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R. W. Lee, D.C.L., McGill University (Convener). D. A. MacRae, K.C., LL.D., Dean, Faculty of Law, Dalhousie University, Halifax (Acting Convener).

Alberta.-T. M. Tweedie, K.C., M.P., Calgary; Walter Scott, K.C., LL.D., Edmonton. British Columbia.-H. A. Maclean, K.C., W. C. Moresby, Victoria; D. A. McDonald, K.C., R. M. Macdonald, Vancouver. Manitoba.-H. A. Robson, K.C., LL.D., Isaac Campbell, K.C., J. B. Coyne, K.C., E. Loftus, K.C., H. H. Saunderson, Winnipeg. New Brunswick.-J. Roy Campbell, K.C., D.C.L., H. O. McInerney, St. John; P. J. Hughes, Fredericton. Nova Scotia.-D. A. MacRae, K.C., LL.D., Stuart Jenks, K.C., Halifax. Ontario. Shirley Denison, K.C., Hon. Mr. Justice Riddell, R. J. Maclennan, Toronto; W. F. Kerr, Cobourg. Prince Edward Island.-Hon. C. G. Duffy, J. D. Stewart, K.C., G. S. Inman, K.C., J. M. Hynes, Charlottetown. Quebec. Dr. R. W. Lee, W. D. Lighthall, K.C., O. S. Tyndale, Robert A. Taschereau, K.C., Montreal; Alphonse Pouliot, K.C., D.C.L., Quebec. Saskatchewan.-J. A. M. Patrick, K.C., Yorkton; T. D. Brown, K.C., Regina; Arthur Moxon, Saskatoon.


Angus MacMurchy, K.C., 1308 C.P.R. Building, Toronto (Convener).

Alberta. James Muir, K.C., LL.D., Calgary; J. C. F. Bown, K.C., Edmonton; British Columbia.-Charles Wilson, K.C., J. L. G. Abbott, Vancouver; Lindley Crease, K.C., Victoria; D. Whiteside, New Westminster. Manitoba.-Hon. Chief Justice Mathers, E. K. Williams, Winnipeg. New Brunswick.H. A. Powell, K.C., St. John; A. B. Connell, K.C., Woodstock. Nova Scotia.-Hon. A. K. Maclean, K.C., Hector McInnes, K.C., Halifax. Ontario.-Angus MacMurchy, K.C., Hon. Mr. Justice Orde, Toronto; Frank M. Field, K.C., Cobourg. Prince Edward Island.-A. B. Warburton, K.C., D.C.L., H. J. Palmer, K.C., Charlottetown. Quebec.-A. Falconer, K.C., A. R. Holden, K.C., A. E. Beckett, K.C., J. C. H. Dussault, K.C., C. A. Harwood, K.C., J. A. Lamarche, K.C., E. Gadbois, Montreal; Louis A. Pouliot, Quebec. Saskatchewan.-J. F. Frame, K.C., Regina; H. C. Pope, Moose Jaw; J. M. Stevenson, Saskatoon.


E. Lafleur, K.C., D.C.L., Royal Trust Building, Montreal


Alberta.-R. B. Bennett, K.C., LL.D., Clifford T. Jones, K.C., Calgary; S. B. Woods, K.C., Edmonton; W. A. Begg, K.C., Medicine Hat. British Columbia.-Charles Wilson, K.C., W. S. Lane, R. L. Maitland, Vancouver; H. A. Maclean, K.C., J. A. Aikman, Victoria. Manitoba.-Edward Anderson, K.C., R. W. Craig, K. C., Travers Sweatman, K.C., Winnipeg. New Brunswick.-L. P. D. Tilley, K.C., D.C.L., St. John; A. R. Slipp, K.C., Fredericton; J. Allen LeBlanc, Dalhousie. Nova Scotia.— W. A. Henry, K.C., J. L. Ralston, K.C., D.C.L., Halifax; F. L. Milner, K.C., Amherst. Ontario.-C. S. MacInnes, K.C., N. B. Gash, K.C., Toronto; His Honour Judge Hardy, Brantford. Nicol Jeffrey, Guelph. Prince Edward Island.-D. A. Mackinnon, K.C., W. E. Bentley, K.C., G. S. Inman, K.C., Charlottetown. Quebec.-E. Lafleur, K.C., D.C.L., J. A. Mann, K.C., W. L. Bond, K.C., A. Mailhot, K.C., Gregor Barclay, Montreal; Hon. Mr. Justice Gibsone, Quebec. Saskatchewan.-D. J. Thom, K.C., Regina; P. E. Mackenzie, K.C., Saskatoon; W. F. Dunn, K.C., Moose Jaw.


