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The Wish OF A MAN OF Reflection—WRITTEN IN

GLEE for Five Voices.

O Snatch me swift from these tempestuous scenes,
To where life knows not what distraction means ;
To where religion, peace, and comfort dwell,
And cheer, with heartfelt rays, my lonely cell ;
Yet, if it please thee best, thou pow'r supreme,
My bark to drive thro' life's more rapid stream,
If low'ring storms my destin'd course attend,
And ocean rages till my days shall end ;
Let ocean rage, let storms indignant roar,
I bow submissive, and resign'd adore.

Pleasing Reflections.--Published by

G. Wright, 1788.

GLEE for Four Voices.


Night! more pleasing than the brighest day,
When fancy gives what absence takes away,
And drest in all its visionary charms,
Restores my fair deserter to my arms !

But when with day the sweet delusions fly,
And all things wake to life and joy but I ;
As if once more forsaken, I complain,
And close my eyes, to dream of you again.




ODE for Three Voices. Composed expressly for this Meeting by W. Hawes. If free from every foreign thrall, 'If happy, prosperous, blest with all

That freedom's son can claim; Then ever on this honour'd day, Let Britain heartfelt homage pay

To Pitt's illustrious name.

But say, what trophy shall we raise
To speak our matchless patriot's praise,

And mark our grateful zeal?
His dying words shall best declare;
Remember, then, his dying prayer,

And guard his country's weal.

If by his great example taught,
Unstaiu'd by one disloyal thought,

One base and selfish view:
With generous ardour like his own,
We rally round our Sovereign's throne,

To king and country true.

Though tyrants mark us for their prey,
Though factions flatter to betray,

'Midst Europe's general gloom :
His lofty spirit still alive,
In Britain's glory shall survive,

And triumph from the tomb.

[blocks in formation]

GLEE for Four Voices.

Dr. Cooke.-Prise, 1777. 0 COME, ye fair, while blooming May

Is deck'd in all the pride of spring! O come, and crown this festive day

With smiles, that charm us while we sing.

If beauty smiles no cares annoy,

Sweet music's pow'rs each bliss improve ; Beauty is the source of ev'ry joy,

And music is the food of love.

O Love! thou parent of delight!

Whose magic soothes the savage mind; By thee our passion's tuned,

Unite in harmony to bless mankind.

ROUND for Five Voices.

Dr. Cook E. Or his right eye young Acon is bereft, His sister, Leonella, of her left; Either in beauty with the gods might vie, His or her loss could any means supply. Give her your eye, sweet boy, and gods both be, Blind Cupid thou, and lovely Venus she.


MADRIGAL for Four Voices.

As matchless beauty thee a Phoenix proves,
Fair Leonella, so thy sour-sweet loves :
For when young Acon's eye thy proud heart tame,
Thou dy'st in him and livest in my flame.

Second Set, published by Este, 1609.

GLEE for Three Voices.

J. S. SMITH. O FANCY! parent of the mase, Thy spirit o'er my soul diffuse ; Sometimes, sweet nymph, thy vot'ry lead To myrtle grove or flow'ry mead : Where youths and soft ey'd virgins meet, and lightly trip with nimble feet; Sometimes forsake the haunts of folly, To woo thee pensive Melancholy. Dejected maid! with tearful eye, That loves to fold her arms and sigh; At ev'ry season let mine car, Thy pow'rful voice, O Fancy, hear. O’er all my list'ning passions reign, O'erwhelm my soul with joy or pain; With terror shake, with pity move, Rouse with revenge, or melt with love.


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