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Paradise Regain'd.


I In Four BOOKS. I

To which is added



Poems upon several Occasions.

Compos'd at several Times.


'Paradise 'Regain d.

. B OOK I.

, . ».. , ,—_*»—

"• '''"

IWho e'er while the happy Garden sung,
By one man's Disobedience lost, now sing
Recoverd Paradise to all mankind,
By one man's firm Obedience fylly try'd
Through all temptation, and the Tempter foil'd
In all his wiles, defeated and repuls'd,
And Eden rais'd in the waste Wilderness.

Thou Spirit who ledst this glorious Erenute
Into the Desart, his Victorious Field
Against the spiritual Foe, ana1 brought,'st him thence
By proof the undoubted Son of God, inspire,
As thou art wont, my prompted Song eke mute,

B And

And bear thro* heighth or depthof Nature's bounds
With prosperous wing full summ'd to tell of deeds
Above Heroic, though in secret done,
And unrecorded left through many an Agey
Worthy t5 have not remain'd so long unsung.

Now had the great Proclaimcr with a voice
More awful than the sound of Trumpet, cry'd
Repentance, and Heaven's Kingdom nigh at hand
To all Baptiz'd: to his great Baptism flock'd
With awe the Regions round, and with them came
From Nazareth the Son of Joseph decm'd
To the flood Jordan came, as then obscure,
Unmarkt, unknown-} but him the Baptist soon
Descry'd, divinely warn'd, and witness bore
As to his worthier, and would have resign'd
To him his Heavenly Office, nor was long
His witness unconfirm'd: on him baptiz'd
Heav'n open'd, and in likeness of a Dove
The Spirit descended, while the Father's voice -
From Heav'n pronounced him his beloved Son.
That heard the Adversary, who roving still
About the World, at that Assembly fam'd
Would not be last, and with the voice divine

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