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18 And those among you who are servants, be sub

ject to your masters, with reverence; not only to Sy. to your

the good and gentle, but also to the harsh and lords. 19 morose. (19) For there is favor before God for

them who, for the sake of a good conscience, en

dure_sorrows that come upon them wrongfully. 20 (20) But they who endure afflictions on account of their offences, what praise have they? But if

, when ye do well, they vex you, and ye endure it'; then 21 great is your praise with God. (21) For unto this

were ye called ; because the Messiah also died for

us, and left us this pattern, that ye should walk in 22 his steps. (22) He did no sin ; neither was guile 23 found in his mouth. (23) When he was reviled,

he reviled not; and he suffered and threatened not,

but committed his cause to the Judge of righteous24 ness. (24) And he took awayd all our sins, and, a Sy.

in his body, lifted them to the cross; that we, when

dead to sin, might live by his righteousness: for 25 by his wounds, ye are healed. (25) For ye, Conce]

went astray, like sheep; but ye have now returned to the Shepherd and Curatore of your souls.


liesco III. So also ye wives, be ye subject to your hus- Gr. &rioXotOS

bands; that, by your pleasing behavior, ye may

gain over, without difficulty, those who obey not 2 the word, (2) when they see, that ye conduct your3 selves with reverence and chastity. (3) And adorn

not yourselves with the external ornaments of curls

of the hair, or of golden trinkets, or of costly gar4 ments. (4) But adorn yourselves in the hidden

person of the heart, a with a mild and uncorrupted . Sy b1

spirit, an ornament that is precious before God. 5 (5) For so also the holy women of old, who trusted

in God, adorned themselves, and were subject to 6 their husbands : (6) just as Sarah was subject to

Abraham, and called him, My lord: whose daugh

ters ye are, by good works, while ye are not terri. 7 fied by any fear.—(7) And ye husbands, likewise,

dwell with your wives according to knowledge; and hold them in honor, as the feebler vessels; because they also will inherit with you the gift of

eternal life: and let not your prayers be hindered. 8

The summing up, b is, that ye all be in harmony, Sy. Kelee that ye be sympathetic with them who suffer, and affectionate one to another, and be merciful and

kind. (9) And that ye recompense to no one evil 9
for evil, neither railing for railing; but, in contra-
riety to these, that ye bless : for to this were ye
called, that ye might inherit a blessing. (10) There- 10
fore, whoever chooseth life, and desireth to see good
days, let him keep his tongue from evil, and his
lips that they speak no guile; (11) let him turn 11
away from evil, and do good; let him seek peace,
and follow after it. (12) Because the eyes of the 12
Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears (ready]
to hear them: but the face of the Lord is against
the wicked. (13) And who will do you harm, if 13
ye are zealous of good works? (14) But if it 14
should occur, that ye suffer on account of righteous-
ness, happy are ye. And be not terrified, by those
who would terrify you, nor be agitated: (15) but 15
sanctify the Lord the Messiah, in your hearts.

And be ye ready for a vindication, before every

one who demandeth of you an account of the hope ( some: the. of yourc faith, (16) in meekness and respect, as 16

having a good conscience; so that they who speak
against you as bad men, may be ashamed, for hav.
ing calumniated your good conduct in the Messiah.
(17) For it is profitable to you, that ye suffer evil 17
while ye do good deeds, if this should be the pleas-
ure of God; and not, while ye do evil deeds.
|(18) For the Messiah also once died for our sins, 18
the righteous for sinners; that he might bring you
to God. And he died in body, but lived in spirit.
(19) And he preached to those souls, which were 19
detained in Hades,d (20) which were formerly dis- 20
obedient, in the days of Noah, when the long suf-

fering of God commanded an ark to be made, in e Gr. saved.

hope of their repentance; and eight souls only enf Gr. saved.

tered into it, and were kept alivee in the waters.

(21) And ye also, by a like figure, are made alivef 21 ở Sy.

by baptism,8 (not when ye wash your bodies from filth, but when ye confess God with a pure conscience, and by the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah ; (22) who is taken up to heaven, and is on 22 the right hand of God, and angels, and authorities, and powers

, are subject to him.-(IV.) If then the IV. Messiah hath suffered for you in the flesh, do ye also arm yourselves with the same mind: one that is dead in his body, hath ceased from all sins, (2) that he may no longer be alive to the 2

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for every


lusts of men, while he is in the body, but [only] to 3 do the pleasure of God. (3) For the time that is

past was enough, when ye wrought the pleasure of
the profane,a in dissoluteness

, and in ebriety, and . Sy. Laïn in lasciviousness, and in revelling, and in the wor4 ship of demons. (4) And lo, they now wonder,

and reproach you, because ye revel not with them 5 in the same former dissoluteness ; (5) who must

give account to God, who is to judge the living and 6 the dead. (6) For on this account the announce.

ment is made also to the dead, that they may be
judged as persons in the flesh, and may live accord-

ing to God in the spirit.
7 But the end of all things approacheth: therefore
8 be sober, and be wakeful for prayer. (8) And

above all things, have fervent love one towards 9 another; for love covereth a multitude of sins. (9)

