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NAUMAN. Vino vecchio e donne giovanni Aver debbe un osteria, Dove son v'e l'allegria E la buona societa,

Occhi furbì e víta snella
Ha colei chi faccio un brindesi
E somgla appunto a quella
Che ghignando li si sta. Da Capo.

Incorono anch, io di vino
Il bicchiero e dico evviva
À quel labbro porporino
Che si ben cantando va. Da Capo.

Quando veggo quel bel ciglio
Sono vinto e rendo l'armi,
E non posso ricordarmi,
Chi di me non ha pieta. Da Capo.

GLEE for Five Voices.

S. WEBBE. When nature form'd that angel face,

She lavish'd all her store ;
Be this, she cry'd, my master-piece,
Kneel, mortals, and adore !



GLEE for Three Voices.

Dr. CALLCOTT, When Arthur first in court began,

To wear long hanging sleeres; He entertain's three serving men,

And all of them were thieves.

The first be was an Irishman,

The second was a Scot,
The third he was a Welchman,

And all where knaves I wot.

The Irishman lov'd usquebaugh,

The Scot lov'd ale call'd blue cap; The Welchman he lov'd toasted cheese,

And made his mouth like a mouse trap.

Usquebaugh burnt the Irishman,

The Scot was drown'd in ale ; The Welchman had like to be choak'd with a mouse,

But be pull’d her out by the tail.


GLEE for Three' Voices.

BailDON.—Medal, 1766. When gay Bacchus fills my breast, All my cares are lull'd to rest ; Rich I seem as Lydia's king, Merry catch, or ballad sing : Ivy wreaths my temples shade, Ivy, that will never fade; Thus I sit in mind elate, Laughing at the farce of state ; Some delight in fighting fields, Nobler transports Bacchus yields ; Fill the bowl, I ever said, 'Tis better to lie drunk than dead.


GLEE for Three Voices.

J. DANBY. --- Medal, 1781. When Sappho tun'd the raptur'd strain, The list’ning wretch forgot his pain; With art divine, the lyre she strung, Like thee she play'd, like thee she sung. For when she struck the quiv'ring wire, The eager breast was all on fire ; But when she tun'd the vocal lay, The captive soul was charm'd away.


MADRIGAL for Five Voices.

T. WEELKES,1608. WELCOME, sweet pleasure, My wealth ard treasure; To haste our playing, There's no delaying, No, 110, no. Th's minth delights me, When sorrow frights me, Then sing we all, Fa, la, la.

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MADRIGAL for Fide Voices.

G. CONVERSO.-1580. When all alone my pretty love was playing, And I saw at a gaze, bright Pbæbus staying, Alas! I fear'd there would be some betraying.

GLEE for Four Voices,


WANTON gales that fondly play

Round about my love-sick bead; Quickly waft my sighs away,

To the nymph for whom I bleed.

Softly whisper in her ear,

All the pains for her I feel; All the torments that I bear,

Tell her she alone can heal.

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Then with unsuspected care,

Gently fan her lovely breast; Happy you may revel there,

Where each god would wish to rest.

If one spark of fond desire

Harbour'd there, by chance you find ; Raise it to a lasting fire, -

Such as burns within my mind.

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