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some quotations so thoroughly hacknied that they have almost an air of recovered novelty, and this may be said of Mr. Pope's line :

“The proper study of mankind is man." And perhaps we do not err in saying that this is true of his physical as well as moral nature, though the latter is more directly indicated by the poet.

Religion, in Christian countries, has already made the mass of mankind familiar with all that is necessary or perhaps possible for them certainly to know of their moral nature. Her instructions may have been neglected, but they are within the reach of almost all men, and form a fundamental portion of the education of the poorest.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely certain that there is little even of the true understanding of their eternal destinies among men, and that few practise, or even remember in age, the principles and practice of their youth. The world, passion, and sensual interests draw them away, and religion is almost only cherished by

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