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GLEE for Four Voices.

Dr. Cooke. O GENTLE sleep! O gentle sleep! I cry’d, Why is thy gift alone to me deny'd ; Mildest of beings! friend to ev'ry clime ! Where lies my error? what has been my crime? Beasts, birds, and cattle, feel thy balmy rod, The drowsy mountains wave and seems to nod; The torrents cease to chide, the seas to roar, And the hush'd waves recline upon the shore.

GLEE for Five Voices.


n a bank, beside a willow, 4203 A LES Heav'n her cov'ring, earth her pillow, u1x

Sad Amynta sigh'd alone ; From the cheerless dawn of morning, 'Till the dews of night returning,

Singing thus, she made her moan : Hope is banish’d, joys are vanish’d, Damon my belov'd is gone.

Dryden. GLEE for Three Voices.

W. HORSLEY, M.B. O sad and watchful waits thy lover,

Whose fate depends upon a smile; Who counts the weary minutes over,

And chides his flutt'ring heart the while.

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Who, as the zephyrs softly blowing,"???, ?

From drooping flow'rets shake the dew; While down his cheek the tear is flowing,

Sweet rose of beauty sighs for you.

Oh proud and madd’ning is the pleasure,

When to my eyes thy form appears! All drest in Nature's winning treasure,

Of blushing hopes and graceful fears.

And while our bosom's wildly beating,

A thousand nameless raptures prove; Our eyes in speechless transport meeting, Shall love to gaze, and gaze to love,

Mrs. Robinson's Novel Walsingham. GLEE for Four Voices.

Harmonized by WM. Ilawes.

SAW ye my father?
O saw ye my mother?
Or saw ye my true love, John ?

I saw not your father,
· I saw not your mother,
But I saw your true love, John.

It's now ten at night,

And the stars gie no light, And the bells they ring ding dong.

He's met with some delay,

That causeth him to stay, But he will be here ere long.

Up Johnny rose, and

To the door he goes, And gently twirled the pin.

The lassie took the bint,

And to the door she went, And she let her true love in.

GLEE for Fide Voices.

O MAY I steal

Along the vale ;
Of humble life, secure from foes ;

My friend sincere,

My judgment clear,
And gentle business may repose.

My mind be strong

To combat wrong,
Grateful to heav'n for favours shewn,

Soft to complain

For others pain,
And bold to triumph o'er my own,

Young's Ocean.


MICHAEL WISE. Old Chiron thus preach'd to his pupil Achilles ; I'll tell you, young gentleman, what the fate's will is ;

You, my boy,

Must go

(The gods will have it so)

To the siege of Troy ;
Thence never to return to Greece again,
But before those walls to be slain.

Let not your noble courage be cast down ;
But, all the while you lie before the town,
Drink, and drive care away, drink and be merry ;
You'll ne'er go the sooner to the Stygean ferry.


GLEE for Four Voices.


O sacred friendship! heav'n's delight!

Who, tir'd with man's unequal mind; Took to thy native skies thy flight,

Where scarce thy shadow's left behind. From thee, diffusive good below,

Peace, and her train of joys, we trace ; But falsehood, with dissembled show,

Too oft usurps thy sacred place.
Blest genius! then resume thy seat,
Destroy imposture and deceit,

Which in thy dress confound the båll;
Harmonious peace and truth renew,
Shew the false friendship from the true,

Or nature must to chaos fall.

GLEE for Five Voices.

S. WEBBE. Oh! sweetest of thy lovely race,

Unveil thy matchless charms; Let me adore that angel face

And fold thee in my arms; Thy bosom let my tortures move, To grant the just returns of love.

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