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country. We may, indeed, have heard | suing his victory with unsparing triumph, that Malcolm Canmore had his eye knock-he was a contented English vassal for the ed out and his life taken in consequence, best part of his life, and it by the obscure seneschal of a Northumbri- cident of becoming a murderer that made an fortress-that William the Lion was him a patriot and a king. For his victory: made prisoner in an ill-advised attack on at Bannockburn, I think we owe him our his too powerful neighbour-that Alexan best bow; and yet what sort of a Scythian der the Third married a young wife, and independence did his conquest procure us, died in consequence"

when, only three or four years after, his " I know nothing of all these folks,” | best, if not his sole expedient, to defend the said Peter; “ but I grant you they may country he had liberated against a new have had distresses in their time as well as inroad of the English, consisted in laying we in ours.”

it so completely waste, that of live cattle “ Dost grant me, hedge-hog," retort. there was but a single lame bull to be found ed Andrew, in King Richard's vein. between Berwick and Tranent? Besides, “ Then, I suppose, you have placed your Peter, Lowe gude King Robert a grudge fancy on the days of Wallace and Bruce ?”. for his Black Parliament, in which, for no (Peter's eyes kindled; he had heard of good cause that seems to have been known the names, and hoped they might bring him to his contemporaries, he hung a score or good backing.)" Well, then, do you two of his nobility and crown vassals. chuse the days of the wight Wallace, who, Moreover, I detest the manner of their after burning a few churches, towns, and warfare in those days. What say you to villages, massacring some thousand men, the courteous choice proposed by the good and so forth, like all heroes, was at length Lord James of Douglas between the loss driven into the woods, lived like an out of the right eye, or the fore finger of the law, and died like a malefactor ? Are you right hand, to each poor devil of an Engprepared to prove, that that Wallace, of lish archer who cam whom we talk so much and know so little, hands? Or would you have liked to aswhose efforts in defence of his country's sist at that notable mess, the Douglasses independence were totally abortive, and | larder, when the whole stores intended for whose only historian is the sapient and ve. victualling a fortress were mixed in the hall racious Blind Harry, brought such bless of the castle, the bags of flour and meal ings on a country subdued and occupied by emptied, the casks of wine and beer stathe foreign enemy during his brief warfare ved, the sacks of grain spilt, and min. of about four years, that you would change gled with the contents of the barrels of your quiet and peaceful lounge about the salted provisions, the cattle slain on the top streets of Edinburgh, with full permission of this miscellaneous heap, and the prison. to growl at every thing, from the writers , ers finally slaughtered, • all to make the to the scavenger, for a state of servitude

cuger, jor a state of servitude 1 gruel slab?" under a foreign yoke, varied by fierce “ Pah!" said Peter, beginning to spit, an insurrection and unsparing bloodshed ?action in which he was accompanied by And for the Bruce,” said Andrew, pur. several of the assistants.


o Well,” said Pismire, “every one knows, executioner within the two first years of his that I am the most moderate man in argu. reign, inclusive of his cousin the Duke of ment-I give Mr Grievance the choice of Albany, the Earls of Monteith and Lenthe ground, and point out every field of nox. Engaged in the perilous task of battle to him, and yet he retreats like a humbling his haughty nobles, he fell a vicParthian, to involve me still farther in the tim to the attempt, and was poniarded to desarts before he makes head against me. death in a common sewer.Do you like I must e'en chase him through this waste the times of James II. better, when he staband disconsolate region, like the gryphon bed his rival, the Earl of Douglas, with his pursuing the Arimaspian through the wil. own hand,—when Scotland was divided into derness. So on we go through dense and two parties, for the Stuarts and Douglasses, rare. - Wilt thou give battle, Peter, in the and only the factions of our neighbours of doleful days of the second Bruce, when a England, as inveterate as our own, kept handful of English exiles recovered the them from pouncing upon us and swallowwhole kingdom ? when Hallidown and ing us up 2-James III., Lord love him, Duplin were fatted with the blood of our a musician, bless the mark, and an archi. best and bravest? when David got himself tect, built fine houses and castles, gave con. made prisoner like a fool, and came back certs (in the churches to wit,) and lost his like a tyrant, to break with his own royal life because he wished to add to his musical hand the heads of the loving subjects who establishment. His taste for the society of pressed upon him to welcome his restora. architects and musicians was termed a par. tion? What shall we say to the brief reigntiality for fiddlers and masons. Mild meaof Robert the Second, maintained on his sures (the age called them such) were at

