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HONORARY MEMBERSHIP-The Council has pleasure in reporting that pursuant to Resolution passed at the last Annual Meeting, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales was offered and was pleased to accept Honorary Membership in the Association.

FINANCE-The Financial Report of the Acting Secretary and Treasurer is appended. The accounts have been checked and the report has been certified by the auditors.

LEGAL EDUCATION-Pursuant to the suggestion in the Report of the Committee on Legal Education adopted at the last Annual Meeting a sub-committee was appointed to prepare a standard curriculum for use in the law-schools in the Common Law Provinces. This sub-committee met at Montreal on the 2nd of January, and as a result of this meeting and subsequent conferences, prepared a draft report which is to be presented to the Association at this meeting.

Doctor R. W. Lee, Dean of the Faculty of Law at McGill who has been the very active convener of the committee on Legal Education has accepted an appointment at Oxford, for one year, and during bis absence, Doctor MacRae, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Dalhousie, has been directing the work of the Committee.

LEGAL ETHICS-In accordance with the recommendation of the Committee on Legal Ethics adopted at the last Annual Meeting, a sub-committee with Honourable Chief Justice Mathers as Convener has been engaged in preparing a draft statement of the principles of Legal Ethics. This statement will be submitted to the Association at this meeting.

THE NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION-This Association was invited by the New York State Bar Association to send a representative to its annual meeting in New York in January, and the Hon. A. W. Atwater, K.C., of Montreal, attended as representing this Association.

THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION-This Association was invited by the American Bar Association to send a representative to its annual meeting in St. Louis on August 25th to 27th, and Mr. R. B. Bennett, K.C., Vice-President for Alberta, attended as representing this Association.

THE OHIO STATE BAR ASSOCIATION-By invitation of the President and Executive of the Ohio State Bar Association, the President of the Canadian Bar Association attended the Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association at Cedar Point, Ohio, in July.



July 31st, 1920

E. H. Coleman, Acting Secretary and Treasurer.


October 9-Cheque from R. J. Maclennan, balance

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Express and Freight Charges


General Office Expense-Publications, etc.
Annual Meeting Expense-


G. F. O'Grady-Items paid by Con-
vention Comm., properly chargeable
to general fund.


J. L. Donovan-Shorthand Reporter

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August 9, 1920

We have examined the books and accounts of the Canadian Bar Association and find that the balance shown on the attached statement of $2,555.53 as being in the hands of the Acting Secretary and Treasurer, on July 31st, 1920, is correct and is represented by:

Amount at credit of the Association in the Bank of

Nova Scotia, Main St. Branch, Winnipeg, as

per Bank statement.

Cash on hand.




We have also examined the vouchers covering the Expenditures in the attached statement and find them to be in order, with the exception of one item ($10.00) voucher lost.

(Sgd.) R. D. GUY,
(Sgd.) G. F. O'GRADY,




Honorary President.

Rt. Hon. Charles J. Doherty, K.C., D.C.L., LL.D.,
Minister of Justice, Ottawa.

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Sir James Aikins, K.C., LL.D., Winnipeg.
Honorary Vice-Presidents.-

Alberta: Hon. J. R. Boyle, K.C., Edmonton.

British Columbia: Hon. J. W. deB. Farris, K.C., Victoria.
Manitoba: Hon. Thomas H. Johnson, K.C., Winnipeg.
New Brunswick: Hon. J. P. Byrne, K.C., Bathurst.
Nova Scotia: Hon. O. T. Daniels, K.C., Halifax.
Ontario: Hon. W. E. Raney, K.C., Toronto.

Prince Edward Island: Hon. J. J. Johnston, K.C.,

Quebec: Hon. L. A. Taschereau, K.C., Quebec.
Saskatchewan: Hon. W. F. A. Turgeon, K.C., Regina.

Alberta: R. B. Bennett, K.C., LL.D., Calgary.
British Columbia: L. G. McPhillips, K.C., Vancouver.
Manitoba: Isaac Pitblado, K.C., LL.D., Winnipeg.
New Brunswick: R. B. Hanson, K.C., Fredericton.
Nova Scotia: Stuart Jenks, K.C., Halifax.

Ontario: M. H. Ludwig, K.C., Toronto.

Prince Edward Island: A. B. Warburton, K.C., D.C.L.,

Quebec: Eugene Lafleur, K.C., D.C.L., Montreal.
Saskatchewan: J. A. M. Patrick, K.C., Yorkton.

Honorary Secretary.

