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SEC. 3. Commissioners on boundary line. For pay to H. B. Hendershott and Wm. S. Minor, as commissioners, including all expenses for hands, stationery, etc., in establishing the boundary line between the state of Missouri and state of Iowa, in pursuance of the decree of the supreme court of the United States, three thousand five hundred and fourteen dollars and seventysix cents.

Approved, February 5, 1851.



AN ACT making appropriation to the state house at Iowa City.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ioua:

SECTION 1. Appropriation to complete the state house. That there be. and there is hereby appropriated towards the completion of the state house at Iowa City, the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 2. Wm. Pattee superintendent. The said appropriation shall be expended under the superintendence of William Pattee, who shall be allowed the sum of two hundred dollars as a compensation therefor.

[226] SEC. 3. His duty-stairs-central hall—fence. It shall be the duty of said superintendent, to have built in a permanent and workmanlike manner, according to the original plan, the stairs necessary for said building; have finished the central hall leading to the cupola, and to have the public square enclosed with a substantial fence, and the grounds properly graded. and take such other measures as may be necessary to secure and preserve the building; provided, that the superintendent shall in no case expend more money than is by this act appropriated or incur a greater liability.

Sec. 4. Contracts to be let to the lowest bidder. · It shall be the duty of said superintendent in making contracts for work or materials, to let the same to the lowest responsible bidder, taking into consideration the character of the work, and qualification of bidders.

Sec. 5. To take charge of property. It shall be the duty of said superintendent to take charge of and safely keep all the public property at the capitol belonging to the state.

Approved, February 5th, 1851.



AN ACT fixing the price of binding the revised code.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

SECTION 1. Allowance to state printer for binding. That the state printer be, and he hereby is allowed the sum of seventy-three cents per copy, for pressing, folding stitching and binding the revised code, passed at the present session of the general assembly, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 2. Draw fifty per cent. That at any time during the progress of the binding of said code, the secretary of state shall, if required by the state printer, issue a certificate specifying the amount of work done, together with its estimated value as hereinbefore fixed, whereupon the auditor of state shall issue his warrant [227] upon the state treasury for fifty per centum of the amount so specified, in favor of the state printer.

Approved, February 5th, 1851.



AN ACT to enable the counties of Bremer, Butler and Grundy to become attached,

(until organized,) to Blackhawk county, and to attach said county to Buchanan county, until said organization.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

SECTION 1. If the county of Blackhawk becomes organized Bremer, etc., attached. That in case the county of Blackhawk becomes organized before the next session of the general assembly, that the counties of Bremer. Grundy and Butler, shall then become attached to the county of Blackhawk for judicial, elective and revenue purposes, without any further action.

Sec. 2. Until organized attached to Buchanan. That until said proposed organization of Blackhawk county, said counties of Blackhawk, Bremer, Butler and Grundy are, and shall be attached to Buchanan county, for judicial, elective and revenue purposes.

SEC. 3. Repeal. That all acts and parts of acts contravening the provisions of this act be and the same are hereby repealed.

SEC. 4. To take effect. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved, February 5th, 1851.



AN ACT to dispose of the saline lands belonging to the State, and to appropriate the

proceeds thereof.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Lorca:

SECTION 1. May be sold by consent of congress. That as soon as the congress of the United States [228] consent thereto, the saline lands belonging to the state may be sold, and the proceeds thereof appropriated in the manner herein provided.

SEC. 2. Who shall sell. The sales shall be inade by the same officer as though the lands formed a portion of those set apart for the improvement of the Des Moines river, except as herein otherwise declared.

SEC. 3. Pre-emption. Any head of a family or single person, over the age of twenty-one years, who is an actual resident upon such lands at the time he makes his application, is entitled to a pre-emption: provided, he applies therefor before the first day of July next, or if he makes his application after that time and before the land is actually sold to another.

SEC. 4. Rules. The rules as to pre-emption rights, and the manner of proving up the same, shall in other respects be the same as those heretofore in force in relation to pre-emptions on the Des Moines river lands.

SEC. 5. Proceeds of sale. The proceeds of the sales of said lands constitute a fund for founding and supporting a lunatic asylum and the other object herein specified. The amount realized therefrom must be invested, and the interest only can be used: provided, that the commissioners of the lunatic asylum may if they deem the best interests of the institution and the wants of the state demand it, in the first instance use eight thousand dollars of the principal of the fund to assist in the building and furnishing of said asylum: and provided also, that five thousand dollars of the principal is hereby placed at the disposal of the superintendent of public instruction, for the use of the college of physicians and surgeons at Keokuk, to be paid over as he may from time to time deem advisable.

SEC. 6. Private entry. After the first day of July next, the lands may be sold by private entry in the usual manner; but where there are two or more applicants for the same tract, and where no preference can be claimed by either in consequence of a right of pre-emption as hereinbefore provided for, the lands must be sold to the highest bidder.

SEC. 7. Land may be sold on partial credit. The sale of all lands authorized by this act, shall be on a partial credit and the option of the purchaser, but not less than one fourth of the purchase money shall be paid in [229] ready cash, the remainder must draw interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum.

SEC. 8. Governed by school law-forfeit. If made on a partial credit, contracts must be executed in the same manner as by the law then in force is prescribed in case of school lands sold on a credit. The interest on such contracts must be payable at such times as are fixed in the contracts, and the payments must be made to the treasurer of the county in which the land lies who shall receipt therefor. If not paid promptly when due the iate of interest shall be doubled, and if not paid within six months after due, the contract and the amount already paid thereon will be forfeited, and the land may be sold anew.

