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GLEE for Three Voices.

Dr. CALLCOTT, M.B. Peace to the souls of the heroes, Their deeds were great in fight; Let them ride around me on clouds, Let them shew their features in war ; My soul then shall be firm in danger, And mine arm like the thunder of heav'n : But be thou on a moon-beam, O Morna, Near the window of my rest, When my thoughts are of peace, When the din of arms is past.


GLEE for Five Voices.


Poculum elevatum,
Quod nobis est pergratum ;
Poculum elevatissimum ;
Quod nobis est pergratissimum ;
Bibe, totum extra,
Nil manet intra.
Hoc est bonum in visceribus meis,
Hoc est bonum in visceribus tuis;
Et nos consequimur laudes tuas.
0 Quam bonum est !

O Quam jucundum est !
· Poculis fraternis gaudere.

GLEE for Five Voices.

R. J. S. Stevens.
Pack clouds away,

And welcome day,
With night we banish sorrow;

Sweet air, blow soft,

Larks, mount aloft,
To give my love good-morrow.

Wings from the wind

To please her mind,
Notes from the lark I'll borrow;

Bird, prune thy wing,

Nightingale, sing,
To give my love good-morrow!
Notes from them both I'll borrow.

Wake from thy nest,

Robin red-breast,
Sing, birds, in ev'ry furrow;

And from each hill,

Let music shrill
Give my fair love good-morrow !

Blackbird and thrush,

In ev'ry bush,
Linnet, and cock sparrow;

You pretty elves,

Among yourselves,
To give my love good-morrow,
Sing, birds, in ev'ry furrow.


GLEE for Three Voices.

R. J. S. Stevens. Prithee, foolish boy, give o'er,

Cease thy bosom to torment; Prithee, sigh and whine no more,

Come with me and taste content. Love's a foe of thine and mine, Let us drown the god in wine.

Stella's fairer shape and eyes,

Charms too lovely to behold :
Let us seek, to crown our joys,
Where the best champaign is sold.

Love's a foe, &c.

Leave the silly gaudy train,

And believe me, when I say:
All the joys they give are vain,
Leave them then and come away.

Love's a foe, &c.
Sung at Mary-le-bone Gardens.


Earl of MORNINGTON. Pale April, with her childish eye, Alike prepar'd to laugh or cry, All unlamented hies away, And leaves the world for Love and May. Lo Maia comes ! fair queen of blooms ! Scatt'ring around her choice perfumes ; Lo she comes ! and leads her train, With songs and dances o'er the plain. Cupid there, the wanton boy, With ev'ry grace, and ev'ry joy ; And rosy health, and gay desire, And zephyrs breathing am'rous fire : See they frolic, hark! they say, Happy mortals ! hail the May.

ODE for Four Voices.


Prithee fill me the glass,

Till it laugh in my face,
With all that is potent and mellow;

He that wbines for a lass,

Is an ignorant ass,
For a bumper has not its fellow.

GLEE for Three Voices.

J. M. HARRIS, Peace to the manes of the dead !

Who in Iberia's cause bave perished; To heav'n their mighty souls are fled,

By heroes wept, by mem'ry cherished.

Their deeds, immortal, ne'er can die,

Since history will record their fame; Her page will make e'en cowards sigh,

To gain a glorious, deathless name.

Honour shall smile to find her rights,

By liberty's brave sons asserted; And virtue shine, with purer light,

To see the tyrant's threats averted.

Henry Cutler.

GLEE for Four Voices.

Air by Storace.

Harmonized by S. HARRISON. PEACEFUL slumb'ring on the ocean,

Seamen fear no dangers nigh;
The winds and waves in gentle motion,

Sooth them with a lullaby.

Is the wind tempestuous blowing ?

Still no danger they descry;
The guileless heart, its boon bestowing,

Soothes them with its lullaby.


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