idst the wars which he hated and first tried with him, and the mob of nobles feared, by the doubtful allegiance of the were contented with hanging every man Earls of Douglas, whose hand seemed as whom he had about his person, or who often stretched to snatch him from his seat was dear to him ;-they even spared a of dignity as to maintain him there? What page who clung to his knees. But as he of Robin, who changed his name from John was found incapable of taking warning by to break an augury, and took nothing by their clemency, and reverted to the study his motion, his reign being a series of fo- of the fine arts, they e'en stabbed him in a reign war and domestic misfortune, who pig-stye, for an example to all royal amasate the mimic shadow of a sovereign, teurs. The days of James IV. had a few victim of his own weakness and the savage gleams of prosperity ; but the battle of ambition of his brother, and whose son was Flodden, in a war indiscreetly under. starved to death in a royal fortress, while taken, and a conflict fought without a his father enjoyed the vain name of King? | glimpse of military skill, extinguished the

“I come next to our Jameses,” conti-. chivalrous monarch and two-thirds of his nued Andrew," a name which called | nobility. The reign of James V. began Misfortune bride. 2. James the First, if you with minority and all its evils, and ended please, was a reformer,--a radical one, if with heart-breaking miscarriage. In his two thousand of his subjects fell by the youth, the possession of the King's person

was contended for as if it had been a signet, | Here Peter interrupted the orator, to á talisman, an amulet, or any other uncom- | make what the gentlemen of the fancy mon thing, to the possession of which call a rally. But we must necessarily defer power was attached. He struggled gal | the rest of the conversation to our next lantly against the evil time when he gained Number. possession of his freedom, but lost his sons by disease, and died of a broken heart on To the Conductor of the SALE-ROOM. account of his unsuccessful war with England. Then came. Hepry's lion-wooing

Muirhouse-fell, Lammermoor, i in behalf of his son Edward, the fatal rout at Pínkey,--the sharp swords of the

| SIR, English raging through the land from all

from all I am a plain farmer. I live surrounded the strong-holds and garrisons which they by three or four thousand acres of moor. occupied, and their yet more powerful land, on which there is neither house nor gold debauching from their allegiance one

Ince ones village besides my own steading, neither half of the Scottish nobles.- Queen Mary hoof nor horn, grass nor corn, but of my only stepped on the stage to give occasion own raising. Such a situation you town's, to such a history of woe as perhaps no other folks would think lonely enough in winter, history records. All was murder in the and, truly, some of the long evenings open field, or by the hand of the execu

would pass rather heavily, unless it were tioner. Polemical hate sharpened, and for reading, and music now and then; for seemed to those whom it stimulated to au- my daughters play, and sing sometimes thorise, the unbounded rancour of hostility. when no one but the family is by. tot i A murdered King was avenged by the long I take a newspaper twice a week, a con. imprisonment and subsequent execution of stitutional decent publication, the editor the Sovereign of Scotland by a vindictive

of Scotland bý a vindictive of which seldom troubles his readers with rival.

his own fancies, but gives the news as he - James VI.," said Andrew, in continua- | gets them from other quarters which he tion, “was, during his residence in Scot- thinks authentic. It has been a fancy of land, a foot-ball to Fortune and to his mine, confirmed by a pretty long expe. factious nobles, like his ancestors before rience, that the greatest professors are him, and with a single grain of more spi-, usually the smallest performers; and it is rit, could not have escaped being murdered owing to this that I have taken your Saleon the many occasions when he fell into Room also, the first number of which came the coercive hands of his nobles. The ex- to me accidentally wrapped about a pound ploits of Bothwell upon his person, the raids of candles from Dalkeith. og for a t of Ruthven and of Stirling, the Gowrie | The reason of my troubling you with my conspiracy, and many other ruffles, must present correspondence, is this :-- In dehave kept his mind in such a constant state : spite of the modesty of your pretensions, of terror, that a hare would have a better | yoy begin by using both strange names and time of it in the neighbourhood of a pack the French language, (which, thank God, of hounds."

| I never learnt, nor intend to learn,) with


out subjoining a translation. For instance, His reign was short. To blood and rapine bred, there is Coryphæus ;-who is Coryphæus ?