Hon. W. F. A. Turgeon, K.C., Regina (Convener). J. Pollard Lewin, St. John, N.B., (Assistant Convener). Alberta.-R. B. Bennett, K.C., LL.D., A. H. Clarke, K.C., A. MacLeod Sinclair, K.C., Calgary; Frank Ford, K.C., D.C.L., Walter Scott, K.C., LL.D., J. E. Wallbridge, K.C., Edmonton; C. F. P. Conybeare, K.C., D.C.L., Lethbridge. British Columbia.-J. N. Ellis, K.C., E. C. Mayers, W. Ernest Burns, F. G. T. Lucas, Vancouver; H. E. A. Courtney, Victoria. Manitoba.Isaac Pitblado, K.C., LL.D., Travers Sweatman, K.C., H. J. Symington, K.C., W. H. Trueman, K.C., H. A. Bergman, K.C., T. A. Hunt, K.C., F. M. Burbidge, K. C., D. H. Laird, K.C., Winnipeg. New Brunswick.-Hon. John B. M. Baxter, K.C., D.C.L., M. G. Teed, K.C., D.C.L., W. B. Wallace, K.C., D.C.L. Fred R. Taylor, K. C., D.C.L., J. Pollard Lewin, St. John. Nova Scotia. Stuart Jenks, K.C., C. J. Burchell, K.C., F. Mathers, K.C., Halifax. Ontario. John D. Falconbridge, A. J. Russell Snow, K.C., Toronto; W. H. Wardrope, K.C., Hamilton; W. N. Ponton, K.C., Belleville; J. C. Elliott, D.C.L., London; Francis King, Kingston; T. Mulvey, K.C., Ottawa. Prince Edward Island.-W. E. Bentley, K.C., Hon. C. G. Duffy, M.L.A., J. D. Stewart, K.C., M.L.A., Charlottetown. Quebec.-Pierre Beullac, K.C., F. J. Laverty, K.C., Gordon W. Macdougall, K.C., H. J. Gagné, K.C., W. A. Merrill, Montreal. Saskatchewan. Hon. W. F. A. Turgeon, K.C., R. W. Shannon, K.C., G. H. Barr, K.C., Regina; Donald Maclean, M.L.A., Saskatoon; H. J. Schull, Moose Jaw.


W. E. BENTLEY, K.C., Charlottetown (Convener)


Alberta.-Charles F. Adams, K.C., Calgary; H. R. Milner, British Columbia.-Gordon E. Corbould, K.C., New Westminster; Clarence Darling, Vancouver; H. B. Robertson, Victoria. Manitoba.—W. J. Tupper, K.C., M.L.A., A. J. Andrews, K.C., Winnipeg; R. M. Matheson, K.C., Brandon. New Brunswick.-M. L. Hayward, Hartland; H. A. Carr, Campbellton. Nova Scotia.-W. A. Henry, K.C., Halifax; Hance J. Logan, K.C., Amherst. Ontario.-W. J. McWhinney, K.C., Daniel Urquhart, Toronto; F. P. Betts, K.C., London; G. F. Henderson, K.C., Ottawa; Francis King, Kingston; J. H. Rodd, Windsor. Prince Edward Island.-W. E. Bentley, K.C., Charlottetown. Quebec.-F. E. Meredith, K.C., D.C.L., Leon Garneau, K.C., Montreal; Hon. Jacques Bureau, K.C., M.P., Three Rivers; Maurice Dupré, Quebec; Hon. Mr. Justice White, Sherbrooke. Saskatchewan.-J. A. Cross, K. C., M. L. A., T. A. McNiven, Regina; J. W. Estey, Saskatoon.


George F. Henderson, K.C., Ottawa (Convener).

Alberta.-William Short, K.C., Edmonton; British Columbia.-Gordon E. Corbould, K.C., New Westminster; E. A. Lucas, Vancouver; H. G. Lawson, Victoria. Manitoba.-G. W. Allan, K.C., M.P., Horace Ormond, K.C., Winnipeg. New Brunswick.-C. D. Richards, M.L.A., Fredericton. Nova Scotia.W. A. Henry, K.C., Halifax. Ontario.-George F. Henderson, K.C., Ottawa; M. H. Ludwig, K.C., Toronto; William R. White, K.C., Pembroke. Prince Edward Island.-D. A. Mackinnon, K.C., Charlottetown. Quebec.-Louis S. St. Laurent, K.C., LL.D., Quebec. Saskatchewan.-C. L. Durie, Saskatoon.