Hon. E. Fabre Surveyer, Superior Court, Montreal.
Honorary Treasurer.-

George F. Henderson, K.C., Ottawa.

Secretary and Treasurer.

E. H. Coleman, P.O. Box 324, Winnipeg.

Alberta. Hon. Chief Justice Harvey; J. C. F. Bown, K.C.; Walter Scott, K.C., LL.D., George H. Steer, Edmonton; T. M. Tweedie, K.C., M.P., D. L. Redman, M.P., John W. Hugill, D.C.L., Calgary; N. W. Laidlaw, Medicine Hat. Representatives of Law Society of Alberta.-James Muir, K.C., LL.D., Calgary, C. F. P. Conybeare, K.C., D.C.L., Lethbridge.

British Columbia.-Hon. Mr. Justice Morrison, Charles Wilson, K.C., R. M. Macdonald, W. S. Lane, Vancouver; Gordon E. Corbould, K.C., New Westminster; Lindley Crease, K.C., H. A. Maclean, K.C., J. A. Aikman, Victoria.

Manitoba. Hon. Chief Justice Mathers, Hon. Mr. Justice Dennistoun, Isaac Campbell, K.C., Theo. A. Hunt, K.C., R. W. Craig, K.C., W. J. Tupper, K.C., M.L.A., Horace Ormond, K.C., Winnipeg; R. M. Matheson, K.C., Brandon. Representatives of Law Society of Manitoba.-W. R. Mulock, K.C., A. J. Andrews, K.C., Winnipeg.

New Brunswick.-M. G. Teed, K.C., D.C.L., Hon. John B. M. Baxter, K.C., D.C.L., Fred R. Taylor, K.C., D.C.L., J. Pollard Lewin, Saint John.; E. Albert Reilly, K.C., Moncton; A. B. Connell, K.C., Woodstock; M. N. Cockburn, K.C., St. Stephen; J. Allen LeBlanc, Dalhousie. Representatives Barris

ters' Society.-To be named.

Nova Scotia.-Hon. Chief Justice Harris, Hon. Mr. Justice Longley, T. Sherman Rogers, K.C., W. H. Covert, K.C., D. A. MacRae, K.C., LL.D., Halifax; E. M. Macdonald, K.C., Pictou; H. J. Logan, K.C., Amherst; R. F. Phalen, K.C., North Sydney. Representatives of Barristers' Society.-Hector McInnes, K.C., and J. L. Ralston, K.C., D.C.L., Halifax.

Ontario. Hon. Mr. Justice Orde, Toronto; His Honour Judge Hardy, Brantford; J. C. Elliott, D.C.L., London; F. M. Field, K.C., Cobourg; Francis King, Kingston; Nicol Jeffrey, Guelph; W. H. Wardrope, K.C., Hamilton; William R. White, K.C., Pembroke; W. N. Ponton, K.C., Belleville; Angus MacMurchy, K.C., C. S. MacInnes, K.C., Daniel Urquhart, W. J. McWhinney, K.C., R. J. Maclennan, Toronto. Representatives of Law Society of Upper Canada.-To be named.

Prince Edward Island.-Hon. Mr. Justice Haszard, His Honour Judge Stewart, Hon. Charles G. Duffy, W. E. Bentley, K.C., George S. Inman, K.C., E. H. Haviland, H. James Palmer, K.C., J. D. Stewart, K.C., Charlottetown; Representatives of Law Society of Prince Edward Island.-Donald McKinnon, R. N. McNeill, Charlottetown.

Quebec.-Hon. Mr. Justice Mignault, Ottawa; Hon. Mr. Just ce Martin, Hon. Mr. Justice Howard, S. W. Jacobs, K.C., M.P., F. E. Meredith, K.C., D.C.L., Leon Garneau, K.C., George H. Montgomery, K.C., R. G. deLorimier, K.C., G. Desaulniers, K.C., H. J. Elliott, K.C., Hon. A. W. Atwater, K.C., J. C. Lamothe, K.C., D.C.L., LL.D., Montreal; Hon. J. N. Francoeur, K.C., L. S. St. Laurent, K.C., LL.D., Quebec; A. M. Tessier, K.C., M.L.A., Rimouski.

Saskatchewan.-Hon. Mr. Justice Taylor, Moose Jaw; His Honour Judge Baldwin, Kindersley; J. A. Cross, K.C., M.L.A., D. J. Thom, K.C., A. G. Styles, Regina; C. L. Durie, W. A. Gilchrist, Saskatoon; H. C. Pope, Moose Jaw. Representatives of Law Society.-To be named.

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