Earthquakes and Health Monitoring of Civil Structures

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Mihail Garevski
Springer Science & Business Media, 11 дек. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 331

Health monitoring of civil structures (HMS) is a new discipline, which contributes to successful and on time detection of damages to structures. This book is a collection of chapters on different topics written by leading scientists in the field. It is primarily focused on the latest achievements in monitoring the earthquake effect upon the health of civil structures. The first chapter of the book deals with the geotechnical and structural aspects of the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquakes. Further chapters are dedicated to the latest HMS techniques of identification of damage to structures caused by earthquakes. Real time damage detection as well as sensors and acquisition systems used for that purpose are presented. The attention is focused on automated modal analysis, dynamic artificial neural networks and wavelet techniques used in HMS. Particular emphasis is put on wireless sensors and piezo-impendance transducers used for evaluation of seismically induced structural damage. The discussion is followed by presentation of case studies of application of health monitoring for buildings and other civil structures, including a super tall structure. The book ends with a presentation of shaking table tests on physical models for the purpose of monitoring their behaviour under earthquake excitation.

The book is primarily intended for engineers and scientists working in the field of application of the HMS technique in earthquake engineering. Considering that real time health monitoring of structures represents a sophisticated approach applying the latest techniques of monitoring of structures, many experts from other industries will also find this book useful.


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Geotechnical and Structural Aspects of the 20102011 Christchurch New Zealand Earthquakes
Seismic Monitoring of Structures and New Developments
Intelligent Computational Approaches to Signal Processing and Damage Detection
Decentralized Algorithms for SHM over Wireless and Distributed Smart Sensor Networks
PiezoImpedance Transducers for Evaluation of Seismic Induced Structural Damage
Structural Health Monitoring of Sheffield University Arts Tower During Retrofit
RealTime Damage Detection and Performance Evaluation for Buildings
Structural Health Monitoring Performance During the 2010 Gigantic Chile Earthquake
Definition of Dynamic Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Building in Viña Del Mar Chile Using Low Intensity Ground Shaking Records
Structural Health Monitoring Based on Automated Operational Modal Analysis Application to an Arch Bridge
Seismic Response Monitoring and Analysis of a Supertall Structure Instrumented with SHM System
Monitoring of Rubber Bearing Behavior During Shaking Table Tests
Preconditions for HealthMonitoring of Thermal Power Plant Pipeline Systems Experimental and Analytical Investigation
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