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And with


ninefold Harmony Make up full consort to th’Angelick symphony:

XIV. For if fuch holy Song Enwrap our fancy long, : Time will run back, and fetch the Age of Gold, And speckl'd vanity Will ficken foon and die,

And leprous sin will melt from earthly mould, And Hell it self will pass away, And leave her dolorous mansions to the peering day.


Yea Truth and Justice then
Will down return to men,

Orb'd in a Rain-bow; and like glories wearing
Mercy will fit between,
Thron'd in Celestial sheen,

With radiant feet the tissued Clouds down stearing And Heav'n, as at some Festival, Will open wide the Gates of her high Palace Hall,

XVI. But wifest Fate says no, This must not yet be so,


The Babe lies yet in smiling Infancy,
That on the bitter cross
Must redeem our loss;

So both himself and us to glorifie:
Yer first to those ychain'd in sleep,

(the deep. The wakeful trump of doom muft thunder through

XVII. With such a horrid clang As on mount Sinai rang, While the red fire, and smouldring clouds out brake: The aged Earth agaft With terrour of that blast,

Shall from the Surface to the Center shake; When at the World's last Session,

(throne. The dreadful Judge in middle Air shall spread his

And then at last our bliss
Full and perfect is,

But now begins; for from this happy day
Th’old Dragon under ground
In straiter limits bound,

Not half so far casts his ufurpęd sway,


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And wroth to see his Kingdom fail,
Swindges the scaly Horrour of his foulded tail

. XIX. The Oracles are dum,"2": No voice or hideous humm 1 Runs through the arched roof in words deceiving.

Apollo from his shrinelli Can no more divine,

With hollow shriek the fteep of Delphos leaving.
No nightly trance, or breathed spell,
Inspires the pale-eyld Priest from the prophetic cell.

The lonely mountains o’re, ..
And the resounding shore, ! 5.5
6.- A voice of weeping heard, and loud lament ;
From haunted spring, and dale
Edg’d with poplar pale,

The parting Genius is with sighing sent;
With flowre-inwov’n tresses torn

[mourn. The Nymphs in twilight shade of tangled thickets

xxr. In consecrated Earth, And on the holy Hearth,


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The Lars,and Lemures moan with midnight plaint, In Urns, and Altars round, A drear and dying found

Affrights the Flamins at their service quaint;
And the chill Marble feems to sweat,
While each peculiar power forgoes his wonted seat.

Peor, and Baalim,
Forfake their Temples dim,

With that twice batter'd god of Palestine,
And mooned Ashtaroth,
Heav'ns Queen and Mother both,

Now fits not girt with Tapers holy shine,
The Libyc Hammon (hrinks his horn,

[mourn. In vain the Tyrian Maids their wounded Īhamuz

And sullen Moloch fled,
Hath left in shadows dred,

His burning Idol all of blackest hue; - : 39
In vain with Cymbals ring,
They call the grisly King,

In dismal dance about the furnace blue; ivic


The brutish gods of Nile as fast,
Isis and Orus, and the Dog Anubis halt:

Nor is Osiris seen
In Memphian Grove; or Green;
...Trampling the unshowr'dGrass with lowingsloud:
Nor can he be at rest
Within his facred chest,

Nought but profoundest Hell can be his shroud, In vain with Timbrel'd Anthems dark The fable-stoled Sorcerers bear his worship'd Ark.

He feels from Juda's Land
The dreaded Infant's hand;

The rayes of Bethlehem blind his dusky eyn;
Nor all the Gods beside,
Longer dare abide,

Not Typhon huge ending in fnaky twine:
Our Babe to thew his Godhead true,
Can in his swadling bands controul the damned grew.


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