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GLEE for Four Voices.

W. HORSLEY, M.B. Retire, my love, for it is night, And the dark winds sigh in thy hair ! Retire, my love, retire to the hall of my feasts ; Cease a little while, O wind ! Stream, be thou silent awhile ! Let my steps be heard on the heath : My love is fairer than the light, More pleasant than the gale of the bill, Which sighs on the hunter's ear.


GLEE for Three Voices.

Pz. Cooke Round thy pillow cherubs smiling,

Sooth thy wearied limbs to rest; Sweetest dreams each sense beguiling,

Fill with bliss thy gentle breaking

Wake to innoomde and pleasant

Virtue's moed, vinout aling Till beyond all aru na

Heav's stal di cus vitii mong

GLEE for Three Voices.

T. ATTWOOD. Rise to the battle, my thousands ! Gather round the bright-steel of your king! Strong as the rocks of my land, That meet the storm with joy, And stretch their dark woods to the wind.


GLEE for Five Voices.

S. WEBBE. Sister of Phoebus, gentle queen, Of aspect mild, and ray serene, Whose friendly beams by night appear, The lonely traveller to chcer ! Attractive power ! whose mighty sway The ocean's swelling waves obey, And, mounting upward, seem to raise, A liquid altar to thy praise : Thee, wither'd hags, at midnight hour, Invoke to their inferual bow'r: But I to no such horrid rite, Sweet queen, implore thy sacred light; Nor seek, while all but lovers sleep, To rob the miser's treasur'd heap : Thy kindly beams alone impart, To find the youth who stole my heart, And.guide me from thy silver throne, To steal his heart, or find my own.

Mrs. Peckard.

GLEE for Fide Voices.

R. J. S, Stevens.

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,

Men were deceivers ever ;
One foot in sea, and one on shore,

To one thing constant never.

Then sigh not so, but let them go,

And be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your sounds of woe

To hey, nony, nony.

Sing no more ditties, ladies, sing no more,

Of dumps so dull and beavy ; The frauds of men were ever so,

Since summer first was leafy.

Then sigh not so, but let them go,

And be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your sounds of woe

To hey, nony, nony.

Shakspeare. GLEE for Four Voices.

Dr. ARNE. Sweet Muse ! inspire thy suppliant bard, Heroic ardour to record. In vain the fervent pray'r I move, Hark! ev'ry echo whispers Love! I'll raise the theme to acts renown'dAh! no—'tis Love- no other sound ! Farewell then, Patriot-Hero-King ! My Muse of nought but love can sing.

From Anacreon.

GLEE for Four Voices.

S. WEBBE.-Prize, 1788. Swiftly from the mountain's brow,

Shadows, nurs'd by night, retire ! And the peeping sun-beams now

Paint with gold the village spire.

Sweet, O sweet! the warbling throng

On the white emblossom'd spray ; Nature's universal song

Echoes to the rising day.


GLEE for Four Voices,

S. WEBBE. Since harmony deigns with her votries to dwell, Exalt ev'ry voice, and each note loudly swell ; Intreat her to visit us here ev'ry night, And thus by her presence diffuse new delight; And since she such mirth and such pleasure can bring, Let us lö Pæan repeatedly sing.

GLEE for Four Voices.

FORD, 1620. Since first I saw your face I resolv'd

To honour and renown you ; If now I be disdain'd, I wish

My heart had never known you : What I that lov'd, and you that lik’d,

Shall we begin to wrangle? No, no, no! my heart is fast,

And cannot disentangle.

The sun whose beams most glorious arc,

Rejecteth no beholder,
And your sweet beauty past compare,

Made my poor eyes the bolder.
Where beauty moves, and wit delights,

And signs of kindness bind me ; There, O there! where'er I go,

I'll leave my heart behind me.

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