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The following is an Extract from the Will of the late

much respected Treasurer, Robert Smith, Esq. many Years a Member of the Glee Club :

“ I give and bequeath to the Glee Club, of which I am the oldest member, ten guineas, to be by their President, Vice-President; and the rest of the Society, adjudged to and bestowed upon the Composers of the two best cheerful glees, upon any subject they may think proper to propose after my decease. Also, the deceased desired (a few days before his death) that the five guineas where intended for one glee, the first year, and the other the second after his decease ; and that great attention should be observed to the elegance and chastity of the words. The following were the first prizes given at the Glee Club :

1810 C.GLEE Fill high the Grapes...
180 C.GLEE Beauties have you seen..
1812 C.GLER Fill all the Glasses..

GLEE When the fair Rose...

R. Spofforth
C. S. Evans
C. S. Evans

Wm. Knyvelt

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CANON for Three Voices.

W. BYRD, 1590. Non

on nobis, Domine ! non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!


PSALM CXV. Not unto us, O Lord ! not unto us, but unto thy name be the praise !


GLEE for Three Voices and Chorus.

S. WEBBE. GLORIOUS Apollo from on high beheld us,

Wand'ring to find a temple for his praise, Sent Polyhymnia hither to shield us, While we ourselves such a structure might raise.

Thus then combining,

Hands and bearts joining,
Sing we in harmony Apollo's praise.

Here ev'ry gen'rous sentiment awaking,

Music inspiring unity and joy ;
Each social pleasure giving and partaking,
Glee and good-humour our hours employ.

Thus then combining,

Hands and hearts joining,
Long may continue our unity and joy.

S. Webbe.

GLEE for Five Voices.

S. WEBBE.-Medal, 1768. A gen'rous friendship no cold medium knows, Burns with one love, with one resentment glows: One, should our interest and our passion be, My friend should bate the man, that injures me.


GLEE for Four Voices.

J. S. SMITH As on a summer's day, In a green-wood shade I lay;

The maid that I lov'd,

As her fancy mov'd,
Came walking forth that way:

And as she passed by,
With a scornful glance of her eye,

" What a shame," quoth she,

" For a swain must it be,
Like a lazy loon for to lie.
And dost thou nothing heed
What Pan, our god, has decreed?

What a prize to-day,

Shall be giv’n away ;
To the sweetest shepherd's reed :

There's scarce a single swain,
Of all this fruitful plain,

But with hopes and fears,

Now busily prepares The bonny boon to gain. Sball another maiden shine In brighter array than thine ? Up, up, dull swain!'and make the garland mine !"


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