van Benthuysen, 1848.

Adams (Arthur), and White (Adam). The [With EMORY (W. H.) Notes of a military recon- zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Samarang, noissance, etc ]

1843–46. Crustacea. viii, 66 pp. 13 pl. 4o. Abich (Wilhelm Hermann). Vues illustratives

London, Reeve, Bentham & Reeve, 1848. de phénomènes géologiques, observés sur le Vesuve et l'Etna, 1833–34. (French and Ger- Adams (Charles, D. D.) Life of Oliver Crom

well. 268 pp. 4 pl. 16°. New York, Carleton man). 16 pp. 10 pl. fol. Berlin, J. Kuhr,

& Porter, 1867. Abolition a sedition. By a northern man. Adams (Charles Baker). Catalogue of shells [anon.] viii, 187 pp. 180. Philadelphia, G.

collected at Panama, with notes on their synW. Donohue, 1839.

onymy, station, and geographical distribution, Abraham Page, Esq. A novel. [anon.]

(Extract.) viii, 5, 335 pp. 4o. New York, , 354 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott pp.

Lyceum of natural history, 1852. & Co, 1868.

Adams (Daniel, M. D.) Arithmetic, in which Abú Ali Hosein ben Abdallah Ibn Síná. See the principles of numbers are analytically Avicenna.

explained and synthetically applied ; [etc.] Académie des sciences, and Académie fran- 261 pp. 12o. Keene, N. H., J. W. Prentiss çaise. See Institut impérial de France.

& Co. 1854. Académie royale de Belgique. Bibliothèque

The same. New arithmetic; revised ed. de m. le baron de Stassart, léguée à l'acadé

306 pp. 120. Keene, N. H., J. W. Prentiss mie royale de Belgique. xiv, 1336 pp. 80. & Co. 1848, Bruxelles, M. Hayez, 1863.

Book-keeping; containing a lucid exAccomplish'a (The) female instructor. [By

planation of the common method of bookR. G. anon.] 4 p. 1, 182 pp. 189. London,

keeping by single entry; [etc.] 141

141 pp. 80 J. Knapton, 1704.

Keene, N. E., J. W. Prentiss & Co. 1849. Account of the interment of the remains of American patriots who perished on board the

Geography; or, a description of the British prison ships during the American rev

world. 11th ed. 324 pp. 5 pl. 16o. Bosolution. [anon.] With notes and an appendix,

ton, Lincoln & Edmands, 1828. by H. R. Stiles, M. D. 246 pp. 1 pł. 80. New

Key to Adams' new arithmetic. Revised York, privately printed, 1865.

ed. 88 pp. 120. Keene, N. H., J. W. Prentiss (WALLABOUT prison ship series, No. 2).

& Co. 1848.




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243 pp.


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Adams (George,jr. instrument maker). Essays Adams (William T.) Our standard bearer; or,

on the microscope; containing a practical the life of general Ulysses S. Grant. As seen description of the most improved microscopes; and related by captain Bernard Galligasken. a general history of insects, [etc.] 2d ed. And written out by Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] with additions, etc. by Frederick Kanmacher. 348 pp. 6 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, xxiii, 724 pp. 1 pl. 4o. Atlas. 32 pl. obl. fol. 1868. London, editor, 1798.

The red cross; or, young America in Adams (H. G.) Nests and eggs of familiar England and Wales. A story of travel and

British birds, described and illustrated; etc. adventure. By Oliver Optic. (pseudon.] 336 iv, 79 pp. 8 col. pl. 169. London, Groom- pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1868. bridge, 1854.

[Young America abroad series. v. 3). Adams (John G.) Vestry harmonies: a col- Seek and find; or, the adventures of a lection of hymns and tunes for all occasions

smart boy. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] of social worship. 144 pp. 160. Boston,

304 pp. 5 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, universalist publ. house, 1868.

1868. Adams (Mrs. J. S.) Branches of palm. 192

Shamrock and thistle; or, young Amerpp. 160. Boston, Adams & Co. 1866.

ica in Ireland and Scotland. A story of Adams (Rev. William, of Oxford). The cher- travel and adventure. By Oliver Optic.

ry stones; or, Charlton school. A tale for (pseudon.] 343 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston, youth. Edited by the Rev. H. C. Adams. Lee & Shepard, 1868. 4 pl. 16o. New York, gen. prot.

(Young America abroad series. v. 2]. episcopal sunday school union, 1851.

The way of the world. A novel. 464 Les messagers du roi. Allegorie. 125

pp. 120. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1867. pp. 5 pl. 120. New York, union générale Addington (Richard D.) History of the qurtdes écoles du dimanche, 1855.

ship and marriage and subsequent arried Adams (William, D. D.) Thanksgiving:

life of Dr. R. D. Addington and Hannah

E. Weed, at Richmond, Va. [etc.] 140 pp. memories of the day; helps to the habit.

. 372 pp. 120. New York, C. Scribner & Co.

80. Richmond, author, 1857.

Addison (Joseph). The free-holder; or, po1867. The three gardens : Eden, Gethsemane,

litical essays. 4 p. 1. 316 pp. 41. 169. Lonand Paradise; or, man's ruin, redemption,

don, J. & R. Tonson, 1761. and restoration. 284 pp. 120. New York,

The whig examiner. 59 pp. 189. LonC. Scribner & Co. 1868.

don, John Darby, 1712. Adams (William T.) Breaking away; or, Address (An) to lord Byron, with an opinion

(With MEDLEYS (The). London, 1712]. the fortunes of a student. By Oliver Optic.

of some of his writings. By F. H.B. [anon.] [pseudon.] 300 pp. 8 pl. 16o. Boston,

16 pp. 89. London, Wetton & Jarvis, 1817. Lee of Shepard, 1868.

[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 56). Dikes and ditches; or, young America Address (An) to the people of the state of in Holland and Belgium. A story of travel

New York, on the subject of the constitution, and adventure. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.]

agreed upon at Philadelphia, September 17, 346 pp. 3 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard,

1787. [anon.] 19 pp. 40. New York, S. & J. 1868.

Loudon, [1787). (Young America abroad series. v. 4].

Adelung (Johann Christoph). Three philologDown the river; or, Buck Bradford and ical essays, chiefly translated from the Gerhis tyrants. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] man. cxxxii pp. 80. [London, T. N. Longman, 303 pp. 7 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1798]. 1868.

[With KANT'S elements of critical philosophy]. Freaks of fortune; or, half round the

1. History of the English language, its changes and world. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 303

gradual improvement. pp. 8 pl. 160 Boston, Lee & Shepard,

II. Philosophical view of the English language.

III. On the relative merits and demerits of Johnson's 1868.

English dictionary. Make or break; or, the rich man's Adolphus (John). The history of England, daughter. By Oliver Optic. (pseudon.] from the accession of king George iii. to the 328 pp. 6 pl. 16° Boston, Lee & Shepard, conclusion of peace in 1783. 4th ed. revised. 1869.

3 v. 89. London, Cadell & Davies, 1817.


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