SEC. 9. Waste_forfeiture. Any person who wilfully commits waste upon the lands purchased on a partial credit as above contemplated, forfeits the money paid and all claims upon the land, which may be resold accordingly.

SEC. 10. How expended. The proceeds herein appropriated, are to lie paid over on the order of the commissioners to carry out the general object contemplated; and the amount of the principal not herein disposed of, is to be invested under the direction of said commissioners, upon bond and mortgage of real estate of the clear unincumbered value of at least twice the value of the sums thus respectively secured.

SEC. 11. Commissioners may sell interest of the state-superintendent public instruction do same with school fund. Where land has thus been sold on a partial credit, the commissioners are authorized to convert into ready money the interest of the state in the unpaid balances due on such sales, by transfering that interest to any one who will advance the money thereon. And the superintendent of public instruction may, if he thinks it can safely be done, direct the investment of any portion of the school fund in this manner, but the interest of the state aforesaid must not be thus disposed of for less than its par value, nor will the state be in any way responsible for any loss sustained by the person purchasing its interest in the unpaid balances as aforesaid.

SEC. 12. Take effect. This act shall take effect from and after its public cation in the Iowa Capital Reporter.

Approved, February 5, 1851.
Published in the Iowa Capital Reporter February 26, 1851.

[230] CHAPTER 97.


AN ACT to repeal an act entitled “An act to repeal an act entitled an act for the re

lief of the poor.”

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

SECTION 1. Repeal—revival. That an act to repeal an act entitled "an act for the relief of the poor," approved January 12th, 1849, be and the same is hereby repealed, and that the act entitled "an act for the relief of the poor," approved February 25th, 1847, is hereby revived.

SEC. 2. Take effect-expense, Lee. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the "Iowa Statesman" and "Keokuk Despatch” at the expense of the county of Lee.

Approved, February 5th, 1851.
Published in the Iowa Statesman and Keokuk Dispatch Feb. 15th, 1851.



AN ACT relative to printing the revised code.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Iowa:

SECTION 1. Edition 5,000 [6,000] to be printed. There shall be printed and published in the manner hereinafter provided, an edition of six thousand copies of the revised code, and no other acts shall be published therewith except as herein directd. SEC. 2. Papers to be printed with code. The following papers shall be printed and bound with the code; the declaration of independence; the articles of the confederation; the ordinances of seventeen hundred and eightyseven relative to the north-west territory; the constitution of the United States; the act establishing the territory of Michigan; the act establishing the territory of Wisconsin and extending the laws of Michigan over the same; the act to divide the territory of Wisconsin and to establish the terri-[231 torial government of Iowa and the amendments to the same; the constitution of Iowa; the acts of congress relative to the admission of Iowa into the union (and the ordinance of the convention of Iowa); the first and fifth sections of the act to provide for appointing commissioners to draft, revise and prepare a code of laws; the existing acts of congress relative to the naturalization of foreigners; the acts of congress relative to the authentication of statutes, records &c; and this act.

SEC, 3. Manner of printing code. The edition of the code hereby authorized shall be printed on good book paper, the body of the work in small pica type set solid, with marginal notes and index in brevier type, with the subjects at the head of the pages and the part, title or chapter at the head of the margin, and shall be published in one volume of royal octavo size full bound in sheep and lettered “Code of lowa 1851.”

SEC. 4. Wm. G. Woodward to superintend printing, etc. William G. Woodward be and he is hereby appointed to superintend the order of publication of the code, to prepare brief marginal notes and a full and complete index, to arrange and properly number in a convenient and suitable manher the several divisions and subdivisions from the beginning throughout, to examine and correct the proof sheets, and cause all clerical, typical and grammatical and errors of punctuation to be corrected.

SEC. 5. Secretary of state to furnish manuscript—500 copies to be delivered first of June—to distribute by first of July-code to take effect 1st July. The secretary of state is directed to furnish the above persons with manuscript of the code for the purpose above mentioned, and the state printer is required to deliver five hundred copies printed and bound as herein directed, to the secretary of state by the first day of June next, and they shall be distributed and published by the first day of July next, in the manner provided in the next section, and the code shall take effect on the first day of July next.

SEC. 6. Publication how made-For use of existing officers-after election use of new officers. The above publication shall be made by depositing in each organized county with the board of commissioners or county clerk five copies, which shall be for the use of the existing officers of the county until an election takes place under the code, and then for the use of the county judge, the clerk of the district court, the treasurer, the supervisor of roads, and the school fund commissioners, each one.

SEC. 7. Code to be presumed to take effect unless-Copies not distributedsecretary to make certificate stating when---take effect on that day-evidence --certificate to be published-evidence of certificate. The code shall be presumed to have taken effect on [232] the first day of July next, unless the contrary appear as herein provided. In case the copies of the code are not in fact distributed to all the organized counties by the first day of July, the secretary of state shall make, sign and file in his office a certificate stating on what day they were deposited in the last county, and it shall take effect on the day after the day on which they are so deposited. The said certificate, or a copy thereof under the hand of the secretary and the seal of the state shall be evidence of the fact therein stated; and immediately after filing it in his office the secretary shall publish a copy thereof for four weeks successively in six different newspapers, two of them being published at the seat of govenrment, (if such there be,) which publication shall he prima facie evidence of the existence of such a certificate.

SEC. 8. Work not to cease. The work of printing and binding the said edition shall not cease but the remainder shall be completed as soon as practicable, and be disposed of as follows:

How remainder are to be disposed of. The secretary shall deliver or transmit to the governor two copies, to the auditor, treasurer, superintendent of public instruction, comissioner of the state land office and each of the judges of the supreme and district courts one copy each, and retain one in his own office, deposit twenty-copies in the state library, and transmit to the secretary of

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