And be ye compassionate to strangers, without 10 murmuring. (10) And let each of you minister to

his associates, the gift which he hath received from

God; as being good stewards of the manifold grace 11 of God. (11) Whoever will speak, let him speak

as the word of God: and whoever will minister, b. Sy. as of the ability that God hath given him: so that we los in all ye do, God may be glorified, through Jesus the Messiah; to whom belongeth glory, and honor,

for ever and ever. Amen. 12 My beloved, be not dismayed at the trials that

befall you, as if some strange thing had come upon 13 you; for these things are for your probation. (13)

But rejoice, that ye participate in the sufferings of

the Messiah, that so ye may also rejoice and exult 14 at the revelation of his glory. (14) And if ye are

reproached on account of the name of the Messiah,

happy are ye: for the glorious Spirit of God resteth 15 upon you. (15) Only let none of you suffer, as a 16 murderer, or as a thief, or as an evil-doer. (16)

But if he suffer as a Christian,c let him not be . Sy.

ashamed; but let him glorify God on account of Lincoln 17 this name. (17) For it is the time when judgment

will commence with the house of God: and if it

commence with us, what will be the end of those 18 who obey not the gospel of God? (18) And if the

righteous scarcely liveth, where will the ungodly - Gr. 15 saved. 19 and the sinner be found !--(19) Wherefore, let

them who suffer according to the pleasure of God,

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Sy. by good commend their souls to him in well doing, e as to a deeds. faithful Creator. • Sy. Lered

And I, an Elder, a your associate, and a witness V of the sufferings of the Messiah, and a participator

in his glory which is to be revealed, —entreat the o Sy leies Elders who are among you:-(2) Feed ye the 2

flock of God which is committed to you: have care
(for it), spiritually; not from compulsion, but
voluntarily; not for base gain, but with all your
heart; (3) not as lords of the flock, but so as to be 3
a good example for them: (4) that when the chief 4
shepherd shall be revealed, ye may receive from
him a crown of glory that fadeth not.—(5) And ye

5 juniors submit yourselves to your seniors; and clothe yourselves

, stringently, with lowliness of mind one towards another; because God resisteth them who exalt themselves, and giveth grace to the humble. (6) Humble yourselves, therefore, 6 under the powerful hand of God: and it will exalt you in due time. (7) And cast all your solicitude 7

upon God; for he careth for you. (8) Be sober 8 •d Sy. 1240 and guarded, because Satand your adversary, like

a lion, roareth, and goeth about, and seeketh whom
he may devour.

devour. (g) Therefore resist him, being 9 steadfast in the faith: and know ye, that the same sufferings befall your brethren that are in the world.

Now it is the God of grace, who hath called us 10 to his eternal glory by Jesus the Messiah, that hath given us, while we sustain these light afflictions, to be strengthened, and confirmed, and established by him for ever: (11) to whom be glory, and power, 11

and honor, for ever and ever. Amen. • Sy. These as I account [them] few [things], I have 12

written to you by Sylvanus, a faithful brother. And I would persuade, and would testify, that this

is the true grace of God, this in which ye stand. * Sy. Beso -(13) The elect church which is in Babylon, sa

13 luteth you; also Mark, my son. (14) Salute ye 14 one another with a holy kiss.—Peace be with you all, who are in the Messiah. Amen.

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ܙܥܘܪܵܝܬܐ .gy•

End of the first Eprstle of Peter the Legate.

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SIMON PETER, a servant and legate of Jesus the Messiah,—to those who have obtained equally pre

cious faith with us, through the righteousness of 2 our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus the Messiah (2)

May grace and peace abound to you through the 3 recognitiona of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, (3) or, acknowl

as the giver to us of all things that be of the edgment. power of God, unto life and the fear of God, through

the recognition of him who hath called us unto his 4 own glory and moral excellence: (4) wherein he

hath given you very great and precious promises ; that by them ye might become partakers of the

nature of God, while ye flee from the corruptions 5 of the lusts that are in the world. (5) And, while

ye applyb all diligence in the matter, add to your

faith moral excellence; and to moral excellence, - Sy. introduce 6 knowledge ;c (6) and to knowledge, perseverance; or, intelliand to perseverance, patience; and to patience, the

gence. 7 fear of God; (7) and to the fear of God, sympathy

with the brotherhood; and to sympathy with the 8 brotherhood, love. (8) For, while these are found

in you, and abounding, they render you not sloth

ful, and not unfruitful, in the recognition of our 9 Lord Jesus the Messiah. (9) For he, in whom

these things are not found, is blind and seeth not,

and hath forgotten the purgation of his former sins. 10 (10) And therefore, my brethren, be ye exceedingly

diligent to make your calling and election sure, a .

by your good actions: for, by so doing, ye will 11 never fall away. (11) For thus will entrance be

given you abundantly, into the everlasting king.

dom of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus the Messiah. 12

And for this reason I am not wearied in remind. ing you continually of these things; although ye

know them well, and are established in this truth. 13 (13) And it seemeth right to me, so long as I am

ܡܫܙܪܬܐ .Sy

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