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GLEE for Three Voices.

Dr. CALLCOTT. OA! happy we, Attune to harmony, That with heart, hand, and voice, Thus united rejoice : Say, does the star from heav'n dropping, Or the wind, the pale rose cropping, Figure right the quick decline Of thy heart's friendship unto mine ?

Ah, no! no! no !
As violets blow,
Still fresh, and still pure
Shall our friendship endure;
Nor shall the star from heav'n dropping,
Or the wind, the pale rosé cropping,
Figure right the quick decline
Of thy heart's friendship unto mine.

GLEE for Four Voices.

O Youth, thou morning of delight,
Thy streams are clear, thy skies are bright,

And all thy scenes are gay ;
But soon thy sportive hours are gone,
And mortals find, they but forerun

Age, life's succeeding day.
Youth, let me then, whilst yet I'm thine,

Thy pleasures all enjoy,
Ere age's many frailties join
The blessings to destroy.

J. Rannie.

MADRIGAL for Five Voices.

Wm. Horsley, M.B. O CRUEL Amarillis ! O nymph! more sweet and fair, Than fairest lillies are ;

Since speaking I offend,

Silent I'll seek my end, But yet for me the bills, and ev'ry vale, shall loudly cry. Fountains shall weep for me, Hoarse winds to ev'ry tree, Shall tell my mournful tale. And in my cheek, all pale, Sball grief and pity speak; And, should all other things be mute, My hapless end shall speak My death, shall tell thee thou my heart didst break.

Gaurini's Pastor Fido.

GLEE for Four Voices,

O Pan! delight of nymphs and swains,
Protector of Arcadian plains,

Who lead'st the frolic dance ;
The laughing fair, who play the prude,
But fly from thee to be pursu'd,

Their favors to enhance.

They love thy rustic oaten reed,
They know thy vigor, force, and speed,

And feign a modest fear;
Our jocund strains shall swell for thee,
And render, by their mirth and glee,

Thy name for ever dear.

GLEE for Three Voices.

WM. HAWES. Oh happy Albion ! blest beyond compare, Think, grateful think, what blessings now you share ! Tho' discord raging thro' a jarring world, Bids war's red banners still remain unfurl'd, Yet in the precincts of this sea-girt isle, Domestic peace, and tranquil pleasures smile.

Miss Frances-From the Poem of the

Rival Roses.

MADRIGAL for Four Voices.
Adapted to the Music of HUBERTO WALRBNT, 1590.
O’er desert plains and rushy meers,

And wither'd heaths I rove ;
Where tree, nor spire, nor cot appears,

pass to meet my love.

But though my path were damask'd o'er

With beauties e'er so fine,
My busy thoughts would fly before,

To fix alone on thine.

No fir-crown'd bills could give delight,

No palace please mine eye; No pyramid's aërial height,

Where mould'ring monarchs lie.

Unmov’d, should eastern kings advance,

Could I the pageant see?
Splendour might catch one scornful glance,
Not steal a thought from thee.


GLEE for Four Voices.

Air by Mr. Hook.

Harmonized by J. B. SALE. LISTEN to the voice of love! He calls my Daphne to the grove.

The primrose sweet bedecks the field, The tuneful birds invite to rove;

To softer joys let splendor yield, O listen to the yoice of love !

Where flowers their blooming sweets exhale,

My Daphne let us fondly stray ;
Where whispering love breathes forth his tale,

And shepherds sing their artless lay.

Come share with me the sweets of spring,

And leave the town's tumultuous noise ;
The happy swains all cheerful sing,
And echo still repeats their joys.

Mrs. Hook.

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