Christian Antioch: A Study of Early Christian Thought in the East

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CUP Archive, 9 сент. 1982 г. - Всего страниц: 218
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This book is a comprehensive survey of the history and, more particularly, of the thought of Antioch from the second to the eighth centuries of the Christian era. Dr Wallace-Hadrill traces the religious background of Antiochene Christianity and examines in detail aspects of its intellectual life: the exegesis of scripture, the interpretation of history, philosophy, and the doctrine of the nature of God as applied to an understanding of Christ and man's salvation. The community at Antioch stressed history and literalism, in self-conscious opposition to the tendency to allegorise that prevailed at Alexandria. While insisting on the divinity of Christ, they were equally adamant that no other doctrine should be allowed to compromise their central belief that Jesus was really human.

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The interpretation of the biblical record
Historiography in the Eastern Church
The doctrine of the nature of God
The use of Greek philosophy by the Eastern Church
The human experience of Christ and the salvation of man
Antiochene theology and the religious life
Eastern representation at Nicaea
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