R. W. Craig, K.C., Winnipeg (Convener).

Hon. Mr. Justice Surveyer, Montreal; R. J. Maclennan, Toronto; R. W. Craig, K.C., Winnipeg.



At this meeting there is submitted for your consideration the propriety of incorporating the Association. Some four years ago, a resolution was passed approving. Notice of application was published but by reason of the war diverting our attention and energies, no further steps were taken. Many have expressed the view that it should now be done, for the reasons, among others, that the certainty, continuity and capacity of a legal entity having for its purposes those of the present voluntary Society would soon develop a corporate consciousness and soul which would claim the allegiance and command the support of the whole profession in Canada and would unite it; that while preserving the present absolute autonomy of the official Law Societies and Councils and Bar Associations of the Provinces, it would place them in harmonious relation, and through concerted action promote a higher standard of education, better quality and greater efficiency in the Canadian profession. That it would be capable of holding property for the Association and incidentally for the publication of journals, dissemination of information of interest. That this and more frequent intercourse would create such a bond amongst us we would soon realize that the advancement of the whole body would mean benefit to each person composing it. And because lawyers, by reason of their careful training, their varied experience, and, usually, their public spirit, are natural leaders of the people in public affairs, greater unity of the profession would lead to the much needed and greater unity in thought and action among the peoples of Canada and to like mindedness and singleness of heart and soul in the interest of our country. If incorporaton will even tend in that direction, will it not, altogether outside of purely professional purposes, be worth while?

The war was a test of Canadian spirit and strength. These stood that test and developed under it and Canada became conscious that it was not only a national entity but capable of national and international responsibility and should assume it. That consciousness means a quick unfolding and putting forth of its powers. Should that movement be too rapid, reaction will result, a thing devoutly to be avoided. A special duty rests upon our profession both on the Bench and at the Bar, for we are the agents and ministers of the law. By public statute in each of the provinces we have been organized for the service of the people and to that end protected, only however up to the point where our years of preparation for that service may be compensated by a fair living with hard work and not destroyed by

filibusters. Further the people understand that by education and experience we are tenacious of those laws and customs which have been of value in the past and, modified when necessary, are of value in the present, and they look to us as safe and constructive advisers and leaders in national activities. Like Saul of old who when selected King shrank from public service and the pillory of criticism and hid himself among the stuff, so we too fain would there hide ourselves and avoid the citizen's burden of serving the people according to our several ability. Through a general neglect of that service in our country of popular suffrage our people are in imminent danger of the despotism not so much of individuals as of classes, organized on the principle of every one for himself and the de'il take the hindermost, which results as the de'il would have it in his taking all. I am sure many will say all this is didactic and ethical. Those of us who with measured step and slow are moving off the stage appreciate it, but may I persuade the younger members to an acceptance of the call of our nation and of their unprecedented opportunities to help in its government. Let me point to what lawyers have done in serving Canada in municipal, provincial and national politicsusing that word in its generous meaning-and without indicating that others are less worthy, to the Prime Ministers from the Bar Canada has had: Macdonald, Abbott, Thompson, Laurier, Borden, and, as a lawyer, with pride I mention Meighen. Gentlemen we have not all or always agreed with premiers, their policies or their methods, nor is that expected. But should we not regard our citizens who with high purpose volunteer for public service as we regarded our soldiers who, impelled by inward conviction, fought for us Each though in a different sense takes his life in his hands, each has to deny himself, each is endeavouring to do his duty, each is influenced by one thought, how best to serve his country. Ours to criticize and enquire, but in that charity which thinketh no evil and is kind, to condemn unequivocally the wrong, but to encourage and applaud every sincere and honest effort. Canada has had a wonderful beginning. To our people sprung from vigorous races, Great Britain willingly and in kindness gave protection while we established in this new land these fundamental British principles, protection of person and property, fair and prompt trial of offences and disputes by a system of qualified judges, of advocates and juries, freedom of religious worship, of speech, of press, of assemblage, government of people by themselves and indeed all those things which pertain to our civilization, a civilization which rests upon Christianity.

If we only had that intense race consciousness that characterized Jewry, we might hear the British spirit which enfolds us proclaim:

"Behold I lay in (Canada) for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation," and the rule for the building of our superstructure is declared:-

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