He on their very bones and marrow fed ;

Till one, more bold and generous than the rest, I asked the minister in the session-room

Deposed and slew the sanguinary beast. between preachings last Sunday, but he was unfortunately taken with a fit of coughing

“ The animals, collected then like you,

To mould their government anew, before he could reply; and, afterwards, he

Of the three forms presented to their choice, was so much engaged in conversation with

For which do you suppose they gave their voice?”Lady Faladam, that I could never get an 1 -“ O for the popular !” at once they cried, answer out of him.

" You're in the right of it,” replied

Fiesco; “ a democracy they chose ; I am therefore obliged to apply to you

And on whate'er their rulers should propose, in this difficulty, and to request that you Each was to have his vote. will be pleased to translate all the French

“ It chanced that Man used in the foregoing numbers, in your

Against their infant state a war began. next; and above all, furnish information as

Bull, Lion, Eagle, Tiger, Leopard, Bear, to Coryphæus.

For vigorous defence prepare;
I am,

Goats, Pigeons, Sheep, and all the reptile race,

Resolve to sue for ignominious peace.
Your well-wisher,

Cowards and Fools outvote the wise and brave,

And men their unprotected haunts surprise :

What would ye in this crisis have decreed?"

“Why, that the best,” they cry, “should take the lead.” Driginal Poetry.

“ Just what they did—an aristocracy

This government is call'd-But see

The consequence- The general good
FROM THE GERMAN OF SCHILLER. Gave way to private interest, and all stood,
In ancient times, when Genoa had rebelld,

Not for his fellow-creatures, but himself:
And from its walls the Prince expell’d,

Then first was known the sordid lust of pelf.
Fiesco, at the insurgents' head,

Foxes, Curs, Cats, purloin'd the common stock, Who, as he will'd, their factious spirit led,

The Wolf devour'd at will the helpless flock.
The commons thus address'd,

Asses, ambassadors were sent,
On their new state assembled to decide :-

A Stag to lead their armies went; “ With your good leave, I will relate to you

All was oppression, plunder, weakness, wrong: What happen'd to the beasts, like you oppress'd?"

Till, with one voice, the indignant throng, “ Speak, speak, Fiesco," cry'd the motley crew.

Able to bear no more, resolved to have

A King, at once sagacious, generous, brave. -“Weary with anarchy and civil broils,

The Lion in a word.” The rabble rout,
And sadly living on each others spoils,

Rending the air with hideous shout,
In desperate hope to be protected,

Exclaim—“ Huzza ! the Lion is the thing!
A Bull-Dog for their Sovereign they elected.

Huzza! huzza ! Fiesco shall be King !" ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. 19. We have received a letter from a fair Correspondent, under the signature of Jaquenetta, in which she addresses us by the flattering epithet of Dear Mr Sale-Room, warns us to beware of using hard words, and reguests, in particular, an explanation of the word Coryphaus used in our First Number. Although we should be loth to lose the opportunity of displaying occasionally our little stock of learning, we shall always be happy to afford explanation, and have the honour of informing the fair Querist that Coryphæus signifi-s the principat person, or leader, of any undertaking; and, in the present instance, must be regarded as forming the head of thut ingenious individual Mr Sale Room.

The above solution will serve as a reply, also, to our friend Agricolas query. The French language will be accompanied by a translation in future. J. Y.and Gamma" are under consideration.

Edinburgh, printed by James Ballantyne & Co. for John Ballantyne, Hanover-Street.

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